Here's how to make the perfect outdoor BBQ or kitchen

Here are some useful tips for building an outdoor kitchen or BBQ station.
Christopher McFadden

An outdoor kitchen or BBQ station can be a great way to improve the look of your garden while also making a space outside that you, your family, and your guests will love. They are great for summer parties and barbecues, and they can also be a big help at birthday parties.

The only problem? They can be very laborious to build and pricey.

If money is tight, some may need to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget, but luckily that is completely possible to do so!

So, whether you're on a tight budget, or just fancy an interesting project, outdoor kitchens can be some of the most creative spaces because you have to find ways around the higher costs of some elements.

outdoor bbq
This is an option, but we can do better than that with a little elbow grease. Source: Kate/Wikimedia Commons

Let's find out how you can build one for yourself.

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