7 Smart Face Masks to Keep Your Distance From the Omicron Variant

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Atharva Gosavi
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Masks have become an undisputable norm throughout the world ever since the COVID-19 pandemic was born. It is regarded as one of the basic precautionary objects you need to combat the virus and maintain safety. Hence, it is essential to go through a range of suggestions to understand the best smart face masks for this purpose. 

With COVID-19 showing no indications of being wiped out entirely, masks are now steadily becoming far more irresistible and essential protection. That being said, let's take a look at few of these smart masks that'll add good looks alongside protection to your personality.

1. LSGTT Personal Smart Electric Face Mask

Face mask
Source: LSGTT/Amazon

The LSGTT Face Mask is a great option to go for if you wish to have comfortable breathing. You can use it for multiple outdoor activities like cycling, skiing, hiking, and much more. The mask comes with a four-stage suction filter that fills the mask with fresh air canceling out any chances of suffocation. 

The 650 mAh lithium-ion battery can be changed via a USB connection that ensures around six hours of battery life in one charge. You can also use this smart mask as an air purifier for good purification as well. 

2. LED Face Mask

Child wearing face mask
Source: TrendyNow365/Amazon

How would you like it if your mask changed words all on its own to speak to your acquaintances? With this LED Mask, you can write anything on your mask by using your phone. It supports USB charging and provides 8 hours of battery life while taking 2 hours for a full charge.

To operate the LEDs on this mask, you need to download the Magic Display app that is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. Through this app, you can display any text you want to on your mask. 

3. Hubble MaskFone

Face mask
Source: Hubble/Amazon

Speaking on a phone call with your mask on is a tedious task. Muffled sound often isn't clear while speaking on a phone, but if you're looking to eradicate that problem, the Hubble MaskFone is here to help. It provides clean and fresh air with four filter layers that keep out dust, pollen, dirt, and other particles.

The best thing about the Hubble MaskFone is it has a built-in mic you can use for phone calls. The mic uses background noise isolation to reduce ambient sound. The mask also has an IPX5 waterproof rating, meaning you need not worry about water damaging the mask. The Hubble MaskFone can provide a battery of 12 hours for long-term usage. 

4. Voice-Activated LED Face Mask

Face mask
Source: itayak/Amazon

This voice-activated face mask has a really cool feature you wouldn't like to miss out on, once you get to know it. The mask displays a series of LEDs that simulate according to the movement of your mouth and glow as you speak. When you're quiet, the mask will just display a smile.

You can also switch the display patterns using the switch button depending on the sound. This mask is also a great choice to wear for festive days like Christmas, Halloween, carnivals, and more. It is also washable and safe for use. 

5. Ruishenger Mask

Smart face mask
Source: Ruishenger/Amazon

If premium look and experience are at the top of your bucket of requirements, the Ruishenger Mask is a good product to consider. To begin with, it's not just a mask, but an entire set of other relative accessories for face protection. You can also use this face mask as an air purifier for a good purification effect.

The Ruishenger Mask has a battery life of around five to six hours in one full charge. It is basically built for adventure sports like cycling, mountaineering, and running, but you can use it as a precautionary object in the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Kenneth Cole Smart Face Mask

Smart face mask
Source: Kenneth Cole/Amazon

The Kenneth Cole Smart Face Mask combines the lithium polymer battery with an internal turbo fan to provide a protective as well as comfortable safety experience to its users. It filters out dust, pollen, and all other particles. The mask also features three replaceable HEPA H23 filters that can last up to 6 weeks,

The smart mask also has an ergonomic design, meaning you can wear it comfortably to cover your mouth while not worrying about any strain. The Kenneth Cole Smart Face Mask is also reusable apart from being blessed with a sporty look.

7. SKETIM Digital LED Face Mask

Digital LED face mask
Source: SKETIM/Amazon

We've already seen a face mask that allows users to display different kinds of shapes and smiles. However, this SKETIM face mask has more than just old shakes and smilies as it can also display figures and graphics with crystal-clear quality. To control this smart face mask, you need to download and install an app that allows you to select and display different patterns of LEDs.

The SKETIM face mask needs a maximum of three hours to charge and provides a battery life of ten hours. It is also very lightweight and comfortable, thanks to the adjustable elastic ear loops. 

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