7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease

Everything is possible with the stroke of a smartpen.
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Smartpens are the perfect compromise for when you want the ease of taking notes by hand and the convenience of digital recordkeeping. But with so many of these devices on the market, how do you choose the one that's right for you? It depends on what you're using it for.

These days, smartpens are designed with different purposes in mind, whether you want to convert handwritten notes into digital images, capture audio recordings, or mark up photos and documents. So, if you're a student taking notes in class, your needs might not be the same as if you were an artist working on sketches. 

No matter what you're looking for, you should be able to find the right smartpen in this guide. We listed the 7 best smart pens for you to make your job easier for whatever purpose you need the smartpens for.

1. Birgus Reading Pen 

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Birgus/Amazon

Birgus Pen supports 112 languages of online voice translation, 112 languages of recording translation, 55 languages of scanning translation, and offline scanning translation in Chinese, English, and Japan, take TOEFL, IELTS, and ESL tests. It can scan 3000 characters per minute, quickly scan a whole line of text and translate instantly.

Translation pen scanner has up to 98% accurate recognition rate, scans multiple lines of text, and supports printed texts such as paper, digital screens, and labels. It comes with a portable design, the same size as a pen, and has a 3.5-inch large touch screen display with an eye-protective UI design. The pen provides full angle recognition to help you get your work done with ease and it is covered by an alloy rear shell to provide you durability and longevity of use.

2. Weinsentking Upgraded Electronic Language Translator Pen

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Weinsentking/Amazon

Weinsentking has the functions of scanning translation, voice translation, text excerpting, recording, and a word library inside. In the case of no network, only the scan translation function can be used, and the offline translation supports 12 kinds of voices. To use other functions, you need to connect to the network.

It can also scan and translate the entire line of text in one second, translate the text, and output the original text and translation through voice, which is convenient and fast, with an accuracy rate of up to 98%.

This translator device has 112 language real-time voice translators, of which 77 can support language translation broadcast and text translation output at the same time. The remaining 35 only have text translation output. 

 3. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner 

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Scanmarker/Amazon

With Scanmarker Air you can skip the summarizing and typing process of the key sentences you've noted while reading books and documents. It retypes text 20 times faster than regular typing, numbers, and symbols instantly appear in the computer application of your choice or our customized mobile apps without requiring any additional steps.

The integrated text-to-speech function reads the text back to you while scanning. It is an effective memorizing tool, giving you a better comprehension of the scanned material. This feature has opened up an exciting door of opportunity to enhance the learning process and promote independence for those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. You can also translate over 40 different languages with ease. 

4. Livescribe Symphony Smartpen 

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Livescribe/Amazon

Livescribe Smartpen elegantly delivers the traditional benefits of pen and paper along with the augmented value of an instant backup, easily shareable content, and handwriting transcription to turn notes into the searchable copy. You can write with a Livescribe Smartpen on any Livescribe notebook and capture everything you write, hear or draw.

All your handwritten thoughts, ideas, and notes get an instant digital makeover using the free Livescribe+ app. You can also record audio with your smartphone microphone while you take notes and you can create pencasts, or add voice to your notes. It is for sure a perfect and easy-to-use option for students, teachers, and professionals.

5. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Apple/Amazon

The second-generation Apple Pencil is an absolute must-have accessory for anyone trying to do a high-quality drawing or design work on a compatible iPad. Its comfortable form and always-charged nature make it close to the perfect stylus.

With imperceptible lag, pixel-perfect precision, and tilt and pressure sensitivity, it transforms into your favorite creative instrument, your paintbrush, your charcoal, or your pencil. It magnetically attaches to iPad mini (6th generation), iPad Pro, and iPad Air. The Apple Pencil charges wirelessly and lets you change tools with a simple double-tap.

6. Connect Pen Instant Translator 

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: Connect/Amazon

You can glide the Connect Pen over printed text and it instantly appears on your device. For backing up, you can save any text directly in your chosen cloud-based app or quickly share it via any message/email app. It also allows you to translate words for the top spoken languages via with a quick swipe of the Connect Pen.

The Connect Pen is an extremely accurate and fast multilingual OCR digital highlighter, perfect for students and professionals. Moreover, it is very durable and lightweight with a super long-life built-in battery which is rechargeable. You can hear your text read aloud via an iOS, Android, Windows PC, or Mac device when you are done saving as well. 

7. NEO SMARTPEN N2 Bluetooth Digital Pen 

7 best smartpens to help you handle your daily tasks with ease
Source: NeoLab Convergence Inc./Amazon

The Neo Smartpen N2 has an internal camera that captures your handwritten texts and converts them to digital documents when the pen syncs with Neo Studio app. It is made of aluminum and stainless steel to withstand shocks and scratches. Its prism-shaped exterior provides a stylish, classy look and ergonomic grip.

The digital pen has 90MB of internal storage so you can transfer your stored handwriting data at a later time. It uses the Standard D1-Type pen tip, and you can always replace it with D1 refills.

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