Zanzibar to Build Domino-Shaped Tower on a Human-Made Island

Zanzibar Domino will be the second tallest skyscraper in Africa.
Ameya Paleja
The Domino Design Concept from xCassia

When it comes to destinations with modern iconic buildings, one thinks about New York, Dubai, London, and Shanghai.  If all goes to plan, you will soon add Zanzibar to the list. The little island, off the coast of Tanzania, is set to sport a domino-shaped Tower that will make it a destination for tourism, entertainment, and culture, a press release from the developers said.

Zanzibar is globally known for its UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town. Located in the old part of the city, the site has a historic significance and has been influenced by various local cultures. With the plan to build a 4 million square feet (370,000 square meters) touristic destination that will attract people from all over the globe, the island has ambitions to etch its name into modern history. 

The concept for the design comes from New York & Dubai-based award-winning design architecture firm xCassia, which has also designed many iconic hotels around the world. Plans to translate it into reality have been made twice in the past decade but were dropped due to multiple factors. The third time might be the charm and the idea may find its permanent home on the soon-to-be-developed 20-hectare site, just nine miles (15 km) away from Stone Town. 

The project consists of three main sites, the Arrivals Plaza, the Zanzibar Domino, and the Island Resort. The main entrance will be at the Arrivals Plaza that will also offer shopping areas and office spaces. 

The central attraction, the Zanzibar Domino is set just a mile out (1.5 km) on a human-made island and spreads out over a radius of 273 yards (250m). Hosting an aquarium, exhibition center, cultural pavilion, and a convention hall, the island also has a marina to receive yachts and offers more shopping and dining areas as the domino spirals outwards. Apart from a cinema, yacht club, VIP Helipad, and a pool, the spiral will also be home to an Eletrodom, an entertainment portal with giant media screens.  

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Rising towards the sky in the center of the spiral will be the Domino Tower that will offer 560 units of high-rise residences and a hotel with 360 rooms with a view of the Stone Town and the Zanzibar coastline. Perched on top of the tower will be an observation platform that can be accessed through lifts that will offer panoramic views to the visitors. The materials and color palettes along with horticultural walls and water features that will be used for construction will help the structure blend into its habitat. 

The Island resort will house 104 over-water villas linked to a lighthouse that will serve as a transport junction and also offer amenities to the residents. A three-section golf course, four helipads, a clubhouse, and a wedding chapel will occupy the rest of the space on the islands. 

"Positioned as one of Africa’s first truly iconic global destinations for tourism, entertainment, culture and conferencing, the Zanzibar Domino will offer visitors, residents and businesses a multi-faceted program designed to create year-round distinctive experiences, professional pathways and investment opportunities," said Youssef S. Amour, Executive Chairman of AICL Group, one of the developers of the project. 

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