11 computer accessories every geek needs

Treat the geek in your life with one of these great accessories that are perfect for computer desk.
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Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. So why not make geeks' day with one of the great accessories below? Go on, you know you want to. Of course, you can always treat yourself at the same time, it'd be a shame not to.

1. Humor Facepalm Mousepad


11 computer accessories every geek needs

We'll kick off our list with this fantastic item. Most of us are familiar with this staple of social media memes but have you considered owning it in physical form?

We all have moments throughout the day worthy of a good facepalm. Let this funny facepalm pad join you in sharing your pain and help you guide your mouse.


2. iFixit Toolkit


11 computer accessories every geek needs

Every self-respecting geek would rather cut their head off than have their precious tech repaired by a professional. With the iFixit toolkit, you get all the basic tools needed to repair a phone, tablet, or another small device.

It contains tools to open cases, swap out batteries, lift screens, tighten screws and generally void the warranty. It also has plenty of poking and prying tools as well as tools for easy rewiring and general tinkering. 

Enough said.

3. DMoose Cable Organizer


11 computer accessories every geek needs

With the DMoose cable organizer, the days of messy piles of cables are over. This entry on our list of computer accessories lets you store away power cables providing a nice clean and organized desk. Good for the soul as they say.

Plus it makes your workspace look cooler with its wooden cover and smooth looks. DMoose cable organizer also features four accessible cable cutouts made with ABS fireproof material so that it offers better management behind desks, TVs, or entertainment systems. And the non-slip rubber feet guarantee stability.

 4. Webcam Sliding Cover


11 computer accessories every geek needs

Is your webcam being used to spy on you? Who knows, but why not avoid all doubt with this handy little device. With its convenient slide design, this cover can be opened or closed with one movement of your finger. When Panda is on, the cam is off. 

Plus the cute Panda looks better than a piece of tape, don't you think? Attaching it to your existing laptop is very easy. Its adhesive can be easily applied and removed without leaving gummy glue marks. The slider is made of metal, so you can make sure it won't break easily. 

It is very thin and durable and will not interfere with the normal closing of your laptop. It also fits most smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, and other computers. The sliding element of the cover does not touch the camera lens and thus can not scratch it.

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5. USB Cup Warmer

11 computer accessories every geek needs
Source: Senj/Amazon

There is nothing worse than getting so engrossed in your work that your tea or coffee gets too cold to enjoy. Why not remove at least one frustration with this awesome USB cup warmer.

Simply plug into your USB port, turn it on, and place your favorite caffeinated beverage on the pad to keep it at the perfect drinking temperature for an extended period of time.

The pad also acts as a USB hub using a standard USB 1.1 interface. Its power cord is extendable so it can be placed in a convenient place on your desk.

6. ApgBnk ATM Electronic Piggy Bank with Debit Card

11 computer accessories every geek needs

Piggy banks usually contain a lot of coins but the amount they hold remains a mystery until you open or break them. But with ApgBnk ATM Electronic Piggy Bank, you not only keep your money safe but also can keep track of your funds inside. When coins of 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 are inserted, the amounts will be displayed. When a banknote is put into the slot, it will automatically roll in. 

The best thing is when you deposit or withdraw money your balance will be updated automatically. When you need to withdraw money specifically, you need a bank card and the correct password to unlock the electronic lock. If you are working on saving money, you can easily set the target amount of money to save and keep yourself motivated. 

7. STAR WARS Millenium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

11 computer accessories every geek needs

If you are a day one Star Wars fan and want to surround yourself with any type of accessories you can find to show your admiration, this Millenium Falcon Speaker is just for you. This wireless Bluetooth stereo speaker allows you to connect most devices and listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and much more. It works with Siri and Google Assistant to play music, check the weather, and more from your connected Bluetooth device Audio Caller ID and it is Apple iOS 10 compatible. You can smoothly enjoy powerful bass and enhanced clear stereo sound and listen to your favorite content wirelessly. Speakerphone capability allows you to make and answer calls with ease.

8. Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

11 computer accessories every geek needs

This might just be the first fully functional wireless Star Trek Communicator of all time. It can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device and has been designed using 3D scans taken from a hero prop.

Once paired, with the flick of your wrist you'll be answering calls like Captain Kirk or Spock in no time at all. The device pairs via Bluetooth just like any wireless speaker headphones except it's much cooler. It is primarily designed for hands-free calls but can be used as a speaker too. It comes equipped with a high-quality MEMS microphone for great call quality.

9. Vintage Handmade Laptop Bag

11 computer accessories every geek needs

Last on our list is a real treat. All of these other desktop accessories are fine and dandy. But sometimes you just need to look part en route to and from the office. This handmade leather laptop bag might just be the trick.

The bag has a variety of pouches on the outside to fit tablets and other peripherals you may need to carry with you as well as your precious laptop. The main bag consists of three compartments. The larger middle compartment can easily accommodate most large laptops or files etc. Frankly, this bag will make anyone's day.

10. Usbkingdom Cool Sports Car Shaped 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse 

11 computer accessories every geek needs

No matter the kind of geek you are, it is for sure you have the mouse to provide you with the best performance, while you do your work, or play games. However, the best performance doesn’t always mean the best style. Usbkingdom Sports Car Shaped Wireless Mouse will make sure that you do wonders on your computer while having the slickest mouse out there. 

Besides how elegant it looks, it is also comfortable in your hand, and functions effortlessly. You can easily plug and play, no drive is needed. It features a power-saving sleeping function, if the mouse is not used for a short time, it will turn to power-saving mode to save energy.

11. RK ROYAL KLUDGE Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

11 computer accessories every geek needs

While vintage steampunk round keycaps look like an old-school fashion typewriter, they also bring you comfortable typing feeling and stable clicking touch. The ergonomic ABS wrist pad provides firm support while gaming or typing at an elevated position, relieving pressure on your wrist. The keyboard panel was manufactured of high-quality aluminum alloy material with a matte finish texture, making it durable and scratch-resistant. It's a full-size keyboard with 108 keys, all of which are non-conflict. During intense games and fast typing, every keystroke is recorded, regardless of how many other keys are pushed at the same moment. 

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