7 functional fandeliers that will transport you to cloud nine

You can save space and decorate your house functionally.
Atharva Gosavi

Fandeliers are a relatively new type of lighting fixture that is hanging from the ceiling in order to illuminate an area. These fixtures can be used as a focal point for any room, or they can be used as an ambient light source for the whole. The purpose of using a fandelier is that it gives you an extra dimension to decorate your home instead of only having a fan on the ceiling. 

Added to that, fandeliers also have a lion's share in enhancing the look and feel of a room. There are fandeliers available for different room spaces and in various price ranges. You can always opt for a fandelier that offers opulence to your home without having to break the bank. That being said, let's take a peek at some of the most gorgeous fandeliers available on the market. 

1. Lightree Chrome Fandelier

Source: Lightree/Amazon

Installing the Lightree Chrome fandelier is bound to give your living room an opulent look. It's a dimmable fandelier, and you can easily adjust its temperature according to your convenience. This fandelier is equipped with pure K9 crystals that act as the main source of all grandeur. 

Furthermore, the fan is retractable, so when you're not using it, the blades can retract automatically and save you space. Then, this will be just a beautiful crystal chandelier. The Lightree fandelier is available in black and silver colors as well.

2. SUROTET Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: SUROTET/Amazon

As its name suggests, the flower-shaped fandelier boasts a beautiful and elegant design that'll take your living room ambiance to the next level. It has 7 transparent, high-quality blades that are almost invisible but leave no stone unturned in keeping the room cool. You can operate the fan at six wind speeds.

The temperature of the light is adjustable between 3000K to 6000K; you can change it via the remote that arrives with this fandelier. In all, it's a great choice to go for if you wish to elevate the ambiance of your room without breaking the bank.

3. Fandian Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: Fandian/Amazon

If you're looking for a trustworthy supplier for a good fandelier, make sure you consider Fandian; they offer some really exquisite fandeliers at reasonable prices. 

Coming to this crystal fandelier, it's pretty much similar to the aforementioned two we've seen lately. Retractable blades, remote control operation, adjustable temperature; you've got everything under your control. 

The fandelier has a brushed silver finish with pure K9 crystals that add the quintessential luxurious look to your rooms. The presence of the silent motor ensures the fan doesn't make too much noise while it's working.

4. KPIBEST Crystal Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: Healer hxu/Amazon

The KPIBEST fandelier has a sophisticated black lampshade that transmits the perfect light effects when installed in a room. The blades are crafted with a stylish look using ABS material; you can rest assured they don't make noise while working.

There's an array of different colors to choose from if you don't like black. Also, the KPIBEST fandelier can be used in various areas - bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc. The fandelier also offers three speeds that you can control via the remote.

5. 7PM Crystal Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: 7PM/Amazon

The 7PM crystal fandelier offers a controllable temperature range between 2700K to 6000K; you can enjoy cold, warm, or neutral light accordingly. 

Another specialty of the 7PM fandelier is that it has updraft and downdraft modes that can be used for summer and winter respectively. In the updraft mode, it can direct the wind downwards while in the downdraft mode it does exactly the opposite.

Speaking of the fan, it's made of ABS material and is nearly invisible. Also, the blades are retractable, so when you don't want to use the fan, you can opt for this fandelier to work only as a chandelier.

6. Oukaning Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: Oukaning/Amazon

If you're looking for a chandelier with a modern ceiling design, the Oukaning fandelier ought to fit that bill. It has retractable blades that can shut off automatically when they are not in use.

Coming to the light, you can either enjoy anyone out of warm, neutral, or white in terms of brightness. The light is also dimmable as per the user's convenience.  The blades are transparent yet rugged and built for long-term use. You also get a remote for controlling the fandelier.

7. BaySquirrel Fandelier

Crystal fandelier
Source: BaySquirrel/Amazon

Have you ever heard of a ceiling fandelier that's equipped with Bluetooth functionality? Well, the BaySquirrel fandelier offers exactly that, so you can enjoy serene lighting and soothing songs all through a single object. Design-wise, yes, there are better fandeliers out there, but it's the Bluetooth functionality where this one, in particular, deserves a mention.

Moreover, you get three types of lights and speeds with the BaySquirrel fandelier. You can also set the timer for this fandelier to start and stop working automatically via the remote control functionality.

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