9 floor lamps to set the right ambiance and liven up your living room

Enjoy tranquility and soothing environment at home.
Atharva Gosavi

There are umpteen items you can use to decorate your home, but there's hardly one that can enliven up your room like a floor lamp. The presence of a floor lamp creates a tranquil pleasure that can soothe your soul after a tiresome workday at the office.

There are ample amount of options to go for if you're looking out for a nice floor lamp that creates an ambiance as per your need. We've compiled a list of floor lamps within a frugal price range that'll help you set up a serene atmosphere in your home.

1. Addlon LED Modern Floor Lamp

Source: Addlon/Amazon

Now, this lamp isn't just a source of light; it also offers a three-tier storage space that can handle a load of around 50 pounds. You can place a few showpieces, plants, or books in these storage tiers. The lamp comes with a 3000K temperature LED bulb that can last up to 50,000 hours, so you can relax about the thought of having to change the bulb frequently.

What's more, this lamp has a beautiful lampshade made of high-quality fabric that plays a major role in creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance. The installation is a cakewalk; it can be easily set up by a single person. 

2. Tacopet Remote Control

Cylindrical design lamp
Source: Tacopet/Amazon

Cylindrically designed lamps always give away a rich look; add the remote control technology to it and you have a lamp befitting the modern times. The Tacopet corner lamps can be lit up in an array of colors with a soft glow that creates a serene atmosphere.

You can control the lamp via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Whether it's adjusting brightness, picking different colors, or setting up your desired lighting, you can do it all with just a tap on your smartphone. 

If you're playing music in the background, you'd be excited to know that this lamp can change its lighting according to the rhythm and the beat of that music. Isn't that the perfect lamp to have around at parties and merry-making?

3. Keepsmile RGB Floor Lamp

RGB floor lamp
Source: Keepsmile/Amazon

The Keepsmile RGB floor lamp has a temperature of 2600K; it can produce multiple colors so you can set lighting that fits your mood. The 69-inch height of the lamp enables users to avoid looking at it directly. The light of the lamp creates an evenly tempered atmosphere you'll definitely love. 

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The Keepsmile lamp is also very easy to install; the assembly doesn't take too much time. Also, you can set a timer to turn the timer on and off as per your needs. You can light up the lamp in three different colors and dim the brightness accordingly. 

4. Leonc LED Floor Lamp

LED floor lamp
Source: Leonc/Amazon

The best thing about the Leonc LED floor lamp is its clean and sleek aesthetic; it has an elegant structure that adds up to the look and feel of the room. The light of the lamp sets up a warm ambiance which ensures you all the tranquil pleasure you're looking for. 

The lamp is dimmable and the light can intensify up to three levels. After you light the lamp, it looks like a sleek marble statue. Also, there are no glaring bulbs overhead that'll cause harm to your eyes. 

5. Surled Color Changing Floor Lamp

Floor lamp
Source: Surled/Amazon

The Surled floor lamp provides a color temperature between the range of 3000 to 6000K, but that's not the main reason I am recommending this to y'all. Given that it can change the lighting according to the music in the background, this is precisely the type of lamp you'd love to have around for a house party or while listening to calming music alone in a room. 

The Surled floor lamp is easy to install and can be controlled via your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity; you can also use the remote that comes with it to control the lighting. The lamp also saves energy a lot; in all, it's a great choice if you're looking for an innovative and cool modern lamp for under hundred bucks. 

6. LamQee Corner Lamp

corner lamp
Source: LamQee/Amazon

If you're more attracted to a minimalist lifestyle, the LamQee corner lamp will suit your requirements perfectly. It has a sleek yet sturdy construction and provides a dim light that can create a calm aura around the room. The perfect kind of lamp you need when you want to spend time in your own company.

The sleek and thin construction of the LamQee corner lamp ensures it doesn't take up too much space; it also gives the lamp a sophisticated and luxurious look. The body is rust-proof and made up of high-quality aluminum, so it's going to be a great one-time investment if you decide to buy this lamp. 

7. Cotoss Tiffany Floor Lamp

Floor lamp
Source: Cotoss Tiffany/Amazon

If you're ready to loosen your purse strings and splash the cash, the Cotoss Tiffany floor lamp is a great option to consider. Aesthetically, the lampshade of this lamp lights up with a turquoise design that'll add a clean look to your living room, especially if you've got white walls.

This lampshade is made of stained glass and it's sturdy to last for the long term. The light in the lamp shines through the lampshade to create soothing patterns that'll create a peaceful vibe in the room. You can use incandescent, LED, or CFL bulbs in the Cotoss Tiffany floor lamp

8. Anten Floor Lamp

three-light floor lamp
Source: Anten/Amazon

The Anten floor lamp comes with a three-light design which claims to save a considerable amount of energy. You can light the three lamps all or use them singularly as per your convenience. Also, the 330-degree adjustable angle will allow you to turn the lights in any preferred direction. 

The classic design of the Anten floor lamp gives your home the quintessential vintage look. Also, the sleek construction of the lamp means you can save a lot of space apart from improving the aesthetics of your room. The assembly of the lamp is pretty easy; any single person can get it done in five minutes. 

9. Wenyu Floor Lamp

Floor lamp
Source: Wenyu/Amazon

The Wenyu floor lamp is similar to the previous lamp in terms of construction; it has three lights that use incandescent bulbs for providing illumination. You can operate this lamp via touch control and switch on or off any number of lights at an instant in time. 

Also, the Wenyu floor lamp has a 330-degree adjustable angle that allows you to turn the light at your convenience. The stylish and sleek design also means you won't be sacrificing too much space to have this lamp in your room. 

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