7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood

Keep your kitchen clean and fresh!
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Kitchen range hoods


A range hood is one of the most overlooked appliances in a kitchen, irrespective of how functional and important they are. A range hood is used to remove odor, smoke, and heat that occurs when you're cooking — or ventilating the air in your kitchen or cooking area.

Range hoods come in different shapes and sizes to suit the size of your kitchen. The best range hood for you is the one that will fit in your space and best suit your needs. However, if you aren't convinced as to why this appliance is essential for your kitchen, here are a few reasons to help persuade you.

1. It keeps the temperature in check

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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Cooking can lead to excessive steam and sweltering heat in the cooking area. Surely, you can not enjoy preparing your favorite recipes in that sort of environment, can you? Range hoods help you turn that offensive space into a pleasant atmosphere so you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes.

2. Range hoods help keep the kitchens clean

The effects in the aftermath of cooking, such as grease, smoke, and odor, can harm the air quality in and around the kitchen. This gives rise to a number of pollutants and other toxins that can affect your health. You and your family could possibly face eye, nose, or throat irritation. The presence of range hoods purifies the air and improves its quality.

3. Your kitchen will smell better with a range hood

Food aroma is a treat for your nostrils, but before you know it, that pleasant smell can turn into an unwanted odor; you'll soon find yourself holding your nose, trying to avoid the smell. A range hood ensures you don't have to face this situation since it sucks out all the smells, leaving your kitchen fresh.

What's more, if you're worried about trying out cuisines just because they'd leave your kitchen with a lingering smell, you won't need to worry about that anymore once a range hood is installed in your kitchen.

4. The perfect way to avoid mold growth

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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Cooking causes steam and moisture in the kitchen, which gives rise to mold growth. This can ruin the look of your kitchen as well as harm your health. Too much mold damage might force you to replace kitchen walls or cabinets. A range hood does a top job of eliminating this heat and moisture to avoid mold growth.

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5. It provides additional lighting

Working in a dimly-lit kitchen makes you prone to mishaps and accidents. Instead, having a range hood over the cooktop provides you with additional lighting and creates an inviting atmosphere you will love to cook in. It works well to create a pleasant ambiance and makes sure you have enough light to see while cooking.

6. A style statement

Apart from their useful functionality, range hoods also come in a variety of designs. Hence, they play a major role in sprucing up your kitchen interior and giving it an impressive look. You can shop around for a nice-looking range hood according to your budget and design aesthetic.

7. Range hoods help in increasing the resale value of your home

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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Given the oodles of benefits they offer, range hoods have steadily become an essential part of a kitchen and are expected to be installed. Some building codes require kitchens to have proper ventilation, and range hoods offer just that.

If you're planning to resell your home in the near future, remember, a good range hood is nothing short of mandatory. Not having one can hurt the resale value of your home. After all, an up-to-date kitchen with modern appliances will all but enhance your home's resale value.

How are range hoods classified?

If you're setting out to buy a range hood for the first time, here are the main types you ought to know about so you can make the right purchasing decision. The type of range hood you choose depends predominantly on where your cooktop is situated.

1. Ceiling-mount range hoods

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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If your cooktop area is located anywhere in the center of your kitchen, you'll need to go for a ceiling mount range hood. These hoods are also known as island mount range hoods. They'll be attached to the ceiling and provide proper ventilation. You'll need a contractor to install it, but trust us, the effort will be worth it, given the amount of ventilation the range hood offers.

2. Wall-mount range hoods

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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Also known as chimney-style range hoods, these hoods are installed on walls, especially when the cooktop is attached to a wall. You need to consider whether the wall area above your cooktop has ample space and no cabinets for storage so that the hood can be installed easily.

3. Microwave range hoods

7 crucial reasons why your kitchen needs a range hood
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A microwave range hood, also known as an undercabinet range hood, is a smaller and cheaper option compared to the aforementioned alternatives. However, the decrease in size and price also means a decrease in output. It is far less impressive as compared to a ceiling mount or wall mount range hood. Nonetheless, they're still a great choice if your budget is a decisive factor in buying a range hood; this is probably the best type to go for.


Range hoods are steadily becoming a vital appliance to have in every kitchen, and rightly so. They offer multiple functionalities that make them an integral part of your cooking experience and well worth the investment.

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