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The only equipment you’ll ever need for shooting high-quality content.
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The introduction of short videos has drastically changed the way we consume content in the modern age. Instagram reels and Tiktok videos are one of the best ways to attract eyeballs on social media, but it’s not as easy as it looks. The ever-growing competition means you need to focus on shooting quality as much as the quality of your content.

Do I really need to invest in equipment for Instagram reels?

Let’s face it. The sole reason we make reels is to get noticed, right? Whether it's just for fun or a serious business, views and likes determine how strong our social media game is.

Irrespective of whether you wish to make Instagram reels for fun or with an aim to become an influencer, having the right equipment goes a long way in enhancing reel quality. And, quality reels definitely garner a higher number of views. So, if likes, comments, saves, and shares are your thing, you could have more and more of it with a good kit for shooting quality reels.

As a beginner, you might be brooding over the prospect of investing in proper equipment, and rightly so. Usually, assembling equipment is seen as the first serious step toward taking up social media as a career. Even if you’re just a beginner, you can assemble equipment without having to break the bank.

What equipment should I go for?

There are a bunch of tools you’ll need if you’re looking to make it as a reel master. We have selected a few of the best tools based on reviews and prices, making sure you get quality without splashing a fortune.

1. It all starts with a tripod and a ring light

Sensyne Ring Light and Tripod Stand

The Sensyne Ring Light and Tripod Stand is probably the best combo you can get at a frugal price tag. The ring light has three color modes and ten brightness levels, while the tripod can extend upto 50 inches in height. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter and a phone holder that’s compatible with all iOS and Android phones. You also get after-sales service for 12 months after purchase.

This is the first and most basic equipment you'll need. You could compromise on all the other product recommendations, but not this one. When shooting a reel, it’s essential to stabilize the smartphone or camera, and that’s precisely what a tripod does. It eliminates the shakiness, so your reels look better and more professional.

And as for the ring light, it provides ample lighting, creating a better aesthetic for shooting reels. There are multiple brightness levels to adjust, so you have total control over your lighting. For beginners, we’d recommend going for a ring light with a tripod stand - kill two birds with one stone - to save cash.

2. Get a gimbal

Obudyard Gimbal Stabilizer

The Obudyard Gimbal Stabilizer automatically corrects the shaking and prevents blurry shots. It has a lightweight, pocket-sized design, meaning you can easily carry it anywhere. It's available in two colors and is very convenient to use when shooting Instagram reels. The Anti-shake nature of the gimbal ensures unnecessary jerks don't hamper your video quality.

It's important to understand the basic difference between a gimbal and a tripod before making a purchase decision. A gimbal is used to provide stability when the base (the holder) is in motion. Even though you’re moving your shooting device a lot, you can avoid the shaky effects due to jerks in the video by attaching a gimbal to it. A tripod, on the other hand, is a tool used to stabilize the shooting device on a surface.

Getting a gimbal, honestly, depends on the type of reels you’re going to shoot. If it’s travel reels you plan on making or any other kind where you need to move your camera or smartphone a lot while shooting, a gimbal is the option to go for instead of a tripod.

3. Let a microphone capture your sound

MAYBESTA Lavalier Microphone

We recommend the Lavalier microphone by MAYBESTA as it's very handy to use while shooting reels. It’s a compact plug-and-play mic and very easy to use. It enables noise reduction and is made especially for recording social media videos.

A microphone is an essential part of the reels kit to ensure your reels have top-notch sound. Bad sound quality can always turn off the audience and affect the metrics. And you may be thinking a microphone would mean you’d have to shell out a large amount of cash, but that’s not the case. In fact, there are microphones specifically designed for Instagram reels, and you can easily buy a quality microphone for under fifty bucks.

4. Room lights

ELOUYCKE Smart Light Bars

We recommend going for these ELOUYCKE LED smart light bars as they offer dynamic lighting effects to upgrade your room ambience. They also have multiple lighting scene modes, so apart from video shoots, they can be used for various purposes like birthday parties, decorations, and gaming.

Social media users will never say no to watching a video that is shot in an aesthetic room. The overall ambiance of your room works great to keep the users hooked to your video; an ambient room also helps build trust in the minds of the audience. That’s precisely why the right room lights are necessary.


That’s pretty much it; the hardware that you require for shooting top-notch reels for your Instagram page. Now, the question is, is it essential to buy them all? Well, the tripod stand and the ring light are definitely a must.

The rest of the devices are only a necessity depending on the type of content that you're shooting. For instance, a mic isn’t a necessary device for a person who shoots short dance videos but is important for someone who’s delivering information or playing music in reels. So, what are you waiting for? Get them gadgets and start churning out quality reel content right away!

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