7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild

A portable battery pack is any gadget's bestfriend wherever you go.
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It is finally hiking, camping, and outdoor season! It is the season to disconnect from cities and civilization and to get a breath of fresh air in mother nature’s arms. Even though it seems extremely relieving to stop looking at our phones, laptops, and all other devices for a short period of time, for some of us, it is a necessity to keep our devices charged and get them to work wherever we go. 

Unfortunately, it might not be possible to charge all of the devices fully every time and expect it to be sufficient enough before going on the road, and to help you with that, we listed the 7 best portable power stations that are easy to carry and the fastest to charge any device you bring with it and prepared a small guide on what you should consider depending on what you need.

Power capacity: From simply powering your smartphone/tablets for your basic everyday tasks to powering your laptops for work, you may want a portable battery pack. Given the extensive use of your gadgets on a daily basis, ensuring that the battery pack's power capacity is adequate should be at the top of your priority list.

Durability: As with any functioning electronic equipment, durability should also be a consideration. Although there are hundreds of portable battery packs on the market today, only a few will endure the test of time and use. 

Ports: Naturally, if you're using many devices, you'll want to invest in a portable battery pack with enough ports to accommodate the number of devices you're using.

Size:  In general, the larger the portable battery pack, the higher the capacity. For some, this isn't a concern because the main goal of purchasing a battery pack is to be able to charge as many devices as possible. Some people, on the other hand, like the smaller models that can fit in a denim pocket or a small carry-on.

Safety: Despite the rarity of portable battery pack explosions, purchasing from a trustworthy and well-known charging solution provider is essential.

Let’s take a look at the best portable power stations out there for you to pick the best one speaking to your needs. 

1. NECESPOW Portable Power Station 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: NECESPOW/Amazon

The Solar Generator is powered by a Lifepo4 Battery which provides 2000 cycles and a lifespan of more than 10 years, which is 4-6 times longer than typical Lithium-ion batteries. The Portable Power Station's Lifepo4 battery is the safest and most ecologically friendly lithium-based battery available.

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Portable Power Station has 1 AC 110V/150W (Peak Power 300W), 2 DC outputs, 1 Type-C QC 3.0 quick charge output, and 2 standard USB ports (2.4A auto) that can charge your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drone, fan, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, and more at any time. 

The power box is more sturdy and stylish thanks to its aviation aluminum alloy shell with heat-removing technology for safety and leather grip adds the power station a different level of elegance. You can also keep track of the temperature inside the battery pack from the LED screen that displays anything and everything you need while charging and discharging. 

2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: Jackery/Amazon

The Explorer 300 comes with a 293Wh lithium-ion battery pack and two Pure Sine Wave AC outlets that supply consistent and safe 300W power. The power station is lightweight, weighing only 7.1 pounds which makes it reliable for outdoor off-grid activities. 80 percent of the power station's battery can be recharged in under 2 hours using both a wall outlet and a 60W PD USB-C connector. You can also use an AC adaptor at home, a car outlet when on the road, or simply a Jackery SolarSaga 100 to replenish your power station. 

Only the solar panel Jackery SolarSaga 100 is compatible with the power station. The solar generator set's incorporated MPPT controller allows it to function at its maximum power point, which speeds up battery recharge, making it an ideal portable power kit for tent camping, overland travel, and other uses.

3. ECOFLOW EFDELTA Portable Power Station 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: ECOFLOW/Amazon

EFDELTA has a huge energy storage capacity of 1260Wh. Any solar panel on the market is compatible with EFDELTA. It can be fully recharged in just 4 hours with excellent sunlight and a 400W solar input, and it supports DC input from 10-65V. Up to three or six panels can be connected through serial and parallel connections.

It has 6 AC outlets (100V-120V 1800W 3300W Peak), 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-A rapid charge ports, and 1 regular DC 13.6V port, allowing you to charge your smartphone, laptop, camera, drone, in-car appliances, CPAP machine, refrigerator, blender, and other devices at any time.

4. Anker 545 PowerHouse Portable Power Station 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: Anker/Amazon

Anker 545 Portable Power Station works with most solar panels thanks to its DC and specialist "Anderson" ports. The PowerHouse has two AC outlets, two USB-C ports, four USB-A ports, one vehicle-class outlet, and two DC outlets, making it compatible with nearly all essential devices. In 545, Maximum Power Point Tracking technology and a maximum input of 120W work together to achieve optimal recharge efficiency.

This portable charging station comes with 778 Wh of electricity, making it a great emergency backup or vacation companion. With the combined DC and USB-C connections providing for 240W power flow, the PowerHouse may be recharged in as quick as 4.9 hours.

5. MAXOAK Portable Power Station EB150 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: MAXOAK/Amazon

The MAXOAK EB150 Power Station is equipped with 1500Wh lithium power storage and a big AC converter of 1000W, making it ideal for high-power devices such as blenders, drills, and hair dryers. It can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including household use, outdoor activities, RV travel, and so on. With a wide solar recharge range of 16-60V, you can connect a wide range of solar panels in series or parallel to supply up to 500W of solar energy, and the MAXOAK EB150's pre-installed Maximum Power Point Tracking controller allows the power station to be recharged 40% faster.

6. Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: Aeiusny/Amazon

The portable power station is useful and a great choice for your travel, outdoors, camping, or power outage with its 288Wh(12V/24Ah)/500W power, AC-Outlet, DC Port, and USB Outputs. It's an uninterruptible power supply, which means it can power your gadgets without shutting them down even if there's a power outage, which is a feature that most power stations do not have.

 It comes with a total of 3 AC outlets/4 DC ports/4 USB ports and it can charge cellphones 40 times, computers for 8 hours, drones, mini-refrigerators, CPAP, small household appliances, and more. It can also be used as a backup battery in an emergency. It is highly convenient and easy to carry around wherever you go, with dimensions of 12.70x5.91x8.66 inches and a weight of 7.05Lb. 

7. EGO Power+ PST3040 Nexus Portable Power Station 

7 portable power stations to keep your devices charged in the wild
Source: EGO Power+/Amazon

The EGO Nexus Power Station is a battery-powered generator that produces clean, quiet, and portable power. It may be used both inside and outside, so the possibilities are unlimited. You can easily use it to power a TV, microwave, and full-sized refrigerators when the power goes out. It may also be used to plug in lights, fans, induction cooktops, and play music on your next camping trip. It has three 120V AC outlets, four USB ports, and a bright LED display that shows the charge time to help you keep track of what you're charging. It has strong steel handles and a weather-resistant construction so it may stay by your side for years without causing damage.

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