7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?

It is hard to pick the best console with all the options in hand, but everybody has a favorite.
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Some of us play video games to make our spare time worthwhile, some of us are doing it as a way of living, and some of us are obsessed with wandering around different universes to escape reality. No matter the reason, gaming can be a big part of our lives. Even though there are numerous types of games, and a variety of tools and devices that make it possible for us to get in touch with game universes, it is the greatest necessity to pick the best ones to entertain ourselves with the utmost comfort and ease. 

Since their debut, video game consoles have evolved significantly. The gaming console landscape today is wide, ranging from simple consoles that transport you back in time to ultra-portable setups for on-the-go gaming to outrageously powerful devices for high-resolution HDR and virtual reality gaming. While there are infinite options on the market, it can be hard to pick the one that fits you the most. That’s why we compiled the best game consoles so far for you to pick the best one for yourself.

1. Sony PlayStation 5 

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: PlayStation/Amazon

Sony's PlayStation 5 is capable of delivering 4K and 8K output at up to 120 frames per second. Sony's most advanced console also has lightning-fast memory and expandable 1 TB storage for real-time interactions. This makes PS 5 perfect for streaming whatever you play; you ask for it and PlayStation 5 delivers. 

Being the latest and finest PlayStation, just like its previous editions, it doesn't surprise in how capable it gets. It can play VR games easily and it features haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone and audio jack which are all included in the DualSense controller to make sure you are having the time of your life, every time you play your favorite games.

2. Microsoft Xbox Series X

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: Microsoft/Amazon

The Xbox Series X, like the PS5, is the most powerful and best Xbox ever released. It is perfectly capable of providing amazing 4K gameplay at a high frame rate, resulting in stunning graphics. It also features 8K HDR and outstanding cloud gaming capabilities to make sure what you play feels as real as possible.

The console features an 8-core CPU, 12-teraflop GPU, and thunder memory and storage of expandable 1 TB. The hardware pieces, when combined, allow video games to load almost instantly. A 4K Blu-Ray drive is also included, as well as the ability to stream high-resolution material from popular streaming providers.

3. Microsoft Xbox Series S

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: Microsoft/Amazon

It might not be the finest Xbox out there even though it is released right next to Series X, but if you are new to the Xbox universe, Xbox Series S will be your remedy. The eye-catching console is capable of offering high-resolution HDR-enhanced gameplay with stunning graphics. The Xbox Series S comes with a new gaming controller, and like Xbox Series X, it can be used with an external keyboard and mouse for more comfortable gameplay. Netflix and other major services can also stream 4K and HDR video material to the game system. Xbox Series S will welcome you to the gaming world in the best way with its 1440p gameplay at up to 120 frames per second and 512 GB of expandable storage, which is more than enough to double your fun playing games.  

4. Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: Nintendo/Amazon

The Switch OLED, the newest addition to the Nintendo Switch system family, is a minor but significant upgrade over the original Switch. The primary difference is the display: the Switch OLED has a bright seven-inch OLED screen. Handheld gaming on the Switch OLED really pops when compared to the original Switch's smaller LCD display.

The OLED housing enhanced speakers, a much better kickstand, and an ethernet connector on the docking tray are the only other design modifications. In addition, it includes 64GB of internal storage, compared to 32GB on the original Switch. Overall, the Nintendo Switch OLED is an excellent pick for Nintendo lovers who plan to spend a lot of time gaming.

5. Nintendo Switch Lite 

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: Nintendo/Amazon

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the best handheld gaming solution for on-the-go gaming. It's a smaller version of the Nintendo Switch that's easy to maintain and use. The Lite looks even cuter in a variety of eye-catching hues (yellow, turquoise, blue, and gray). Even though it doesn't have as large a display as other Switches, it still provides high-quality pictures and delivers everything you need when on the go. Only games that support portable mode are compatible with the Switch Lite, but there is a large selection of titles to choose from.

6. Sega Genesis Mini

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: SEGA/Amazon

Retro gaming is having a serious moment right now. The Sega Genesis Mini, on the other hand, might be the greatest retro home console. With 40 pre-loaded games, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Phantasy Star IV, and Street Fighter 2, the Genesis Mini lets you play a wide range of classic games. The design is also a fantastic reproduction of the original console, complete with meticulous attention to detail. 

7. Nintendo Super NES Classic 

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?
Source: Nintendo/Amazon

You can play all of your favorite old Super Nintendo games as you remember them through retro gaming with the plug-and-play SNES Classic Edition. There's even a CRT filter that replicates the appearance of your vintage television. Playing old Nintendo games on the SNES Classic is significantly less frustrating than it was 25 years ago, thanks to the addition of a save-state feature. And when you're ready to sit down and match with a friend, classics like Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting let you compete in your highest potential.

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