7 Smart Home Energy Monitors to Save Electricity And Cash

It's time to cut down your monthly expenses!
Atharva Gosavi
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A home energy monitor is an effective way to keep an eye on the amount of power you are using at home. Energy monitors can be installed anywhere in your house and will automatically transmit the data to your smartphone. This data will be stored for review at a later date.

There are many benefits to having an energy monitor installed in your home. One major benefit is that it gives you a clear idea of how much power you are using on a day-to-day basis throughout your house. It also provides you with insight into how efficient your appliances are, which, in turn, helps reduce the amount of power you use over time.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best smart home energy monitoring systems which can help conserve energy.

1. Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor

Home energy monitoring system
Source: Emporia/Amazon

If energy conservation is something you're deeply concerned about, the Emporia Smart Home energy monitor will help you cast out all those worries. For starters, it is compatible with the circuit panel of most homes. It provides 24 X 7 energy monitoring to make sure you prevent repairs and save costs. 

The Emporia kit comes with 16 sensors of 50A to monitor various electric appliances like air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, dryers, and more. You can reduce your monthly electric bill expenses by monitoring real-time spending via a mobile app. 

2. Sense Energy Monitor

Energy monitoring system
Source: Sense/Amazon

As its name suggests, the Sense Energy Monitor senses the total electricity usage at your home and keeps you updated about the same. The standout feature of this energy monitor is that you can compare your energy consumption to solar production in a single view so you can focus on creating more power than buying. 

With the Sense Energy Monitor, you can keep an eye on the usage of patterns of electricity. The app sends apt notifications regarding several activities that help gauge the usage of energy. What's more, you can also set custom notifications to avoid mishaps for critical devices like well pump or flat iron. 

3. Eyedro Home Energy Monitor

Home energy monitoring system
Source: Eyedro/Amazon

If you're looking for a cheaper solution to monitoring your energy usage, we recommend going for the Eyedro Home Energy Monitor. First and foremost, the installation is pretty easy and the configuration is a cakewalk to understand and implement. All you need to do is clip the sensors to the devices you want to monitor and then connect the unit to the internet using the provided Ethernet cable.

Moving further, you can customize the readings in dollars, watts, AMPs, and much more. You can also configure alerts to get notified when and which appliance consumes energy more than it requires daily. You'll also receive notifications in case you lose contact with the home energy monitor. 

The Eyedro Home Energy Monitor gives you detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports so you can gauge the energy consumption, so you need not keep formulating them manually. 

4. Schneider Electric WISEREM Energy Monitoring System

Energy monitor with mobile
Source: Schneider/Amazon

If you're looking for a compact monitoring system and are more of a minimalist, the Schneider energy monitoring system has everything that'd fit your bill of requirements. Plus, it also carries out all the essential functions exceptionally well. 

To begin with, you can keep an eye on the energy consumption at home from any place, thanks to the mobile app. You can keep tabs on electric appliances that are currently running and know how much electricity they consume over a particular time span. 

In case you forget to turn off a particular appliance, the Schneider monitoring system immediately notifies you, meaning you can avoid unwanted mishaps. You can also see the consumed electricity worth in dollars and set a particular budget to gauge if the consumption is well within the specified limits. 

5. Efergy Elite 4.0 Portable Home Energy Monitor

Home monitoring system with display
Source: Efergy/Amazon

Another compact energy monitoring system that's easy to install and configure. You can also set up this system all by yourself without consulting an electrician. 

The Efergy Elite system features a compact display that can be placed anywhere at your home. It shows the history of energy consumption plus the average electricity you consume daily. The system has a large memory that can store the data of daily, weekly, and monthly usage. 

If you're overusing electricity, the Efergy Elite system notifies you via audible alerts to tone it down. On average, you can typically save between 5% to 20% energy.

6. Efergy True Power Meter

Home energy monitoring system
Source: Efergy/Amazon

Want an improved version of the product above? You can consider going for the Efergy True Power Meter that's costlier but doesn't disappoint when it comes to monitoring energy consumption. 

The Efergy monitor displays consumption in kilowatts and claims to have about 99% accuracy. It measures utility voltage and phase angle to compensate for power factor in real-time. Also, it has an alarm system to notify when energy consumption passes a certain threshold.

The Efergy True Power Meter is well-constructed and also easy to install. It helps tremendously if you want to control your costs and carbon emissions. 

7. Emporia Vue Energy Monitor

Energy monitoring system with mobile and PC
Source: Emporia/Amazon

If you're into the smart home monitoring space for the very first time and would like to test if it actually helps conserve energy, the Emporia Vue Energy Monitor will give you the perfect experience you need. It's easy to set up and install this system; the DIY instructions make sure you've no trouble installing it. 

You can gauge real-time spending on energy and get notified of electricity usage. That'll help you understand where you need to reduce the usage to cut down on costs. The Emporia Vue system monitors your home 24 X 7 and collects usage data; you can easily import this p data anytime you want as per your preferences. 

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