9 best home office essentials to provide you comfort in 2022

The things you didn't know you needed.
Atharva Gosavi

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the work-from-home lifestyle a new normal - something that's here to stay for the long term. However, you'll are pretty aware homes are the last places you'd expect to provide you with that environment for working effortlessly. The absence of that environment is precisely why you require a set of things to create one that's ideal for working from home. 

Now, when I say home office essentials, this list isn't gonna comprise of the basics things like chairs or headphones, because that's something you'll are pretty aware of. Additionally, there are oodles of suggestions for those products available on the internet. This list comprises all the objects that you never knew you needed but have become essential in the current times.

1. Sensate Relaxation Device

Egg-shaped black device
Source: Sensate/Amazon

For many people, the work-from-home lifestyle is more of a curse than a boon, given the unnecessarily long hours they've to put in to complete their daily tasks. In a hectic schedule, it's essential to do activities that make you feel de-stressed and help you relax your mind. That's precisely where the Sensate relaxation device comes in. 

All you gotta do is wear this egg-shaped device around your neck and it'll start showing its effect. The Sensate relaxation device soothes your nerves and offers you tranquility so you can have a calmer mind and body while working. Occasional de-stressing sessions with this device will also help you boost productivity. 

2. Lamicall Cable Clips

Cable clips
Source: Lamicall/Amazon

When you're working with a handful of wired devices, tangled cables can make your desk look untidy and occupy a lot of unnecessary space. If you face this issue daily, the Lamicall cable clips can help you get rid of that clutter.

These clips can be firmly attached to the desk or the wall; you can clamp your cables through these clips to ensure an organized working space. The best thing is, that they don't cost a dime, so you can easily get rid of the wired clutter on your desks with a couple of these to make your lives simpler. 

3. Foot Pedal Exerciser

Pedaling machine
Source: Sunny Health & Fitness/Amazon

Now, this might sound something unnecessary for some of you, but that's precisely the change of thought that is required. Intense working sessions and pressure to deliver results can have both a physical and mental toll on our health. Given that most of us don't get enough time for exercise, this Foot pedal exerciser can help you multitask with ease. 

This elliptical device fits easily under any desk; you can easily keep pedaling it while working to give your legs the exercise they need and deserve. There are eight levels of resistance to help you increase the intensity of your workout sessions at your convenience. In all, it's a gadget you should definitely consider buying if you're contemplating staying in the work-from-home lifestyle for the long term.

4. Wanijione Desk Lamp

Desk lamp
Source: Wanijione/Amazon

There are oodles of things on our desks, which is why organization becomes mandatory. A pen stand is an essential gadget that needs to be on your desk to hold your pens. Similarly, a lamp is necessary to help illuminate your workspace when you're working late at night.

What if there's a gadget that clubs these two objects together and offers even more features? The Wanijione desk lamp provides you with adequate light and also acts as a pen stand. Added to that, it also shows the date and time on its LCD screen and also functions as a charging base for your devices.

The gooseneck design of this ergonomic device allows you to adjust the light angle as per your needs. Imagine how much desk space it would save if this lamp is present on your desk!

5. BenQ Screebar Monitor Light

Screenbar monitor light
Source: BenQ/Amazon

The BenQ screen bar monitor light can illuminate your PC and keyboard so you can work easily in darker environments. The specialty of this monitor light is it has an auto-dimming feature; it can adjust the intensity of illumination as per the surrounding light. You can adjust it manually as well. 

Also, if you don't go for the Wanjione desk lamp that's suggested above, this device would be a great choice to go for because it doesn't take up desk space. Equipped with the clip design, the BenQ screen bar takes up its position on top of your monitor. In fact, you can buy either this screen bar or a desk lamp depending on how you like stylizing your desk.

6. Keenray Massager

Back massager
Source: Keenray/Amazon

The Keenray Massager is another health-related device that's become essential in recent times. Often, many of us experience pain in our back, neck, and shoulders because we usually sit in the same position for a long stretch of time. The Keenray massager can help you get rid of that pain and help maintain focus on your work. 

The Keenray massager has eight kneading massage nodes that can change directions every minute and soothe your back and shoulders accordingly. Also, there's an overheating feature that ensures the device doesn't heat too much. The auto-shutoff feature enables it to shut down after 15 minutes of activity. 

7. Ergonomic Armrest

Source: eulups/Amazon

We usually use the arms of our chair to rest our arms on when we're working. This ergonomic armrest can be clamped to your desk to extend the space over which you can rest your arms. In a nutshell, this armrest gives your arms all the comfort and helps them relax. You can also rest your wrists and elbows on this armrest as well. 

Using the armrest's C-clamps, you can attach it to the desk within the blink of an eye. So, the next time you feel uneasy while working, you can easily rest your hands on this armrest to sit back and relax with ease. 

8. Compressed Air Duster

Air duster
Source: Dorobeen/Amazon

Dust particles often accumulate all over the laptop. But you know how difficult it's to clean the dust particles in between the crevices between your keys? It's a downright uphill task to get those particles off, but if you have this compressed air duster to your aid, it becomes a cakewalk. 

This lightweight duster can run continuously for about 30 minutes on a single charge. Also, since this device is wireless, it offers ergonomic support and allows you to use it easily. You can use either the manual mode or the automatic mode as per your convenience. 

9. Home Office Lap Desk

Lap desk
Source: LapGear/Amazon

It's but normal to feel bored sitting in one place working for long hours. The home office lap desk can help you get beyond this boredom by changing your place and sitting in a more comfortable choice like a sofa or a bed according to your choice.

There's also a phone slot that can hold your phone while you're busy working on your laptop. The LapGear home office desk can also be placed on your stationary desk. But, make sure you have enough space there to adjust this desk.

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