7 satellite radios for cars to enjoy a seamless audio experience

Be it the city or the woods, you'll face no shortage of entertainment with these devices!
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Sound systems are a crucial setup that cannot be ignored if you love traveling in your car frequently. They serve as an essential unit that offers audio entertainment. However, is every sound system installed in a car equally good as it says it is? A big fat no. And that's precisely why you should look at a satellite radio for cars if you're up for a sound upgrade.

That said, getting a satellite radio system installed might be deemed unnecessary, given the fact that we do have our smartphones to help tune in to dozens of channels on the road. But those little devices will hardly be any help sans a sound internet connection, and that's exactly where a satellite radio can be of aid.

1. SiriusXM Dock and Play Tour Radio 

Satellite radio
Source: SiriusXM/Amazon

The Dock and Play Tour Radio comes with many features designed to make the machine an irresistible buy. For starters, you can create your personalized stations, thanks to Pandora. You also have a wealth of recorded shows, interviews, and on-demand content at your disposal.

Tour provides broadcast channels via satellite or through internet streaming, so you can worry less about not being able to listen to your favorite songs or shows due to lack of internet or any other external circumstances.

2. SiriusXM Onyx Plus Satellite Radio

Satellite radio
Source: SiriusXM/Amazon

SiriusXM Onyx Plus is the best way to enjoy audio content in your vehicle. It has advanced features like TuneStart, TuneScan, and TuneMix that will help you find and listen to the music you want on the go. It also doesn't have any ads so you can enjoy your favorite channels in any place.

SiriusXM Onyx Plus Satellite Radio service offers you 3 different plans, with each plan providing different features. You can store up to 20 smart favorite channels and listen to them anytime you want.

The Onyx Plus with the vehicle kit also reminds you when your favorite songs or artists are playing and when your favorite shows are streaming live. 

3. SiriusXM Commander Touch Satellite Radio

Satellite radio
Source: SiriusXM/Amazon

The SiriusXM Commander Touch Satellite Radio has a compact touchscreen with a full-color display that mounts directly onto the dash. It connects to any radio with an AUX or FM connection, so it's compatible with most vehicles on the market today.

The SiriusXM Commander Touch Satellite Radio is the perfect gift for music lovers. With TuneStart, you can start a song from the beginning. With TuneMix, you can create your own customized music channel.

Also, this satellite radio for cars offers streaming and satellite free for the first three months, so that’s an ample amount of time for you to gain experience and decide whether you wish to continue with this device.

4. SiriusXM Stratus 7 Satellite Radio

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Source: Sirius_XM/Amazon

The SiriusXM Stratus 7 Satellite Radio is an excellent device for listeners who want a simple and easy-to-use device. The display is easy to read and the push navigation system for surfing channels makes it really easy to find your favorite channel. It also stores 10 channels for one-touch access so you can easily switch between your favorite stations.

SiriusXM Stratus 7 Satellite Radio is a satellite radio that can be listened to at home, at the office, outdoors or in additional vehicles with optional accessory kits. It also allows you to lock or unlock channels for parental control. If you’re getting this device for your child, then this feature will be very helpful in restricting the channels that they shouldn't be listening to.

5. Delphi XM Roady XT Satellite Radio

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Source: Delphi/Amazon

The Delphi XM Roady XT Satellite Radio is a compact and lightweight satellite radio receiver that provides more than 150 commercial-free channels of music, sports, talk, news, and entertainment. It can be used in your car or wherever your travels take you. In all, it’s the perfect companion for those who love listening to the radio on the go. 

The Delphi XM Roady XT Satellite Radio has a high-contrast display that shows the channel name, artist name, and song title. It has a plug-and-play design. It transmits the signal through a wireless FM transmitter and car cradle. You also get a 1-year warranty with this product.

6. SiriusXM Onyx EZR

Black satellite radio
Source: SiriusXM/Amazon

SiriusXM Onyx EZR Satellite Radio is a satellite radio service that offers 150+ channels in your car and 300+ channels online or on the app. It also includes 3 months of free Platinum subscription.

SiriusXM Onyx EZR Satellite Radio is a portable satellite radio that can store up to 10 of your favorite SiriusXM channels. It also has the TuneMix feature which allows you to create your own music channel from selected channels. Also, you can use the split-screen mode to check what other channels are playing; this helps massively in choosing the channel you wish to listen.

SiriusXM Onyx EZR Satellite Radio offers a DIY installation kit that includes everything you need for an easy installation.

7. SiriusXM XPL1V1 Onyx Plus 

Black satellite radio
Source: SiriusXM/Amazon

SiriusXM XPL1V1 Onyx Plus is the first SiriusXM receiver with a full-color display. This new feature on the device is not just for aesthetic purposes but also provides more information about your favorite channels, shows, and music. You can now see album art, logo, and graphics on its high-resolution screen.

The SiriusXM XPL1V1 Onyx Plus is a satellite radio that can be played in your home, office, outdoors, or in additional vehicles. It's a great choice for those who have multiple cars and want to listen to different stations.

SiriusXM XPL1V1 Onyx Plus is the perfect device for those who enjoy listening to radio channels while browsing other channels. 

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