7 must-have gaming desk accessories to create the perfect gaming ambiance

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Atharva Gosavi

People who don't love gaming or have a very neutral opinion about it might perceive gaming desk accessories as just accessories. That ain't the case if you meet a hardcore gamer; for them, having the best gaming equipment is almost a matter of prestige. 

Gaming desk accessories are known for solving issues that might seem trivial, and they also add a look of class if you get the right ones that fit well with your gaming setup. That being said, we'd love to showcase some massively useful desk accessories for gamers that, we feel, should be a must-have for every true gamer.

1. Desk Clamp Power Strip

Black power strip
Source: CFMASTER/Amazon

If you've got a bunch of devices to connect, a power strip ought to be clamped to your desk so you don't have to go running around looking for power extensions. What's more, a power strip with a clamp design means there's a power source right at your fingertips as and when you need it. 

Talking about the CFMASTER power strip, it's easy to fix on your desk. It has a sturdy aluminum construction that not only promises long-term use but also protection of the inner circuit from fire or any other possible mishap. The power strip comes with three AC outlets and two USB ports to make sure you can make different types of connections with ease.

2. Gamenote RGB Stand

Headphone stand with three smartphones
Source: Gamenote/Amazon

Now let's make a true statement here - a headphone stand isn't just an important utility but also a stylish piece of work that enhances the ambiance of your gaming desk. And that's precisely why we recommend having the Gamenote RGB stand on your desk. The six-color RGB lighting effect it offers is the main striking feature responsible for leveling up the ambiance.

Furthermore, it comes with three AC power outlets and as many USB charging ports so you can set up other devices for charging. The Gamenote RGB stand is made of hardened plastic, so you need not worry about durability as it's there on your gaming desk to stay for the long term.

3. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Phone kept on a holder
Source: Lamicall/Amazon

Now, you'd be scratching your heads wondering how a cell phone stand can help in any manner while you're glued to your computer screen gaming. Well, here's the catch. Cell phones are an integral part of our lives and we need them consistently by our side, so, instead of having them lying around on your desk, it's better to have the Lamicall cell phone stand holding it for you. And, we won't deny this stand helps your gaming desk stay more organized. 

Talking about the Lamicall phone holder, in particular, it has an anti-scratch design and the grey finish almost gives it a premium look. Prop your phone up against this stand and you can easily view all the incoming calls and notifications. Apart from its graceful exterior, the Lamicall stand can hold phones of sizes between four to eight inches. Not a directly useful gaming accessory, but yes, it does help you stay organized.


LED bars with a cell phone
Source: ZUUKOO/Amazon

Quite simply, LED bars are the most essential gaming desk accessories that'll help you set up the perfect backdrop. For starters, they create the vibe for gaming, not to mention the fact that they also affect your visual experience considerably and help you enjoy your gaming hours better than you'd do in normal lighting conditions.

Now, here's why we precisely recommend the ZUUKOO LED bars. You can control them with a smartphone app and they can also sync with the music you're playing in the background. With 19 dynamic preset styles, you can create various vibes to match your mood and enhance the gameplay experience. In all, it's definitely worth every penny if enhancing experience tops the list of your gaming setup.

5. Anti-spill Cup Holder

Cup holder
Source: Cup Holster/Amazon

For professional gamers, or even for those who can stay glued to their screens for ultra-long stretches of time, an anti-spill Cup Holder is nothing short of a boon. It can hold your coffee or coke and mitigates the possibility of spilling the liquid on your table in case you slam the desk in excitement or despair when you're in your element while gaming.

For starters, it has a pretty strong grip and a scratch-resistant exterior. What's more, you can use this anti-spill cup holder to hold other small items like a pen or a USB drive when you're not having a drink. From tumblers to thermoses, it can hold pretty much anything you ask for.

6. Bimormat Gaming Mouse Pad 

Large gaming mouse pad
Source: Binormat/Amazon 

Have y'all ever heard of a mouse with a backlighting feature? The Bimormat mouse pad is one such utility that adds to the overall appearance of your gaming setup apart from being a smooth surface for using a mouse effortlessly. 

You could also call it a carpet for your gaming desk; hands down one of the most crucial gaming desk accessories a gamer needs to possess. The Bimormat mouse pad comes with a connection port and a button for switching the background color. You can enjoy ten different lighting modes with this mouse pad. 

7. Joto Cable Management Sleeve

Sleeve for cable management
Source: Jota/Amazon

A desk with cluttered wires has a rather huge potential to put you off from gaming. To stay more organized, you can use the Cable Management Sleeve to wrap up all the cords in a bundle so your gaming desk looks clean and neatly organized. 

The Joto Cable Management Sleeve is available in two colors - black and beige; you can go for any one that suits your gaming setup. It comes in a pack of four sleeves, so you need not worry about falling short of options in case you've got a bunch of tangled cables to organize.

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