9 solar inverters to save energy costs and reduce carbon footprints

Save money on electricity bills and protect the environment.
Atharva Gosavi
Solar inverter kits
Solar inverter kits


Solar inverters are devices that convert the DC power from solar panels into AC power for use in homes and businesses. They help to save on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions, which makes them an efficient solution from both economic and environmental perspectives. There are loads of options available when it comes to buying a solar inverter. We've listed some of the best inverters that can help you save on your energy bills.

Renogy Inverter

A tailor-made solar inverter for off-grid systems. This inverter doesn't create much noise while working, thanks to its inductive loads. It's also easy to setup, charge, and control via a remote.

The Renogy Inverter is equipped with the latest sine-wave technology and is the perfect choice if you're looking for an inverter to aid the off-grid systems. Whether for a van, truck, or cabin, this inverter can easily be put to good use.

The Renogy inverter boasts an impressive 6000W surge during load startup and high inductive loads that ensure it doesn't create too much noise while working. Also, it offers a continuous power of 3000W. The Renogy inverter is also easy to charge and control via a remote.

There is a plethora of types to choose from if you're buying this inverter. We'd recommend going for the inverter + charger model with the continuous power of your choice.

2. Vinmax Solar Inverter

Vinmax Solar Inverter

A multi-functional solar inverter that justifies it's price tag with the oodles of features it offers. It creates a pure sine wave. The lightweight and portable design allow users to take it anywhere and place it easily.

Looking for a pure sine wave output? You can easily rely on the Vinmax Solar Inverter to produce that for you. It's a multifunctional solar inverter, integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller, a high-frequency pure sine-wave inverter and a UPS function module - all packed into one machine.

Furthermore, the lightweight design and small size of the inverter means it can fit comfortably anywhere. It also offers protection from overload, short circuits, and deep discharge. To top it all off, the Vinmax Solar Inverter provides a pure 3kW sine-wave output.

3. Temank Solar Inverter

Temank Solar Inverter

An all-in-one hybrid MPPT inverter charger that works well in DC to AC areas. It comes with a plethora of features apart from ones that help it produce a pure sine wave output. The LCD display and the variable fan are some of the examples that make this inverter worth a buy.

The Temank Solar Inverter has built a solid reputation as an all-in-one hybrid MPPT inverter charger. It can be used in monitoring systems, AC power systems, household power systems, and much more. Also, the advanced SPWM technology used in the inverter helps create a pure sine-wave output.

The Temank solar inverter comes with an LCD display along with LED indicators that show the operating status. There's also the power-saving mode that controls the no-load loss. The variable speed fan is capable of dissipating enough heat in a bid to keep the inverter cooler when it's in use; this also helps massively in increasing battery life.

ECO-WORTHY Hybrid Solar Charger Inverter

This inverter allows two charging modes and comes with different output options. Also, it provides protection against various possible mishaps and boasts a UPS system that provides continuous power during operation.

The ECO-WORTHY inverter comes in three different battery sizes and makes sure you get the pure sine-wave output you've been looking for, with an input voltage of 24V. You can charge this inverter using solar power or utility charging.

The ECO-WORTHY inverter provides protection from various possible mishaps like reverse current, over-voltage, under voltage, short circuit, and much more. There's a UPS system that helps provide continuous power to the inverter in times of need.

5. Sigineer Power Solar Inverter

Sigineer Power Solar Inverter

A rather expensive solar inverter that helps you save money and safeguard your home in the aftermath. It can produce the perfect sine wave output. Also, it has the ability to recover automatically from issues like overtemperature and overload.

Here's another off-grid solar inverter that boasts a built-in 80A MPPT solar charge controller. With an input voltage of 24V and a continuous output power of 3000W, this inverter provides the perfect sine-wave output. If there's an overload or over-temperature issue, the inverter is capable of recovering from it automatically.

The Siginee Power Solar Inverter goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint while also helping you save money and keep your home safe. It has a surge capacity of 6000W and provides stacking capability for large system scaling.

6. Cantonape Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Cantonape Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This solar converter offers protection from various issues like overloading and and short circuit. It also has an LCD screen and a cooling fan for tracking operation and dissipating heat respectively.

Looking for a solar inverter without wanting to break the bank? The Cantonape sine-wave converter is the perfect choice for you. It comes with an LCD display for showing the current operation status and a cooling fan for maintaining the temperature and heat dissipation when the inverter is working.

The Cantonape inverter has a continuous power output of 1600W - almost half of what others offer on this list. Its peak power of 3200W is half what other inverters can provide. However, that's pretty much accepted, given the price tag for which it's available.

7. WZRELB Pure Sine Wave Inverter

WZRELB Pure Sine Wave Inverter

A medium-ticket sine wave inverter that provides protection against common inverter issues such as overcurrent, overloading, and more. If you're looking to save energy costs and carbon footprint, this is a good option to go for.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and safe solar inverter, the WZRELB inverter is worth considering. It provides protection against overcurrent, overloading, and many other common issues that an inverter would generally face during an operation.

Also, this inverter is available in various continuous power out variable sizes with different input voltages, so you can go for one that fits your requirements.

8. Volfvert Sine Wave Solar Inverter

Volfvert Sine Wave Solar Inverter

A safe and reliable inverter to use. It protects your appliances and also safeguards itself against common issues such as overloading and overcurrent. If you're looking for a medium-ticket purchase, this inverter rightly deserves consideration.

The Volfvert solar inverter is a combination of three characteristics: stability, security, and precision. It has commendable shock resistance and provides all-around protection, so even first-time users can get used to it easily without any hassle. There's a wireless remote that you can use to control this inverter.

The intelligent temperature control and the built-in ultra-silent thermo-activated cooling fan ensure the inverter is working properly and quietly. All in all, it's a great inverter available at an affordable price tag.

9. AMPINVT Solar Inverter

AMPINVT Solar Inverter

An expensive yet useful product if you wish to protect your house and home appliances from over usage of electricity. It also safeguards against overcurrent, overloading, and much more. Apart from that, this inverter boasts a commendable peak power.

If you wish to go all out to buy a quality solar inverter that can protect your home and appliances and also saves you money in the long term, the AMPINVT Solar Inverter won't disappoint you. Requiring an input voltage of 135 V, it provides a surge of 6000W.

Boasting five working modes, this inverter provides protection against overheating, overprotection, short circuit protection, and much more. It provides an impressive peak power of 18000W.

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