7 Majestic Espresso machines to gear up for the new academic year

Let's face it - your dorm is incomplete without one of these beauties!
Atharva Gosavi

The brand new academic year is only a month away with the back-to-school season already in its full swing. In a matter of time, you’d find yourself scurrying around in the morning to attend 8 A.M classes yet again - and for the beginners - the very first time. Attending classes in a fresh mood is mandatory, and there’s nothing better than a steaming cup of coffee to freshen up those groggy eyes and sluggish demeanor.

For a thick, full-flavored coffee, an espresso machine needs to produce that perfect shot of coffee that charges you up for the day. Additionally, the machine should be a child’s play to use and fast enough so you don’t have to bide time for that essential hot mug of rejuvenation.

You’d also need a model that’s easy to fill with beans and water as well as empty it. Here are a few Espresso coffee machines that won’t disappoint you when it comes to performance.

1. De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

The perfect coffee machine that doesn’t require you to break the bank. The price is bound to go north of a hundred bucks if you opt for this machine along with a frothing pitcher or a set of two glasses. It’s currently available at a discount of 23% on its list price of $129.95.

If you’re an ardent lover of espresso but would love to shift to a latte or a cappuccino at times, here’s the perfect catch. The De’Longhi Stilosa espresso machine comes with a sleek and compact design in black that’ll surely be a style statement as good as it’s a coffee maker. The stainless steel boiler boasts a robust and powerful build quality, all but ensuring it’s here to stay on your kitchen countertop for the long term.

The ergonomically designed portafilter has two separate filters for brewing single or double espresso according to your needs. Also, say hello to a manual milk frother that helps you create textured milk - the ultimate step towards creating a perfectly thick espresso. There’s also a two-level cup holder that can host cups of various sizes.

2. Gevi Espresso Machine

Gevi Espresso Machine

An espresso machine that is very easy to clean after use and also facilitates brewing multiple types of coffee. It’s available at 33% off on its listing price of $179.99. The perfect all-around espresso machine you need to have on your kitchen countertop.

The Gevi Espresso Machine has a 1.5L water that’s removable, making it easier to clean. However, that’s not the only striking feature here, if you check out the removable cup holder that also allows you to store coffee in cups larger than the standard size. The cup holder also boasts a temperature panel that gives you an accurate reading of the brewing temperature.

The powerful milk wand helps a lot when it comes to creating a rich and creamy froth. Looking for a change from the daily espresso? You can also brew a steaming cappuccino or a latte with this model.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

A great choice to have for small spaces since it doesn’t consume too much space. Also, an eco-friendly model that helps conserve energy. Currently available at a 9% discount on the listed price of $159.12.

Looking to go minimalistic to match your kitchen decor? The Nespresso Essenza mini espresso machine would blend in perfectly with your taste. It’s ultra-lightweight and compact - the perfect combination you need to have a space-saving device.

The 19-bar high-pressure pump can heat the espresso maker in 30 seconds and automatically powers off after 9 minutes. It reduces energy consumption after 3 minutes. In all, it’s the perfect portable espresso machine to have if you’re looking out for saving energy while brewing a cup of espresso.

4. Wirsh Espresso Maker

Wirsh Espresso Maker

The best all-around espresso machine to buy for under a hundred bucks. Users can make multiple types of coffee with this model. Available for a 23% discount on the original price of $129.99.

The Wirsh Espresso Maker, like many other models on this list, comes with a 15-bar pump to make sure you get the perfect Espresso. Temperature plays an important role in brewing coffee, and this machine provides a thermo-block heating system so your coffee has the perfect temperature to be brewed on.

Also, there's a frother wand that allows you to froth milk for different types of coffee, such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white, americano, and much more. A detachable water tank makes the machine easier to clean. Also, appreciate the drip tray that's easy to remove so you can fit taller cups for storing coffee.

5. Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Coffee Machine

Lavazza BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Coffee Machine

An easy-to-use coffee maker well within the budget. It's also very sturdy and built to last for the long term. It’s a manual model available at 26% off on its $137.28 list price.

The Lavazza espresso machine works with the Lavazza Blue capsules. Also, you’ve got a pre-set and a programmable free dose for making espresso. What’s more, you get visual alerts that’ll notify you when the water tank’s empty or when the capsule drawer has reached the brim.

The cup support is removable, like many other models on this list, so you can fit in larger cups to store coffee. Also, the machine starts up in literally 28 seconds; there’s also a stand-by function for instant use and saving energy.

6. Geek Chef Espresso Machine

Geek Chef Espresso Machine

A sleek and compact coffee machine for small spaces. It has everything that a standard coffee maker is expected to have. Currently available at 30%off for $139.99.

The Geek Chef Espresso Machine is equipped with a 20-bar pump that helps extract high-quality coffee to ensure you have the hot steaming cup of espresso you need in the mornings. A new upgrade to this model is the fast heating system that heats up the espresso machine in 3 seconds. Furthermore, the double heating technology so that the water is heated quickly and is ready for brewing coffee.

The Geek Chef espresso machine can also be used as a milk frother; furthermore, you can also brew a cappuccino, Macchiato, or latte. The water tank is also removable and easy to clean. The compact and sleek design of this machine makes it a must-have for small spaces.

7. N/C Espresso Machine

N/C Espresso Machine

A durable and long-lasting coffee maker that is lightweight and acts as a space-saver. Some of its best features include a removable tank and a milk frother. Capable of brewing multiple types of coffee.

The N/C espresso machine has a double temperature control system that adjusts the water and milk foam separately. This allows the coffee to taste ideally as it should, plus the milk is also rich and creamy. Also, you’ve got to appreciate the compact design that makes the machine lightweight and portable, not to mention a space-saver.

There’s a 2-in-1 filter holder that can deliver 1 or 2 shots of coffee automatically. Additionally, the double drip tray is removable so it can fit taller cups to store coffee. In all, this stainless steel coffee maker is a durable model built to last for the long term.


A durable and long-lasting coffee maker that is lightweight and acts as a space-saver. Some of its best features include a removable tank and a milk frother. Capable of brewing multiple types of coffee.

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