9 sensational gadgets that'll leave your friends lost for words

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Sensational gadgets

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We live in a world of sophisticated technology, where the latest gadgets are becoming increasingly sensational every day. From virtual reality headsets to smartwatches, there are so many amazing devices that can take your tech game to the next level. Whether it’s for entertainment, productivity, or just to show off to your friends, here are some sensational gadgets that will leave your friends lost for words.



A snacking tool that allows you to eat simultaneously while working - without getting your hands oily or dirty! Ditch the tiresome practice of wiping your hands with a tissue clean every time you eat. It's simple to use and has an ergonomic design that makes the whole process pretty comparison.

Have you ever tried to work on a PC while eating simultaneously? You'd need a tissue every time after having chips or any other eatables when you're snacking during work. It's far too much hassle to have to wipe your hands clean every time you eat. The SNACTIV snacking tool was designed to eliminate this very problem.

It's got soft and ergonomic finger slots, meaning you can hold and pick up snacks with ease. It's safe to use and keeps your hands clean during work. It's invaluable how much this simple tool allows you to satisfy your hungry tummy while also making sure you don't lose concentration and productivity while you work.

2. Liddle Speaker

Liddle Speaker

A pretty functional device by its standards, the Liddle Speaker hardly has a feature that'll make you not want to try it. You can attach this speaker to your phone and use it as a supporting base when you keep the phone on the table. What's more, the magnetic interface means you can easily attach it to magnetic surface and enjoy 360 degree sound all the time!

Portable speakers are nothing new for today's generation. However, the sheer functionality of the Liddle Speaker will surely make you want to try it. This speaker comes with a magnetic interface that allows you to attach it to your iPhone and easily carry it anywhere.

That's probably the next iteration of portability – you need not use your hand to carry this speaker. The Liddle Speaker also provides 360-degree sound while you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games on your mobile phone.

3. ThinCast Touchscreen Smart Mirror

ThinCast Touchscreen Smart Mirror

It does come for a hefty price, but the sheer functionality of the ThinCast Touchscreen Smart Mirror will wow your peers and get you all the appreciative claps on the back for your unique choice of things. It can display mails, play music, and do much more!

Having the ThinCast Touchscreen Smart Mirror will give you the ultimate feeling of being the quintessential techie. This mirror functions like a large-sized Android phone. You can check your emails and the weather, play your favorite songs and do much more using this all-around mirror.

Mirrors being only a tool of reflection, will seem so old-school now that this revolutionary product is on the market. Seriously, the more we advance as a species, techies are always ready to amaze us with their endless capabilities!

4. Twelve South PowerPic mod 

Twelve South PowerPic mod

The Twelve South PowerPic mod functions both as a digital frame and a mobile phone charger. You can showcase your favorite pictures in the background or even keep it blank if you wish to. The frame can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on your requirements.

The Twelve South PowerPic mod is a stylish charger that also functions as a digital photo frame. This magnetic charging frame can be positioned horizontally or vertically when you're charging your iPhone.

Coming to its structure, the Twelve South PowerPic mod has a commendable, sleek design with a borderless acrylic frame. You can showcase a bold print or family picture or even keep it blank in its modern element.

5. D007 Pen Wallet

D007 Pen Wallet

A sleek and stylish wallet inspired by James Bond, the D007 Pen Wallet has a sophisticated touch of elegance and is also multi-functional. It comes with a gold pen and an attached mini diary that can be used to take notes. Rest assured it'll guarantee you good reviews the moment your peers see it.

007. Does that ring any bells? Yes, this product is inspired by James Bond. Constructed with polished gold aluminum, this pen wallet comes with a plush jet-black leather bifold pen pocket and a gold pen. Added to that, the wallet also has a mini diary that you can use to take notes. Every inch of this wallet is elegant and sophisticated; the stylish design hardly gives you a reason not to go and try out this D007 Pen Wallet.

6. Ferrofluid Speaker

Ferrofluid Speaker

The Ferrofluid Speaker is a relaxing music speaker that's sure to be a conversation starter in your living room. It's both functional and relaxing, thanks to the Ferrofluid that dances and changes its shape based on the rhythm of the song that's currently playing. In terms of longevity, this speaker can play for 8 hours after a single charging session.

Put the Ferrofluid Speaker on display in your living room; use it to play music during a house party, and you'll have your friends and guests querying about it the moment it starts playing. The Ferrofluid in this speaker changes shape based on the rhythm of the song that is in play.

The beautiful dance of the Ferrofluid is also soothing and relaxing. So, if you wish to listen to some music while chilling at home or at your work desk, this speaker has got to be the perfect sound companion you're looking for.

7. Sofa Stud Couch Cup Holder

Sofa Stud Couch Cup Holder

Innovative. Useful. Bargain price. These are the hallmarks of the Sofa Stud Couch Cup Holder. With this smart yet simple device to your aid, you can avoid crying over spilt milk in literal sense!

Have you ever spilled your drink while trying to balance it on the sofa? Well, the Sofa Stud Couch Cup Holder was designed to solve this issue. The act of balancing beverages or drinks can lead to extra cleaning work, and if you wish to avoid that, this couch cup holder is a must-buy.

All you need to do is slide the paddle of this holder in between the couch cushions, and you can rest assured your drinks are being balanced well. No need to lean forward to reach the table if you wish to relieve your hands of your drink.

8. GRABO Pro-Lifter 20

GRABO Pro-Lifter 20

The GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 is a functional and important device for those who need to lift heavy weights. It can hold any object that is within the 375 lbs limit range. Also, it's got a smart digital display and a smart digital pressure sensor to provide you the weight of the object you've held in your hand.

Lifting heavy weights is a cumbersome task, and if that happens to be a part of your daily life, the GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 could easily lend you a helping hand. Stones, tiles, pavers; it can lift any heavy weight that's under 375 lbs. This device comes with a suction cup that makes lifting heavy weights a really easy task.

Being resistant to the loss of resistance pressure, the GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 also sports a 2600 mAh removable lithium-ion battery. So, the next time you're planning to lift heavy things, make sure you give your muscles rest and the GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 a fair trial!

9. reMarkable - The Paper Tablet

reMarkable - The Paper Tablet

Let's welcome the new way to take notes. reMarkable is a tablet but feels very much like normal paper. It sports a sleek and stylish design, accompanied by a stylus pen that allows you to take notes smoothly. What's more, you can also convert written text into typed text and save it on cloud via this tablet.

Just as its name suggests, reMarkable is a sleek paper tablet that can be used to take notes. The best part is, using this tablet with the stylus pen is very similar to the experience you'd have with an actual pen and paper.

Furthermore, you can convert your handwritten text into typed text on this tablet and save content on the cloud, so it's easily accessible across various devices. It has a sleek, paper-thin design and lasts for almost two weeks after a single charging session.

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