+13 Best Selling Products in 2021

Discover the most useful products that helped us survive this year.
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2021 is coming to an end and we’ve been adapting our shopping habits according to the needs that seasons bring. While in the first half of the year we were able to start socializing and gradually start traveling, in the second half, COVID-19 cases increased again, leaving us with all the free time we have in our living spaces. 

Some of us needed extra gadgets to ensure safe and fun travels in our cars, some of us upgraded our headphones to get exposed to higher quality sounds, and some of us decided to equip our household with smart devices for time and energy saving. Above it all, a good selection of products helped us survive and get through this year. To show appreciation and to inform some of you who still are not able to benefit from these functional products, we listed 15 best-selling products in 2021 that already made things better for the majority, and can still do good for the rest.

1. Roku Express 4K+ Streaming Media Player  

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Roku/Amazon

Roku TV allows you to watch what you love, including a massive selection of free and live TV, including 200+ free Live TV channels. It’s great for streaming TV and it saves you from all the cable crowd behind your TV unit. It features dual-band wireless for you to enjoy a smooth streaming experience with faster wireless performance, even with multiple devices connected to your network. Cozy evenings in your house will be as colorful as ever with just a touch on your remote control. 

2. Apple Air Tag 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Apple/Amazon

With just one simple tap on the device, you will be able to keep track of your items through Find My app. It is also able to play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things in the case of losing your item close by. It features Precision Finding which leads you to your nearby AirTag with less effort. For you to keep your items safe, it has a battery life that can last up to a year, and all communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, location and history data are never stored on AirTag for the ultimate safety of its owner in any case. 

3. Apple 10.2-inch iPad 2021 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Apple/Amazon

Another one of the latest Apple products was in high demand this year, and just like all the Apple products, it never surprised us with how great it is. Whether you are a business person on the go, or an artist, Apple iPad is here to keep you company in all your adventures with its 10 hours of battery life, 8MP Wide back camera, and 12MP Ultra Wide front camera to let you capture every detail. Moreover, it comes with a gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone, and A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine to provide you the fastest and most functional use in whatever you do. Being compatible with Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard is the icing on the cake.

4. Echo Dot (4th Gen) 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Amazon

Amazon raised the level significantly when it comes to smart speakers with its latest Echo Dot. With our lives getting more dependent on our household thanks to the pandemic, we equipped our homes with smart home devices and got help from smart speakers to help us be in charge of everything. Besides having a clock on it, the compactly designed Echo Dot perfectly delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for the full sound you need. It will not only help you set alarms and schedule your day, but it will also help you to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with the touch of your voice.

 5. Wyze Cam v3 Security Camera with Spotlight Kit

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Wyze/Amazon

Even though our staying home habits have changed over the course of the year, we all needed to maintain security in our households. For that, Wyze Cam v3 security cameras were such a remedy. Wyze not only maintains the security of your house with its automatic lights when the motion is detected, but it also allows you to greet and speak with visitors with loud two-way audio. The best thing is, it is equipped with a siren button for you to press to scare off unwanted guests. It is designed to stand up to any weather conditions to undertake all the security needs of your household throughout the year.

6. Blink Video Doorbell 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Blink/Amazon

Most of us spent our year working from home, and we got to answer the door in-between hours-long meetings. That’s why we need Blink Video Doorbell. It allows you to answer your door no matter where you are from your smartphone with 1080p HD day and infrared night video and two-way audio. When motion is detected in front of your door or someone presses Video Doorbell, Blink sends you warning alerts to let you know. It provides you long-lasting battery life with lithium AA batteries, allows you to set customized alerts, and privacy settings, and many more just to make sure you are in control of who is entering your property. 

7. REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: REDTIGER/Amazon

It is okay to have a car without a front and rearview camera, Redtiger Dual Dash Cam came out to save you. During your travels and emergency situations, The REDTIGER F7N dash cam offers top quality 4K 3840x 2160P with Sony STARVIS Sensor on the front camera and 1920x1080P on the rear camera that captures the super clear view. It allows you to capture all the details from street signs, license plates, and more. Its wide-angle dual camera captures all pedestrians and vehicles around the car, providing sufficient evidence for any type of possible accident.

