9 tips and tricks for creating the workspace of your dreams

Create a workspace where you find solace.
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Tips to setup a home workspace
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The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a series of drastic changes throughout various aspects of our lives. One of those spheres happens to be the corporate world, with many organizations embracing a full-time work-from-home culture. That being said, as much as one may feel working from home is a cool thing, you still cannot have a good work day without the right setup.

Yes, we know working from the comfort of your room might be bliss to some extent, but it’s equally necessary to revamp it and give it a professional touch. In a nutshell, creating an environment that allows you to concentrate and work without hampering productivity is absolutely essential.

On that note, here are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to create the perfect WFH setup.

1. Choose a calm corner

9 tips and tricks for creating the workspace of your dreams
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As we discussed above, there needs to be a working environment that allows you to concentrate on your work, irrespective of whether you’re working from home or the office. When it comes to home, there may be a lot of distractions that take your mind off your work and incur a loss of productivity.

To avoid that from happening, select a quiet corner in your home where you’re sure there’d be no disturbances. Irrespective of what your family members are doing, you should be able to fully focus on your work while you're in this particular corner of your home.

2. Setup a workspace near a window

Natural lighting is the best way to illuminate your workspace simply because it boosts productivity. Also, being in close proximity to a window will allow you to feel connected to the outside world — something you might probably miss if you have opted for the work-from-home lifestyle.

There’s one caution, though. When you’re setting up your workspace near a window, make sure the back of your monitor faces the window. If the front side is to face the window, you will have screen glare issues from the shining sun.

If you are able to set up a workspace near a window, you’ll enjoy natural ventilation. However, for those less fortunate, it’s good to have an air conditioner in the room to keep the temperature cool.

3. The setup should be close to a power supply

It's not rocket science to know why having a power supply in close proximity to your workspace is extremely essential. Not having a dedicated power supply means you’d need an extension socket, which would add a long wire, and that’s a pretty bad idea.

4. Personalize your workspace

Believe it or not, having a personalized workspace is inviting, and you’d never say no to working in such a space. Personalized workspaces are extensions of your personality and tastes. And the fun part is there is no limit or a defined way in which you need to personalize your workspace. You could add plants, posters, photos of your loved ones, and so much more.

5. Get the required furniture

9 tips and tricks for creating the workspace of your dreams
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From the perfect work desk and office chair to laptop stands and desk lamps, there’s quite a long list of products you may want to acquire while setting up your workspace. Now, some of these, like chairs and work desks, are mandatory. On the flip side, if you’re embracing a minimalist approach, you can, of course, skip over a bunch of products that aren’t necessary.

We have already compiled a list of work-from-home essentials you can refer to for setting up the perfect workspace to suit your needs.

6. Avoid working from your bed

As much as it feels comfortable and inviting, you need to refrain from the urge to work from your bed. Being too comfortable while you work may also make you fall asleep or lose concentration on your work.

7. Organization is the key

9 tips and tricks for creating the workspace of your dreams
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It might sound trivial but it’s essential to underline the mammoth importance of having a neatly organized workspace. A clutter-free desk space comes with the guarantee of improving your productivity. There are a bunch of products like desk organizers, pen stands, and much more to help you keep it well-arranged.

Since we’re discussing organization, you also need to be wary of how many items you use to personalize your desk. While personalization is important, it shouldn’t clutter desk space. Anything that takes up space needs to be given a second thought as to whether that item is essential on your desk.

8. Embrace aromatherapy

9 tips and tricks for creating the workspace of your dreams
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Essential oils can help you create the perfect ambiance to enhance your productivity. Certain essential oils are known to help release stress, stimulate creativity, and also improve physical health. In case you are working within tight deadlines, the fragrant vapor arising from an aroma diffuser and wafting throughout the room can ensure you avoid panic and focus on your work.

9. Have a WiFi setup in your office room

A strong WiFi range is essential to ensure you can work without a bad signal interrupting activities or hampering your productivity. A WiFi setup with a strong bandwidth will help you stay connected with your colleagues. Weak bandwidth is usually regarded as one of the major reasons why you may need to change your workspace, so make sure you don’t compromise on this aspect and enjoy superfast internet speed.

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