7 wall lights to have a pleasing ambiance that refreshes your mood

Let your tired mind enjoy tranquility with these lights.
Atharva Gosavi

Peace is a highly coveted state of mind by every individual, irrespective of whether you're a corporate employee or a businessman. Following a tough and tiresome day at work, everyone loves going home and relaxing a bit. It's this relaxation that wall lights help tremendously with.

Having a wall light allows users to enjoy a serene atmosphere; an ambiance that oozes calmness and tranquility. Also, they add to the style and appearance of a room. Given that wall lights have multiple benefits, let's look at the best lights you can have to enjoy peace.

1. WimiSom 2-pack Wall Sconces

2 wall sconces
Source: WimiSom/Amazon

For the unknown, wall lights are also referred to as wall sconces at times. The Wimisom wall sconces have that quintessential vintage appearance, probably because of their caged design and the use of the Edison bulb. Also, they have a 240-degree adjustable angle, so once you attach them to your wall, you can either have them facing upwards, towards you, or downwards.

The classic look of the WimiSom wall lights makes them a perfect choice to have in a living room or a bedroom. Given the atmosphere of solitude they create, you can retire for the day listening to some calming music of your choice in their presence.

2. Krasty Wall Light

Metallic golden wall lights
Source: Krasty/Amazon

The previous wall sconces that we saw offered a more vintage look, but if you're looking for something more modern, consider giving the Krasty wall lights a try. These indoor wall sconces have a metal body with a shiny gold color that exuberates richness. Adding to that premium look is the cylindrical glass covering that surrounds the bulb.

Now, the bulb isn't included with this sconce, but you can always buy one with a design that fits your taste. To make it look more modern, you can use a smart bulb in this sconce and create the perfect lighting to suit your needs.

Also, the soft light produced by this wall sconce doesn't put any strain on your eyes. On the contrary, it creates a blissful atmosphere you'd love to enjoy after a hectic workday. 

3. BYOLIIMA Mid-Century Wall Lights

2 golden wall sconces
Source: Byoliima/Amazon

The best thing about the Byoliima wall sconces is the array of different areas they can be used in. You can use them as vanity lights in the washroom or as night lamps in the bedroom. They also make a fine choice for adding elegance, irrespective of the decoration style you have in your home. Nordic, farmhouse, country, rustic, mid-century; they can gel perfectly with any decor style.

These wall lights are specifically compatible with halogen bulbs; you can dim these bulbs to create the perfect lighting as per your needs. The combination of metal and gold in construction makes them attention grabbers in an instant.

4. Permo Wall Lights

Wall light
Source: Permo/Amazon

If you love a minimalist lifestyle and would love to decorate your home accordingly, the Permo wall lights should top your list in case you plan on furnishing your walls with lights. 

Made of fabric with a rectangular shape, it has a glossy finish that adds a premium look to your walls. The Permo wall lights are especially a cool choice if you're interested in decorating your home with a farmhouse look. These wall sconces can be used as vanity lights, living room lights, or bedroom lamps to add elegance to your home.

5. Permo Rustic Wall Sconces

Rustic wall sconce
Source: Permo/Amazon

Another Permo-designed set of wall lights, but as the name suggests, it's made specifically for rustic home decor styles. They're available in five different colors, so you've got a good palette to choose from that goes well with the color of your walls and your decor style.

Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, washrooms, study rooms; name it, and these wall lights will brighten up any space while adding a rich interior to it. One thing to be cautious about is to avoid using chemicals or abrasives in cleaning these wall lamps as they might damage the glossy finish.

6. Pathson 2-Light Wall Sconce

2-light wall sconce
Source: Pathson/Amazon

'The Pathson 2-light wall sconces have the quintessential premium feel, thanks to the fusion of metal with golden color. You can also choose to go with the black color if you're looking for a wall lamp that suits a minimalistic home. The design adds a classic simplicity to the walls, which makes these wall sconces easy conversation starters for your guests.

The lights in these sconces are also dimmable, provided you have a dimmable switch already in place. The glass shade makes it easy to see the bulb and maximizes the light exuded by it. It's all a matter of enjoying the blissful comfort once you install these lights in a room of your choice.

7. Maxax Crystal Wall Sconce

Crystal wall lights
Source: Maxax/Amazon

Wondering how you can add an opulent look to your home without breaking the bank? Maxax crystal wall lights are the perfect answer to satisfy your needs. Blessed with a lattice drum shade, these lights have an antique black finish that'll exude a soft light that'll make you feel nostalgic. 

The wall lights are decorated with raindrop-shaped crystals, and the metal construction ensures they stay durable for the long term. This elegant lighting fixture is also very easy to install and can gel well with multiple decor styles.

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