7 best smartwatch deals to snap up this Black Friday

The time for a great bargain is here!
Atharva Gosavi
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Now's the time for a smartwatch


The day we have all been waiting for is finally upon us! Black Friday is here, and if you find yourself glued to your mobile screen checking out the best available deals, remember to cut yourself some slack for the excessive screen time you'll be having today. After all, it isn't every day you get the opportunity to buy goods at such attractive discounts.

Tech devices are some of the hottest-selling products every Black Friday. Smartwatches make up for a massive chunk of those sale figures, and this Black Friday season is no different. There are a couple of mouth-watering deals that may compel you to click the Buy Now button in the blink of an eye when you see the bargain prices they're available for.

That being said, let's have a glance at some of the finest smartwatch and fitness tracker deals available online this Black Friday.

1. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

The Versa 2 is a reliable, stylish timepiece for those who are active and want to stay connected throughout their day without being tethered to their phone. This is a smartwatch that promises to be perfect for fitness enthusiasts. It has a nice design and plenty of built-in features that make it worth the price.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a smartwatch with the perfect combination of fitness tracking and smartwatch features. One of this device's best features is that it has an always-on display. This means that you don't need to swipe or tap to see your stats like on other Fitbits. The battery life lasts 6+ days, so no need to worry about charging it every day or two like other smartwatch models.

The Fitbit Versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch is a fabulous fitness partner for any lifestyle. It has a sleek and comfortable design that is water resistant up to 50 meters. The built-in voice control will allow you to manage your watch with just your voice.

2. Apple SE Smartwatch

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE offers many features in one device which can help people track their health, stay in touch with friends, use apps, keep an eye on their fitness goals, and have access to easy-to-read maps wherever they go. It’s an all-round fitness tracker and smartwatch that has been designed for smaller, more active users.

The Apple SE Smartwatch has the perfect blend of affordability and high-tech features. It has a sleek design and is a lightweight option for those who want to stay fit and healthy. The best part about this watch is the fact that it's swim proof.

Some of the most popular features that the Apple Watch SE offers are the ability to receive calls with an iPhone, send text messages, track an individual’s daily activities, and more. It's available in two sizes and three colors.

3. iTech Smartwatch

iTech Smartwatch

There are many benefits to the iTech Smartwatch that make it a great purchase for anyone looking to invest in their health and fitness goals. It has a long-lasting battery and can withstand water exposure. Furthermore, it’s also available in an array of colors so you’ve no shortage of options choosing one for yourself.

The iTech Smartwatch has a large display for a more comfortable viewing experience. It has 16 sports modes to track more activities and can charge in two hours. It has a 24/7 heart monitoring system that can be used for fitness, health, and wellness purposes. This smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, so there should be no problem syncing it with your phone.

The iTech Smartwatch has a rechargeable battery. This means that you no longer have to worry about your watch running out of batteries at inopportune times. It is also waterproof, so it can be used for swimming and water sports. Additionally, the iTech Smartwatch records data that can be used to analyze the user’s workout habits and highlight areas of improvement.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is an affordable smartwatch that is not only fully functional but also has a sleek and stylish design. This smartwatch comes in two different colors: black or silver. It is designed to make all aspects of life more manageable.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch with excellent features to manage your health. With the help of its sleeper mode, one can sleep comfortably with its sleek and stylish design. The device even offers helpful reminders, such as notifications from emails, text messages, and phone calls, if the user takes too long to respond. It's available in two colors: silver and black – allowing you to choose which suits you best.

5. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch

The Amazfit GTS 4 Smartwatch is a great purchase for the smartwatch enthusiast. It has built-in Alexa, which allows you to control your home from the device. You can even track your daily activity and sleep patterns! The watch is ultra-compact in design and comes in four different colors.

The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch is a perfect smartwatch for those who are always on the go. Not only does it have a built-in microphone and speaker, but it is also water-resistant. What more could anyone ask for in a smartwatch?

The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smartwatch is a stellar model. With its built-in Alexa, it allows you to use voice commands to control your music, set reminders and alarms, and get the weather forecast anytime and anywhere. It is also preloaded with 120+ sports modes and tracks daily activities like your steps, distance traveled, and much more.

6. TicWatch Pro 3 Smartwatch

TicWatch Pro 3

The TicWatch Pro 3 is the best option if you're looking to invest in a smartwatch that can help you track your health. It's IP68 waterproof and provides 45 days of battery life on Essential Mode.

TicWatch Pro 3 has everything you could want in a fitness watch and more. It tracks your sleep and stress and is waterproof. With all of these features, this watch will last 45 days on a single charge in Essential Mode or 72 hours with normal use if you go for Smart Mode.

It's also IP68 waterproof so that it can handle any situation, from a rainstorm to a poolside dip. This stylish-looking smartwatch is one of the few devices that can help you assess your mental fatigue levels, all while delivering fast and smooth performance.

7. Aeac Smartwatch

Aeac Smartwatch

The Aeac Smartwatch comes at a really affordable price too - so if you're looking for a good quality smartwatch that does more than just tell time, then this might be the watch for you. The Aeac Smartwatch is a fitness tracker that also comes with Alexa voice control and 24-hour health monitoring.

The Aeac Smartwatch is a device that has been designed with the modern user in mind. It is a beautiful, powerful, and intelligent timepiece that is also a personal health coach. The device comes with many sports modes to help you stay motivated.

It is equipped with a built-in Amazon Alexa voice control that allows the users to easily manage their daily life. The Aeac Smartwatch monitors your health 24 hours a day and comes with 60 different sports modes. It also boasts an IP68 waterproof and 1.7" HD full touch screen for a better viewing experience.

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