9 Best Portable TVs to Enjoy Screen Time On the Go

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Television has been a major source of entertainment for decades, and it's set to continue in that role in the years to come. However, devices have been getting shorter in size and portable so you can enjoy entertainment with comfort. A portable TV is one such invention meant to eradicate the issue of size and let users enjoy entertainment while traveling or doing any other kind of work.

Portable TVs come in different shapes and screen sizes. It's up to you to choose one that best fits your needs and requirements. That being said, let's take a look at some of the best portable TVs you can consider buying. 

1. OAKCHA Portable TV

Portable TV
Source: OAKCHA/Amazon

The 13.3 inches (33.78 cm) portable OAKCHA TV has all the necessary features you'd want in a portable TV. To begin with, it has two inputs, HDMI and USB, for external audio and video playback. It also comes with a headphone jack that allows you to enjoy your content in person.

The battery TV is compatible with a long list of audio, video, and image formats on screen. Also, you get a rechargeable battery that can last for more than 3 hours, so you're pretty much covered when it comes to getting entertainment on a short sojourn. A 12V AV power charger helps charge the battery. 

The OAKCHA portable TV is a great choice to have as a companion when you're traveling in a car or out camping.

2. Tyler 14" Portable TV

Portable TV with remote
Source: Tyler/Amazon

The 14 inch (35.56 cm) Tyler TV displays 1080p videos and has dual turners, ATSC and NTSC. Thanks to the presence of ATSC, you can enjoy HD quality video and theatre quality audio on this portable TV.

The Tyler TV has a built-in 4-hour battery that'll ensure you have enough power to get entertained on short trips. Also, there's a headphone jack that allows you to view content privately without disturbing your fellow travelers.

There's an SD card that supports both HDMI and USB input. It's compatible with multiple videos, audio, and image files on the screen. What's more, you can make the Tyler portable TV work with modern TV devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, and much more.

3. Tyler 16" Portable TV

Portable tv with remote
Source: Tyler/Amazon

The 16 inches (40.64 cm) Tyler TV is an upgrade in many terms compared to the 14-inch model, but the increased screen size would mean more weight and space occupancy. However, the one thing that's appreciable is it doesn't have a supporting base handle; the TV relies on a built-in stand at the back. 

There are HDMI, USB, and SD inputs for external audio and video playbacks. Added to that, there's an in-built speaker and a headphone jack along with a car charger that allows you to charge it while traveling. 

The built-in battery has a battery life of 4+ hours. The Tyler TV has a long list of compatible files like AVI, MOV, FLV, and much more. It also works with multiple audio and video formats. You can also use this Tyler TV as a computer monitor, so you're getting a 2-in-1 deal at a bargain price.

4. LEADSTAR 10-inch Portable TV

Portable TV
Source: LEADSTAR/Amazon

If portability is your main objective, the 10 inches (25.4 cm) Leadstar TV can fit your bill of requirements perfectly. First and foremost, due to its small size, it's easier to carry the TV around wherever you go. It has a 1024X600 resolution along with ATSC support that ensures good video and audio clarity.

The list of compatible files isn't as long as we saw with the previous TVs, but there are some common file formats like MP3, JPEG, MPEG, MP4, and AVI that could work for you. The Leadstar TV comes with a built-in 3200 mAh battery which will easily suffice for around 3 hours. You can use this TV in your car, for camping, or as an entertainment unit in the kitchen.

5. SuperSonic SC-2813 13" Portable TV

Widescreen LED tv
Source: Supersonic/Amazon

The Supersonic SC-2813 is 13.3 inches (33.78 cm) in size, an LED TV perfect for your sojourns or camping activities. It comes with a built-in digital tuner and a lithium rechargeable battery. There's also an FM radio if in case you wish to switch to audio entertainment.

Moving forward, the HDMI input allows users to enjoy high-quality audio and video; you can connect this device to a computer, Blu-ray player, or a video game console. There are multiple inputs available, so you can connect an external device and play audio and video files as well.

6. MILANIX Widescreen 13.3" TV

Widescreen portable TV
Source: MILANIX/Amazon

13.3 inches (33.78 cm) is an optimal size to look out for; it's portable enough and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around. The MILANIX Widescreen TV was precisely built with this thing in mind. 

The slim-design TV has an in-built analog tuner that is capable of receiving various signals like ATSC, NTSC, and DTV+ATV. The presence of USB and SD inputs facilitates audio and video playback through external connections.

Like many others on this list, the MILANIX Widescreen TV has a wide range of supported formats. Some of the most famous include MOV, AVI, MPEG1, FLV, MP3, JPEG, and many more. The MILANIX Widescreen TV is compatible with many devices like Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, and gaming consoles.

7. Eboxer 10-inch Portable TV

Portable TV
Source: Eboxer/Amazon

The Eboxer 10 inches (25.4 cm) Portable TV has all the qualities of being a great substitute to your original TV for a short time span. For starters, it's feather-light and has a small size that makes it handy to keep at any place.

There's a rechargeable 1500mAh battery that might be disappointing to most of you, but then it's also forgivable at that cheap pricing. What's more, you also get a headphone jack for private viewing and the TV's compliance with ATSC standards ensures high-quality video and sound. 

The Eboxer TV supports 1080p video in an acceptable number of file formats. It also comes with a folding stand which might appear a bit flimsy, but if you choose to keep it at one place without folding it less, there's little possibility of durability issues arising up.

8. Trexonic Portable 14-inch TV

Widescreen portable TV with remote
Source: Trexonic/Amazon

The Trexonic Portable TV is another fine option to consider, especially if you're looking for a medium screen size and a featherweight device. 

The LED TV has a built-in tuner that allows users to enjoy high-quality audio and video output. It supports various input methods like HDMI, USB, VGA, SD, and AV so you can connect external devices and enjoy watching content.

There's a remote included as well with the Trexonic TV, so you need not ditch the comfort of your seat for operating the TV. 

9. Rawblue 10.1" Portable TV

Portable TV
Source: Rawblue/Amazon

The Rawblue portable TV supports a 1024*600 resolution and complies with the ATSC, meaning you won't be disappointed with the video and audio quality. The Rawblue TV also supports a wide range of file formats.

Talking about other features, it has a headphone jack for private viewing, while a 1800mAh Li-Polymer battery ensures you have optimal time for enjoying entertainment on the go. The Rawblue TV is an excellent choice to have in a car while driving on short trips. You can also watch cooking shows while trying out recipes yourself in the kitchen.

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