9 Mini-Electric Fireplace Heaters to Bring On Cozy Time Through the Frostiest Nights

Say goodbye to bone-chilling winds, and hello to the crackling fireplace.
Atharva Gosavi
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We're already living in the winters and it's more important than ever to stay warm in these frosty nights. Of course, hoodies and warm sweaters are a way to safeguard ourselves from the cold, but not bone-chilling weather. An electric fireplace heater can help you sail through these cruel winds effectively.

Beyond its usage as a heater, the design of these electric fireplace heaters also help in improving the home decor. That being said, let's take a look at some of the best fireplace heaters in the market.

1. GiveBest Electric Fireplace Heater

Electric fireplace heater
Source: GiveBest/Amazon

The GiveBest electric fireplace heater has a freestanding design with a vintage look. What's particular about this fireplace heater is that it's a cost-effective solution to keep your room warm as well as a great choice for improving your home decor.

The GiveBest heater has a small stature, so you can easily carry it anywhere with you without much hassle. Another standout feature is how it saves energy. You can set the temperature threshold of the heater according to the environment temperature. The heater will turn off when the environment temperature goes above your set temperature and turn on when it goes below the threshold.

The flames are adjustable so you can create a cool and cozy ambiance as they flicker merrily in the fireplace. What's more, you can also control the brightness level of these flames as per your preference. The heater can warm up an area up to 400sq. ft (37 sq. m.).

2. Klismos Electric Fireplace Heater

Electric fireplace heater
Source: Klismos/Amazon

The Klismos Fireplace Heater comes in two modes: low power and high power. It's a great choice to opt for if you're looking for a heater for your office cabin or bedroom. 

The flames are ambiance setters; you can adjust their brightness to set the mood in your room. The Klismos electric fireplace heater can be controlled via remote from a distance of about 20 feet (60 meters). Also, the metal body of the heater stays cool even when it's heating your room.

Available in black color and weighing about 4 lbs (1.8 kg), this fireplace heater gives an output power of 1500W. Overall, if you're looking out for a sturdy product and are ready to loosen your purse strings, the Klismos fireplace heater is the perfect choice to go for.

3. Joy Pebble Electric Fireplace Heater

Electric fireplace heater
Source: Joy Pebble/Amazon

Much like its predecessors that we saw on this list, the Joy Pebble electric fireplace heater is a portable device that warms up a room in no time. You can easily carry it anywhere with you, given its lightweight design.

The matte black finish makes this fireplace heater look like an exquisite vintage product. The flickering and adjustable flames add further to the fashionable appearance of the heater.

Coming down to the specifics, the Joy Pebble heater has two modes of operation with 1000W and 1500W output respectively. This heater provides infrared heating, meaning it warms a room faster as compared to others. It can heat an area of 400 sq. ft (37 sq. m.).

4. Turbro TS17 Fireplace Heater

Fireplace heater
Source: Turbro/Amazon

The Turbro TS17 is the perfect electric fireplace heater to have if you're turning frosty nights into a warm and cozy ambiance. You can control the brightness of the flame and thereby set the mood of your room.

It's pretty easy to use the Turbo TS17 heater; just switch on the power button and turn the knob to set the temperature of the heater. Your room will start heating in a few moments. 

The Turbro TS17 offers overheating protection, meaning it will shut down automatically when the internal temperature rises beyond the expected threshold. Weighing at 13 lbs (5.8 kg), this heater has an output power of 1400W that heats an area up to 400 sq. ft.

5. Electric Fireplace Insert Heater

Fireplace with flickering flames
Source: GiveBest/Amazon

Another GiveBest product on this list. The insert heater weighs 13.7 pounds and is available only in black color. If you've noticed, this fireplace heater is quite slimmer and looks sleeker as compared to its predecessor we saw earlier. That slim and shiny look adds to the fashionable appearance of the heater.

There are various time options available to turn the heater off automatically. Also, you can set a temperature threshold to control the room temperature. Once the room temperature falls below the threshold, the heater will turn on automatically. If it goes above the expected threshold, the heater will turn off.

This electric fireplace insert heater serves an area of 400 sq. ft. (37 sq. m.) and provides an output power of 1400W.

6. NookNova Fireplace Space Heater

Fireplace space heater
Source: NookNova/Amazon

The NookNova fireplace heater can heat up your bedroom, office, or living room in the blink of an eye. It comes with realistic dancing 3D LED flames; you can change the color of the themes as per your requirements. The merrily flickering flames are conversation starters; they can attract your guests within seconds.

The NookNova fireplace heater is a great choice if you wish to get rid of the traditional, burning firewood. You can control the temperature by turning the knob between the range of 62.6°F (17°C) to 80.6°F (27°C). The heater also shuts off automatically when it reaches a temperature of 221°F (105°C).

It's an easy task to set up this fireplace heater, there's no hassle involved. In all, it's a pretty profitable investment. 

7. Goaeon Electric Fireplace Heater

Fireplace heater
Source: Goaeon/Amazon

The Goaeon electric fireplace heater is a compact design made of steel that promises durability. It's a lightweight heater that comes with two power-saving modes - 750W and 1500W. 

You can switch to any of these modes depending on the temperature you want to set. The gorgeous flickering flames are pleasing to the eyes; you can adjust the brightness of these flames as per your preferences. 

8. Selectric Fireplace Stove Heater

Fireplace heater
Source: N/C/Amazon

The Selectric Fireplace Stove Heater comes with two heating modes - 750W and 1500W. It can create realistic flames and a beautiful ambiance in your room. You can also adjust the flame brightness as per your requirements.

The Selectric fireplace heater has a three-side view; it also offers a child safety lock to make sure toddlers and kids don't get into trouble with the heater. The Selectric fireplace heater has a 13-hour program timer and a thermostat control system. Make sure you store this heater in a cool and dry place.

9. MOCIFI Electric Fireplace Heater

Electric fireplace heater
Source: MOCIFI/Amazon

MOCIFI's adjustable flame electric fireplace heater is perfect for this reason. It can be controlled with an LED touchscreen and has an automatic shut-off timer that makes sure you don't accidentally leave it on all day while you're not home. 

With this device, you can get the same effect of an authentic fireplace without all of the smoke and ashes. If you are looking to get rid of all your old wood-burning fireplaces or just need something more aesthetically pleasing, this is the perfect fit. 

The MOCIFI electric fireplace heater comes with adjustable flames that will fit any décor. It also has a digital thermostat so you can set it to your desired temperature for when it gets cold outside.

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