7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment

You can still be a tech savvy and protect the environment in your own way.
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We all have a responsibility to collectively become more aware of how we are harming Earth and make conscious decisions to instill positive changes, especially in light of climate change. Despite the fact that tiny improvements may appear hopeless, the slightest of details can make the biggest differences.

Over the last few decades, we've been able to bring a range of gadgets into our lives to help us with a variety of tasks. These gadgets required great amounts of energy to function, and they finally made us wonder what we could do to help the environment while still enjoying their benefits. There are eco-friendly gadgets available for this purpose, which will not only save you energy but will also protect the environment. That's why we've compiled a list of the best 7 eco-friendly gadgets to assist you in protecting the environment while completing your everyday duties.

1. Yuepin 7.5 inch Self Watering Planter

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: Yuepin/Amazon

The plant container is made up of two parts: one half keeps water while the other holds your plant and dirt. Plants will water themselves by pulling water up through the absorbent cotton rope and draining it through drainage grids. This adorable little pot eliminates all guesswork when it comes to caring for your plant. The built-in smart circuit detects the minimum and maximum water levels automatically and sounds an alarm to remind you to refill water and maintain a proper water level, and it lets you use only the amount necessary for your plants and avoid wasting any.

2. E SUPEREGROW Succulent Pot with Grow Light 

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: E SUPEREGROW/Amazon

Most succulents require adequate daylight, sufficient ventilation, a comfortable temperature, granular soil, and minimal watering. It may be difficult to give all of these in the comfort of your own home, which is why this succulent pot will be the best solution. The pot has an LED light for adequate lighting, a built-in fan for improved ventilation, and a transparent top that allows for good air circulation. Thanks to all of these features, this pot provides a perfect environment for succulents, encourages photosynthesis, and allows them to develop more quickly.

It has 100 percent and 50% grow lighting strength, as well as 12 and 24 hours of lighting duration, letting you choose the best lighting mode for your succulents or other small plants. It also has a built-in fan with a timer, works 20 minutes, and stops for 40 minutes, offering good ventilation, and energy saving. 

3. Cutting Edge Power Micro Wind Turbine Portable Generator

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: Cutting Edge Power/Amazon

Let us introduce you to an innovative micro wind turbine that produces up to 30 volts of power to charge your electronics whether at home or on a hiking trip to your favorite location.

This portable power generator is dependable and keeps you charged on the go. Even in off-grid places, you can charge your LED lights, camera, phone, personal devices, and batteries with this device!

Depending on the wind speed, the portable micro wind turbine can produce a maximum output of 15 watts. The device offers a 12V DC power output as well as a USB output, making charging your devices a breeze. It can be connected directly to any 12V DC battery without the need for a charge controller.

4. AISITIN 5.5W Solar Fountain Pump with LED Lights 

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: AISITIN/Amazon

Solar water pump works more efficiently and continuously using 5.5W power, which is more powerful than any other solar water fountain. If you fully charge it during the day, it can work for up to 6 hours at night. When the sun goes down, your garden will be illuminated by LED lights in eight distinct colors.

The solar birdbath fountain has been updated with two modes: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the solar bird bath fountains work during the day without lighting up, and in manual mode, they light up at night. When the night mode is activated, the solar panel will charge the backup battery, and the solar fountains will run for around 4 hours after sunset. You may combine any two nozzles to create a double water sprayer, which will increase the jet volume of this solar pool fountain.

5. MPOWERD Luci Lux Solar Inflatable Lantern

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: MPOWERD/Amazon

Luci Lux, which emits 65 lumens of light and shines through a matte surface, gives up to 24 hours of light on a single charge, allowing you to keep your day going late into the night. No batteries are required because Luci has a built-in high-efficiency solar panel, and solar charging takes 7 hours to fully recharge.

Luci Lux is made to last, having the ability to bear up to 150 pounds (68 kg) of pressure. It also boasts an IP67 waterproof rating (submersible to 1 meter), folds down to 1.5 inches, and weighs only 4.4 oz (125 grams). Luci Lux features four modes (low, medium, high, flashing), a two-second quick shut-off, and a battery level display to ensure you're never left in the dark.

6. JOEKIKIMD Smart Reusable Notebook 

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: JOEKIKIMD/Amazon

This is a reusable notebook that operates with an erasable pen, as opposed to a regular notebook. You simply wipe it clean to begin again, and it appears as if nothing was ever written on the pages; it can be erased and reused indefinitely.

Regularly using these notebooks will help conserve trees and reduce paper waste. This smart notebook has 40 pages and features an annual, monthly, and weekly calendar, as well as dot-grid, lined, and blank pages. It's ideal for handwritten planning, note-taking, goal-setting and tracking, idea sharing, sketching, and drawing.

7. Egloo All in One Oil Diffuser, Humidifier and Heater 

7 Eco-Friendly Gadgets to Take Care of the Environment
Source: Egloo/Amazon

Egloo uses heat to turn water into mist quietly, allowing you to improve the air and atmosphere quality in your house while also protecting your family from microbes, allergens, dust, and more!
Egloo also takes advantage of the heat-retaining capabilities of terracotta and high-quality, smoke-free candles to create a clean-burning, energy-saving heat source that interacts seamlessly with your home heating system while diffusing a nice localized heat. Simply place a few drops of essential oil mixed with water inside the Egloo, and your home will be flooded with a pleasant and long-lasting perfume that will clear, refresh, calm, soothe, or excite your senses within minutes.

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