7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

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Atharva Gosavi

A space telescope is a telescope that is placed to look into space, usually to observe distant objects. Space telescopes are used for astronomy and astrophysics. They are typically larger than ground-based telescopes and can see farther because they don’t have to deal with the atmosphere.

Choosing the right telescope for your inner astronomer or astrophysicist can be difficult. There are so many types of telescopes out there, and they all have different features. You need to know what to look for in order to find the best telescope for your needs.

This article will help you decide which space telescope is right for you by going over some of the most common considerations and factors, such as aperture size, focal length, and optical quality.

1. Celestron - AstroMaster 130EQ Newtonian Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The AstroMaster 130EQ Newtonian Telescope is a powerful reflector telescope for beginners. It has an objective lens diameter of 130mm, which is good for viewing the moon, planets, and many deep-sky objects. The AstroMaster telescope is sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to carry outside and set up.

The AstroMaster 130EQ Newtonian Telescope is perfect for those looking to get started with stargazing. It comes with a travel tripod and a StarPointer red dot finderscope. The focal length is 1000mm, and the aperture is 114mm.

2. Celestron - AstroMaster 70AZ Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The AstroMaster 70AZ telescope is excellent for beginners and intermediate astronomers alike. It has a 70mm objective lens diameter, which is enough to see a variety of star clusters. The quick setup and lightweight frame make it easy to take this telescope on the go, while the included travel tripod and red dot finderscope make it easy to set up without any tools.

The AstroMaster 70AZ telescope has an aperture of 70mm and a focal length of 900mm. This provides users with an incredible 45X and 90X magnification, making it one of the most powerful telescopes in its price range.

The AstroMaster 70AZ telescope is the perfect telescope for anyone who wants to start exploring the night sky. It’s a complete package with everything you need to get started right out of the box.

3. SOLOMARK 130EQ Newtonian Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The Solomark 130 EQ Newtonian Telescope is a lightweight, precise telescope with many features ideal for beginners. It comes with a 6X 30mm finderscope, making it easy to locate objects in the sky. It also comes with two eyepieces, one of which is an erecting eyepiece, which makes observing terrestrial objects easier.

This telescope is perfect for those who want to explore the night sky. It has a large aperture of 130mm and is equipped with fully-coated glass optics that can help you clearly see the moon, planets, and stars. It also comes with a German equatorial mount that makes it even easier to track objects in the sky.

4. Gskyer Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The Gskyer 400mm telescope is an affordable astronomical tool for beginners and intermediate astronomers alike. The telescope can be used right out of the box without any assembly, which makes it perfect for those who are on a budget or who want to get started without delay.

The Gskyer telescope comes with an adjustable tripod, so you can set it up in any position outdoors or indoors. It also has a 5x24 finderscope with a mounting bracket that helps you successfully locate objects in the sky. There are three different eyepieces that allow you to view objects in different magnifications, which means you will never be bored with what you see through the telescope’s lens.

5. Hexeum Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The Hexeum telescope is a powerful tool that can be used by amateur astronomers. It has an aperture of 80mm to capture more light and two eyepieces that can be replaced with a different size depending on the user's preference. The 5x24 finderscope makes it easy to locate objects in the sky.

The Hexeum telescope is portable and convenient, so you can use it on the go. It has a 600m focal length and 24X magnification, making it easy for beginners to see close-up objects in space. But Hexeum also has 60X magnification for experienced astronomers who want to see objects from even farther away.

6. Unistellar eVscope eQuinox

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The Unistellar eVscope is a battery-powered telescope that can be used to explore the night sky. The optical magnification of this telescope is 50X, and the focal length is 400mm. The Unistellar eVscope has an autonomous field detection system and a dedicated app that provides you with suggestions for observing targets and launches deep-space observations within minutes. 

This telescope is very compact and can be folded up to fit in your backpack. It is perfect for astronomers who want to explore the night sky on their adventures. 

The Unistellar eVscope eQuinox telescope is a revolutionary telescope that has enhanced vision technology. This technology allows for live observation of faint objects, such as distant galaxies, planetary nebulae, and comets. It also has a high-resolution camera with an image stabilizer to capture clear images.

7. Celestron - NexStar 8SE Telescope

7 best space telescopes to enjoy astronomy

The NexStar 8SE telescope comes with an easy-to-use hand controller for navigating and locating over 40,000 celestial objects, including planets, nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, and more. It is a powerful telescope that will help you explore the universe; and is easy to assemble and mount on a tripod.

The NexStar 8SE telescope also comes with starsense technology, which makes it easy to find celestial objects in the sky without any prior knowledge of astronomy. It has a 203mm objective lens diameter and a focal length of 2032mm; this makes it an excellent telescope for beginners and experts alike. With NexStar 8SE Telescope, you can enjoy the wonders of the night sky with ease.

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