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In a world where pollution is shooting up day by day, it's essential for us humans to make sure we live in clean and healthy surroundings to ensure our bodies don't fall prey to the detrimental effects of the increasing contamination.

While each one of us does take enough effort to keep our homes and surroundings tidy, we often overlook the air pollutants that can affect our health both indoors and outdoors. That's precisely why an air quality monitor is a must, so you can keep an eye on the air around you and take necessary actions to create a healthy indoor environment. 

That being said, air quality monitors can only detect the level of air pollutants; if you wish to make improve the air quality, you can use air purifiers for that purpose. Here are a few air quality monitors that'll help you maintain quality control over the air in your homes. 

1. Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

White air quality monitor
Source: Amazon

Simply speaking, if brand identity makes or breaks your buying decision, you'd better consider buying the Amazon smart air quality monitor. For starters, it guarantees good quality and makes sure you get the best results. Another reason to buy this gadget would be if you already own an Amazon Echo Dot or Echo Show as it's compatible with these machines. 

Moving further, you can keep tabs on five key factors, including CO level, humidity, and temperature. The Alexa app can help you identify the air quality by indicating it with different colors. Also, if the quality drops, the smart Amazon assistant wastes little time in notifying you. If you've got an Alexa-enabled air purifier or dehumidifier at home, the smart assistant will turn them on as and when there's a drop in air quality. 

2. EG Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitor
Source: EG/Amazon

The EG air quality monitor can assess important factors like humidity level, temperature, concentrations of formaldehyde, and many others, that serve as a benchmark for measuring air quality.

What's more, the device is portable and lightweight, so you can use it in a car, or hotel, or take it anywhere with you for measuring air quality. Other standout feature of the EG air quality monitor is it can help you know when your asthma levels can drop, so it's always a great device to have at home if you've got nasal health issues.

3. Airthings 2930 Wave Plus 

Air quality monitor
Source: Airthings/Amazon

The Airthings 2930 Wave Plus monitor can keep tabs on factors like VOC, CO, humidity, temperature, and pressure via sensors, ensuring you receive the fresh air your body longs for. You can get the monitored results on the Airthings app by connecting to it via Bluetooth. 

To know the current air quality, all you gotta do is wave in front of the device and you'll receive a color-coded indication. Green stands for good and yellow stands for fair, while red signals a drop in air quality. The Airthings Wave Plus can also work seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home assistant. 

4. Air Quality Pollution Monitor

Air quality monitor
Source: EG/Amazon

Another EG product that'll help you keep the air quality levels in check. Temperature, humidity level, formaldehyde, VOC, and many other factors can be measured via this air quality monitor.

Furthermore, it's an air quality you can take anywhere with you for spot checks regarding air quality. It's pretty much similar in functionality to the EG monitor that we've seen earlier. 

5. Qingping Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitor
Source: Qingping/Amazon

The Qingping air quality monitor has a high-resolution touch screen that'll give you all the insights you need to know about air quality. It measures all the necessary factors needed to judge air quality, like CO2, TVOC, temperature, and humidity. 

The Qingping air quality monitor also allows you to export past data so you can have a better overview of the environment in your home. Also, it can work for around four hours after being charged by a USB-C cable. 

6. Temtop M2000 Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitor
Source: Temtop/Amazon

The Temtop M2000 is a multi-functional air quality monitor that can measure all the necessary factors required to keep the air quality in check. The device has an ergonomic and lightweight design that enables you to carry it easily with you irrespective of wherever you go. 

The interface is pretty user-friendly; there aren't very complex functions that'd be difficult to understand. The Temtop M2000 monitor has a six-hour battery life post a full charging session. You can use this device at the home, office, school, daycare center, or any other place of your choice. 

7. Temtop 4-in-1 Air Quality Monitor

Temtop 4-in-1 monitor
Source: Temtop/Amazon

Another Temptop model, albeit a more compact one than the one we discussed above. The screen gives you a large and clear reading with three colors to indicate different air conditions. Also, it has a very easy user interface so you need not worry about any complex operations while using this device. 

Also, the Temtop quality monitor has a 2200 mAh battery that'll help keep the device charged when the USB charging is not available. Again, the compact size of the air quality monitor means you can use it in different types of environments to get air quality insights. 

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