8. COMSOON Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Cars

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: COMSOON/Amazon

While traveling around with your car, being able to listen to your favorite jams is a necessity. Comsoon Receiver is specifically designed for that; it can be connected to non-Bluetooth car audio systems, home stereos, speakers, wired headphones via the 3.5mm AUX adapter, and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip for a stable connection. To enjoy your car ride, simply pair it with your phone and start listening to your favorite music. Having a battery life of 16 hours with a single charge, it also helps you make calls and transmits your GPS’ voice so that the only thing you do is to get your eyes on the road.

9. New Apple AirPods Pro 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Apple/Amazon

The new Apple Airpods Pro was one of the favorites of this year. It provides active noise cancellation to block outside noise to enjoy your favorite music or conversation on a call. Besides having an unusual design compared to previous AirPods, AirPods Pro provides spatial audio with dynamic head tracking for the sound to surround all around you, and its adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to your ears. Also, depending on your choice, with Transparency Mode, you can allow outside noises to allow you to interact with people around you while enjoying good music on the side.

10. JBL Tune 510BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: JBL/Amazon

Even though it’s not the latest JBL Wireless Earphone, it has been the favorite of this year and seems to keep its place for a long time. It features renowned JBL Pure Bass sound, which can be found in the most famous venues all around the world. With its wireless Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, you can stream wirelessly from your device and even switch between two devices so that you don't miss a call. It has a battery life of up to 40 hours and it recharges the battery in 2 hours. A quick 5-minute recharge gives you 2 additional hours of music.  

11. AuKing Mini Projector 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: AuKing/Amazon

During your travels, a mini projector can be a big help in taking your entertainment to the next level. AuKing comes with many features in that sense. The mini projector has a 32x170” projection display size with a 1m to 5m projection distance. Its built-in speakers offer excellent loud sound quality and in the cases that it is not enough for you, it can also be connected to external speakers to meet your higher quality sound needs. It is a perfect fit for playing video games, watching your favorite movies, sharing photos, and watching football matches. It will provide you with comfort in how silent it is, and with its 55,000 hours of bulb life. 

12. Oculus Quest 2 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Oculus/Amazon

Oculus Quest 2 has become one of the most preferred gadgets this year thanks to its extremely-fast processor and highest-resolution display. It is specifically designed for individual users to provide the best seat in live concerts, films, exclusive events, and many more. With its latest upgrade, it allows you to enjoy 50% more pixels than the original Quest. It allows an easy setup with a wireless internet connection and Oculus app to enjoy any experience you want. It also provides 3D cinematic sound to make sure your eyes and ears get the quality of any experience they deserve.

13. Apple Watch Series 7  

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Apple/Amazon

Apple Watch definitely left its mark in 2021 with the upgrades it got after Apple Watch 6. Its always-on retina display comes with a 20% more screen area and it is claimed to be the most durable and crack-resistant Apple Watch ever released. It is also dust-resistant and swim-proof to be able to be by your side in any condition. You are able to take ECG, calculate your blood pressure, measure the quality of your sleep and track your activities smoothly. What more would you want from a smartwatch? 

14. Energizer Clip-on Book Light for Reading in Bed

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Energizer/Amazon

Spending more time at home, it is no surprise that majority of people found their peace in reading. Energizer Book Light is flexible and is able to cover the book broad enough to see every detail on whatever you are reading. Coming with its own batteries, it provides a long-lasting life to keep you company when you are educating yourself. Most importantly, its LED technology is designed to provide you the natural light and reading conditions for eye health. 

15. Anker Power Strip with USB 

+13 Best Selling Products in 2021
Source: Anker/Amazon

Anker Power Strip comes with 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports to power everything on your desk from one source. It provides 18W max output from the USB ports and 1250W from the AC outlets. It is only as big as 2 ½ cubic inches to help you save space at home or in your travel bag. It is also equipped with overload protection and a fire-retardant casing to ensure safety in your living space. 

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