9 Home Thermostats to Let You Enjoy Warmth In Frosty Winters

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Atharva Gosavi
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The rise in technology has seen humans become more dependent on smart devices for carrying out various functions at home. One such device is the smart thermostat - a tool that controls the temperature of our homes according to the weather. Apart from that, thermostats also prove useful when it comes to saving money and energy. 

A smart thermostat can detect your presence at home and optimize the temperature according to the schedule you have set. That being said, let's take a look at some of the best smart thermostats available in the market. 

1. Braeburn 1020 Non-Programmable Thermostat

White thermostat
Source: Braeburn/Amazon

The Braeburn Thermostats have made quite a name for themselves on the market, thanks to their easy-to-setup and use devices. The 1020 non-programmable thermostat comes with a display that has a blue backlight, adjustable temperature limits, and permanent memory retention settings. 

Additionally, this thermostat will also let you know when the battery plummets over a certain threshold. Another benefit is that it displays numbers in a large size, so if you've got family members with weak eyesight, they'd have no trouble viewing the temperature on this thermostat. 

The setup process for the Braeburn 1020 thermostat is a cakewalk; you can easily set up a differential within less than a minute. All in all, this device is a bargain at an economical price. 

2. Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Thermostat

White WiFi thermostat
Source: Emerson/Amazon

The Emerson Sensi Touch thermostat is a child's play when it comes to installation; all you gotta do is follow the app instructions step-by-step to install it. Also, if you've got the HVAC equipment, this thermostat will work well with it and save about 23% on HVAC energy. 

If you're looking out for remote-control access to a thermostat, this one fulfills your wishes. You can control the temperature of your home from anywhere using the Sensi Touch Android or iOS smartphone app, it works on a tablet as well. 

The Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Thermostat allows you to monitor your energy consumption and the efficiency of an HVAC system. It provides timely usage reports and also alerts about when the device needs any maintenance. 

3. Google Nest Thermostat

Grey thermostat
Source: Google/Amazon

Google Nest is a programmable thermostat that allows users to create a schedule to control and optimize temperature via an Android or iOS device. Also, you can enjoy remote control access and adjust the temperature using your phone, tablet, or laptop anywhere from home. 

The Google Nest thermostat also works without a C wire in most homes, but for some systems, it does require one. The systems which require a C wire for this thermostat include heating only, cooling only, zone controlled, and heat pump systems. 

This thermostat also offers HVAC monitoring; you can receive timely alerts if something goes wrong with the device and helpful reminders regarding its maintenance. 

4. Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Thermostat

White thermostat
Source: Honeywell/Amazon

The standout features of the Honeywell Home T9 thermostat are the auto home mode and the away mode. With the former, you can adjust the thermostat settings using a mobile device from anywhere in your home, while the away mode allows the thermostat to automatically control your home temperature using geofencing. 

What's more, you can also get smart sensors to enjoy the thermostat temperature control in multiple rooms. This thermostat is compatible with hot water and steam, forced air, and heat pumps with electric backup. It doesn't work with electric baseboard heat. 

The T9 thermostat has an easy setup method and it works with most homes. It identifies the heating and cooling types in your home and makes it a cakewalk for you to adjust the temperature yourself. 

5. Ecobee Lite Smart Thermostat

Black thermostat
Source: Ecobee/Amazon

Ecobee's innovative version of a smart thermostat helps reduce monthly heating and cooling costs with its built-in motion sensors, humidity sensors, and setpoint adjustments.

It provides many features that make controlling your heat or air-conditioning a cakewalk. Also, with an average saving of 23% annually on heating costs by using the Ecobee, you can avoid burning money unnecessarily.

The Ecobee Lite smart thermostat makes it easy to save electricity with its intuitive display. The control is simplified for all users and there's nothing complicated about installation or setup. 

6. WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat

Black thermostat on a wall
Source: WYZE/Amazon

Imagine that at the end of a long working day, you come back to your house and it’s just as cozy as when you left it. This can be possible with a personalized WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat. It is a smart thermostat that is easy to install and use.

The thermostat’s easy-to-setup intuitive app or voice command lets users control their system from home or on the go. The WYZE app sends users actionable insights based on which they can take steps accordingly to embrace efficient energy consumption. Users can also set schedules, reminders, and integrated voice assistants like Alexa.

7. Vine WiFi Thermostat

White thermostat
Source: Vine/Amazon

With the help of the mobile WiFi thermostat, it becomes easier to improve security in your home. The Vine WiFi thermostat comes equipped with a step-by-guide manual to make it easier than ever for customers. This process usually takes homeowners about 10 minutes, so it's effortless and fits with most homes in North America.

The Vine thermostat is compatible with online assistants like Alexa and Google Home via smartphones and tablets. It is also easy to set up; you’ll require around 30 minutes to complete the installation process. The Vine thermostat allows users to save around 20% on HVAC expenses through its energy-saving mode.

8. Bosch BCC100 Thermostat

Source: Bosch/Amazon

Bosch BCC100 Thermostat is the future of home comfort. This modern brand thermostat comes with a multi-color display and a smartphone app. It is compatible with not only conventional systems but with heat pumps. Also, the Bosch BCC100 thermostat requires a C wire for powering it. 

This thermostat is also compatible with Alexa, so you can easily control the temperature in your home on the go. It works with the Dual Fuel system which works with HVAC systems that use both gas and electric power.

9. 2 Pack ELECTECK Digital Thermostat

Two black thermostats
Source: ELECTECK/Amazon

The ELECTECK thermostat has a wide selection of features, namely backlight display for low light conditions, multiple color options to blend with any decor, and compatibility with single-stage cooling and heating pump.  

The ELECTECK Thermostat is an easy-to-use thermostat that eliminates much of the time usually spent on programming. This non-programmable unit adjusts itself to your climate settings in little time, so you can feel at home in much less time than ever before.

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