7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life

Let ergonomy boost your productivity!
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Ergonomic boards reduce the harm that using a keyboard causes over time to your hands, wrists, and shoulders. If you sit at a keyboard all day, five days a week, you're bound to suffer some consequences. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to reduce this harm by removing some of the awkward and stressful motions that come with typing, gaming, and other keyboard use, whether you realize it or not.

Ergonomic keyboards are an excellent complement to any home office or professional environment. Their unique features let your hands and arms rest and type in more neutral and pleasant postures, reducing muscular tension and discomfort. Many ergonomic keyboards include a raised arc shape and a semi-split key layout that helps you type more comfortably.

Others have a split-body design that lets you customize the amount of space between the keyboard halves. Because not all ergonomic keyboards are created equal, what works for a colleague or friend might not be as pleasant or handy for you. Some devices have steep learning curves due to new designs that may have thumb-cluster keys or unusual layouts.

We narrowed down the seven best ergonomic keyboards to help you pick the best one for yourself. 

1. Perixx Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard  

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: Perixx/Amazon

It will take you a few days or weeks to get used to the Perixx Periboard ergonomic split keyboard, which is different from a regular desktop keyboard. The split-key and three-dimensional design correspond to your natural arm and hand positions.

Keystrokes are tactile to lessen pressure on the keys when you press them and to make typing more pleasant. The curved shape and integrated palm rest provide extra wrist support, effortlessly linking the user to the keyboard without putting unnecessary strain on your forearm and wrist. The laser printing technology increases the durability and quality of the keys. Periboard-512 is one of the best options for intensive daily typing. 

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business 

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: Microsoft/Amazon

The Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business features an incredibly comfortable feel and a unique modern design. It features a split keyboard layout that helps position the wrists and forearms in a natural, relaxed position, a cushioned palm rest that provides wrist support, and a domed keyboard form that reduces wrist pronation.

It comes with a separate number pad to provide you with more options when it comes to setting up your workstation and running your business. It also features a natural arc key layout that replicates the curved curvature of the fingertips, allowing you to type in the most natural and comfortable way imaginable.  

3. TANNSEN Backlit Wired Ergonomic Keyboard

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: TANNSEN/Amazon

The TANNSEN wired split ergonomic keyboard reduces hand and finger pressure while typing, allowing you to type more easily and comfortably. Its backlit design will provide you with a pleasant working experience. You can easily alter the brightness of the backlighting depending on how much light you require while working. The 3D-curved split keyboard's ergonomic design allows for a natural hand posture with reduced strain and fatigue. Its long-lasting wave and curved full-size keyboard will keep your hands in the proper posture. The integrated wrist cushion provides extra wrist support, seamlessly linking the user with the keyboard without putting additional strain on your forearm and wrist. 

4. Logitech MK570 Wireless Wave Keyboard 

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: Logitech/Amazon

The length of your fingers varies. As a result, this keyboard's progressive wave-shaped contour supports the actual, various lengths of your fingertips. When you're not typing, the palm rest helps you position your hands correctly on the keyboard and provides a nice area to rest your palms. You may even forget that your keyboard requires batteries thanks to the extra-long battery life. With reliable, long-range wireless technology and secure 128-bit AES encryption, one compact Logitech Unifying Receiver can connect both the keyboard and its mouse to your computer. You have three leg height options to choose from, allowing you to set the keyboard to the height that is most comfortable for you. 

5. KINESIS Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard 

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: KINESIS/Amazon

The Freestyle2 is one of the most adaptable ergonomic keyboards on the market, adapting to your body type and preferences to improve your comfort and productivity. Adjust the split, splay, and tenting of the keyboard modules to obtain natural positions for your hands, wrists, and forearms, reducing static muscular tension and strain.

The popular VIP3 tenting accessory comes pre-installed on the Kinesis KB820 model keyboard, allowing for 5, 10, or 15 degrees of tenting with integrated cushioned palm supports to keep forearms neutral and wrist supports for an optimal typing posture. Because of its tenkeyless design, it has a smaller footprint, allowing for tighter mouse placement and less overreach. 

6. Mistel BAROCCO MD770 RGB LED Backlit TKL Split Keyboard 

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: Mistel/Amazon

The MD770 is distinguished by the fact that it may be split into two parts. Once the two halves are separated, you can utilize both portions in the most comfortable and ergonomic posture for you. Because Mistel used strong materials like PBT double-shot keycaps, you may expect keys that are resistant to abrasion. With built-in RGB LED-backlit illumination options or customizable lighting based on your preferences, Doubleshot PBT keycaps let your keyboard shine brighter. The complete keyboard can be programmed to assign macros and remapping to most keys, as well as build key bindings, allowing you to tailor the keyboard to your own needs, whether you're a gamer, typist, or programmer.  

7. Perixx PERIDUO-606A 

7 ergonomic keyboards that will bring productivity and comfort in your life
Source: PERIDUO/Amazon

The PERIDUO-606 is a tiny wireless keyboard and mouse set. It comes with a separate number pad and a keyboard riser that allows you to change the typing posture for maximum comfort. The tiny keyboard with a separate number pad gives you more options when it comes to setting up your workstation. This package is ideal for your workspace because it includes a high-definition optical mouse with adjustable DPI and silent-click buttons, allowing you to work without distractions. It has a built-in plastic wrist rest that provides firm support and is sweat-resistant, as well as an adjustable typing angle with a keyboard riser that supports a neutral wrist position.

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