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Atharva Gosavi
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Incredible gadgets


The 21st century belongs to gadgets. With oodles of inventions being birthed every passing day, these machines and tools have one purpose in common – to make human lives easier. However, apart from their utility, some gadgets also manage to grab our attention simply due to their aesthetic looks or unique structure.

Such gadgets always tend to be the best conversation starters, and the moment you showcase them to your guests or peers, appreciation for your unique taste is all but a guarantee. We recently stumbled across a couple of such cool gadgets, and it'd be criminal not to share them with you guys. So, just have a look!

1. WBM Selenite Crystal Lamp

WBM Selenite Crystal Lamp

Looking out for a source of illumination that can create a sensory, relaxing atmosphere? This glacier-like lamp is the perfect choice to go with. It can be used to relax after a tiresome workday or create a soothing ambience for your spiritual activities. And oh, did we mention it's also a great gift choice?

Post a tiresome day at work; it's not just a soothing coffee that'll refresh you. A serene low-lit atmosphere works wonders in these cases. And you can trust this WBM Selenite Crystal Lamp to create one for you. Made of pure and natural selenite, this crystal lamp also augments your room decor with its aesthetic glacier-like structure.

This lamp makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, or you can get it just for yourself. Use it for meditation or any other spiritual activities – creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere to slow down your day.

2. Playlearn Bubble Tube Lamp 

Playlearn Bubble Tube Lamp 

Looking to spruce up your living room or bedroom with a gorgeous piece of home decor? The Playlearn Bubble Lamp checks all the boxes you'd expect of a lamp for creating an ambient atmosphere. What's more, it's a conversation starter and you won't be tired flaunting it when you're hosting guests at your place!

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood in your abode. And hence, it's essential to have a mixture of bright as well as dim lights across all rooms to make sure they supplement how you feel at a particular moment. The Playlearn Bubble Tube Lamp is one such object that'll help you be yourself and enjoy your own company.

This 4 feet lamp looks aesthetic and creates a serene ambiance you can relax in. What's more, it's also a great attraction for kids, especially those with autism, ADHD, or special needs. With synthetic fish inside, this lamp has energy-efficient LEDs that make it cost-effective to run.

3. Hovico Bulb Humidifier

Hovico Bulb Humidifier

A good fragrance can send you into a blissful mental state, and trust the Hovico Bulb Humidifier to do that for you. The overall unique structure of this humidifier will garner you compliments for sure, not to mention creating a pleasant aura at any time of the day.

Humidifiers are becoming increasingly common these days, but how do you get yourself one with a creative design that stands out? The Hovico Bulb Humidifier may check all the boxes regarding your creative requirements. Imagine a wisp of vapor oozing out of a bulb placed on your study desk; that's not a very common sight to behold, is it?

Coming to the finer details, the Hovico Bulb Humidifier boasts seven LED lights – use one depending on your mood. This humidifier is a great device to have when you've retired to your bedroom, or you're reading a book; this bulb humidifier will create a tranquil aura you can't help falling in love with.

4. Atomic Explosion Lamp

Atomic Explosion Lamp

The Atomic Explosion Lamp a rather unique design - peace emanating out of a violent scene. It depicts large clouds formed post a huge explosion and also looks somewhat like a mushroom. It does create a soothing atmosphere and is a great bedside accessory you ought to have in your bedroom.

Now, lamps are meant to create a pleasant ambiance, and hence the sheer antithesis between the design of this lamp and its purpose is what makes it an interesting product. Although it depicts the clouds formed, post a fiery explosion, once lit up, this lamp looks gorgeous. The LED light is soft and harmless and boasts seven different colors.

Somewhat shaped like a mushroom, this Atomic Explosion Lamp is sure to leave your guests and peers staring at it in amusement. I mean, it isn't every day you get to see a violent expression oozing beauty and serenity, is it?

5. ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder

ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder

If you're that trademark history geek who loves reading about the ancient times, here's a utilitarian decor piece to accent your study table. Lifting the pen off the hands of this kneeling knight will give you the feeling of embarking on a battle. And. if you're a writer, the process of replicating your thoughts in appropriate words is a battle nonetheless. So, this knight totally deserves to be present on your desk.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Now here, we have a knight treating a pen just like a sword. This knight pen holder will give your study table a touch of history. Kneeling down, this knight can hold your pen or mobile phone aloft for you. Pretty unusual and different in contrast to the pen stands that are usually sitting on our desks.

This innovative ThinkGeek pen holder is a godsend, especially for history lovers who often find themselves leaving the present and getting lost in the tales of the medieval age. And for an added bonus, it also comes with a fancy black-inked pen that almost looks like a sword.

6. Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler

Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler

Have you ever held a digital notepad that allows you to write comfortably while traveling? The Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler is one such tool that allows you to create drafts during travel and save them to the cloud so you can polish and edit them later. It's got a commendable battery life, and if you're a serious writer traveling incessantly, this tool is a must-have for you.

Travel bloggers gather around. Here's a unique tool that'll make sure you can start writing once you have that train of thoughts oozing from your mind – on a plane, bus, in a car – anywhere! It's a mini version of the slimmest and smallest laptop you can possibly imagine, built to eradicate the need to work on laptops while traveling.

Coming to the specifications, the Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler boasts a four-week battery life post a single charge. Its chief purpose is to help you create drafts and save them to the cloud; those saved files can be edited later when you're using a laptop after your travel is over.

7. Magpie Pocket Laser

Magpie Pocket Laser

Using a measuring tape sounds cumbersome nowadays, especially when you have devices like the Magpie Pocket Laser to cut out that hassle for you. Also, they offer inch-perfect accuracy in contrast to the minor errors that may be caused in manual measurement. In all, it's a useful device and a potential replacement for the measuring tape in the years to come.

Using a measuring tape to measure the distance between two points seemed like normal things a few years ago. However, the advancement of technology has ensured you need not measure the distance manually anymore. The Magpie Pocket Laser will do that in an instant for you at the click of a button.

With a measuring distance that goes up to 98ft, you can have clear and precise measurements with the Magpie Pocket Laser. It's durable and dustproof and allows you to take 900 measurements post a single charge. Area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points; ask it to do anything, and the Magpie Pocket Laser will deliver flawlessly.

8. Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset

Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset

Imagine answering calls with a banana pressed against your ears. While you'd look silly to the outsiders, you know you're not, because it's got a 30ft Bluetooth range and can also be used as a portable speaker that croons your favorite melodies. You can actually receive calls with this handset and show off the droll comic side of your personality.

Walk in public with this Banana Phone Handset pressed against your ears, and you'll have people staring and gawking at you with bewildered expressions on their faces. And rightly so, since bananas are associated with eating and not with receiving phone calls! However, this Banana Phone Handset is a funny gift that'll also amuse people when you show them how it works.

This Banana Phone Handset also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker and offers 10 hours of talk time. It boasts a 30ft Bluetooth range and can connect to all iPhones, Android, Alexa, Siri, Google, and any device that has voice assistants. If you're gifting this to someone, they're sure to remember you for your funny gesture!

9. Transparent Light Wireless Speaker

Transparent Light Wireless Speaker

Ever imagined having a campfire at a house party? We know that's impossible, right, but having this wireless speaker is the closest you can get to replicating that atmosphere. Simply because this transparent speaker produces a warm glow, emulating a real flame. It's got a 10-hour battery life and has an IPX2 weather-resistant rating.

Sitting around a campfire and belting out your favorite songs with a guitar accompaniment – surely every one of us loves such memorable times spent with our family or friends. The drawback is you can't light a campfire every day and replicate those memories when you're at home. However, you can come close with his Transparent Light Wireless Speaker.

This speaker has a bass-and-light vibrating element at the bottom and also glows along with the songs it plays. The element is designed to provide the atmosphere of a real flame. Also, it has a rich, 360-degree sound so you can immerse yourself in the melodies closest to your heart.

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