9 speakerphones to upgrade your conference calls with crystal-clear voice

Hear and be heard.
Atharva Gosavi

Speakerphones are great. Press a button and you're able to have a phone call while keeping your hands free to go about your business. They also let parties on both ends hear what's going on in the other room, which is one reason they've become so popular in offices across the globe for carrying out conference calls.

Businesses need to be able to rely on their communication channels to get the job done, so having a quality speakerphone at the ready is simply a priority. A good one will not only make you sound better, it will also help you hear better. 

As remote work increasingly becomes the new norm, so does the demand for this kind of tech. To help you get the best possible sound quality for important catch-ups of all kinds, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best speakers out there for conference calls.

1. Jabra Speak 510 

Black speakerphone for conference calls
Source: Jabra/Amazon

The Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect device for people who need to hold meetings no matter the environment they find themselves in. It has a clear conversation feature that ensures that there are no disturbances in the sound quality of your voice, even if you're in a noisy environment. 

The Jabra Speak 510 also has an easy setup process, meaning you need no IT support to set one up in a meeting room. Its compact and slim design allows you to carry it in a small carrying case so you can use it on the go without any hassle. 

The Jabra Speak 510 lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge, which easily covers the working day. 

2. eMeet Officecore M2 Conference Speaker

Gray speakerphones for conference calls
Source: eMeet/Amazon

The eMeet Officecore M2 Conference Speaker is an innovative product that will change the way you conduct your business calls. This conference phone allows up to eight people to join in on one call, and offers crystal clear audio with noise reduction technology so you can have the most hassle-free conversation possible. 

The sleek design of the eMeet Officecore M2 Conference Speaker makes it easy to carry around and use anywhere. Furthermore, you can connect it to multiple devices including PCs, phones, and tablets using either Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

3. eMeet Officecore Luna Conference Speakerphone

Black speakerphone for conference calls
Source: eMeet/Amazon

Another eMeet device that makes our list is the Luna, one of the best speakerphones for conference calls if you're looking for a slightly more frugal option. It's been designed to provide a smoother and clearer call than traditional conference speakers. With this device, you can eliminate background noise from the call and also make things smoother for participants on the other end of the line. 

The eMeet Officecore Luna Conference Speakerphone has a stylish design coupled with a matte finish, lending it a premium feel given its reasonable pricetag. It can also connect to multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones using various connectivity technologies like Dongle, USB, Bluetooth, and AUX ports. 

4. Anker PowerConf+ Bluetooth Speakerphone

Gray speakerphone for conference calls
Source: Anker/Amazon

The Anker PowerConf+ is a Bluetooth speakerphone that can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device. It has six microphones arranged in a 360° array to pick up voices from all directions. 

The speakerphone also has 24 hours of call time on one charge, so you don't have to worry about your phone dying in the middle of an important conversation. You can connect devices to this speaker via a USB-C cable or a Bluetooth dongle.

The Anker PowerConf+ Speakerphone is optimized for clarity and volume, meaning it will automatically mix your voice appropriately so that it’s heard above all the other unimportant sounds in your environment. 

5. INNOTRIK Bluetooth Conference Speaker

Black speakerphone for conference calls with USB connectivity
Source: INNOTRIK/Amazon

The INNTRIK Bluetooth Conference Speaker is a device that lets you have clear communication during conference calls. It's perfect for up to five-person conference calls. The device has noise cancellation technology, which means that your voice will be heard loudly and clearly even in the busiest of environments.

The INNTRIK Bluetooth Conference Speaker is compatible with multiple applications and operating systems, so you can use it with your laptop, tablet, or phone. It also features a respectable battery life. The speaker is a great choice to consider if you’re looking for an inexpensive speakerphone option for your conference calls.

6. Plantronics 86700-01 Calisto 620 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Black speakerphone
Source: Plantronics/Amazon

Plantronics 86700-01 Calisto 620 Bluetooth Speakerphone is a wireless speakerphone that features a no-nonsense interface for answering calls. This device not only gives you seven hours of talk time but also a stand-by time of up to five days.

The Plantronics 86700-01 Calisto 620 Bluetooth Speakerphone is also lightweight and portable which makes it ideal for business professionals who are on the go. The speakerphone is designed for 360-degree room coverage with its omnidirectional microphone and speaker. This allows you to stay hands-free and roam around in the meeting room while you attend your calls. 

7. NVX 200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Black speakerphone with dock
Source: Invoxia/Amazon

The NVX 200 is a fantastic speakerphone for any desk, turning your mobile phone into a desktop phone. The universal charging dock allows you to charge your mobile device while you are using it, a great addition for those who forget to charge their phones. 

The NVX 200 is a Bluetooth speakerphone with noise-cancellation technology, making sure unwanted sound doesn’t hinder your conversation. The beam-forming microphones give priority to the speaker's voice, ensuring it's audible above any unwanted sound in the background. 

8. Logitech P710e Mobile Conferencing Speakerphone

Source: Logitech/Amazon

The Logitech P710e Mobile Conferencing Speakerphone is a wireless conference speaker that offers the most advanced digital signal processing technology to ensure that conversations are more life-like. This means that when you speak, your voice will be transmitted clearly and without distortion. When you listen, the other person’s voice will sound natural and not too loud or soft.

The Logitech P710e Mobile Conferencing Speakerphone has USB plug-and-play connectivity and connects to multiple devices, including both PCs and Macs. You can pair upto eight Bluetooth devices with this device. 

9. Yealink Teams Speakerphone

Source: Yealink/Amazon

The Yealink Teams Speakerphone is a high-quality, professional speakerphone that offers crystal-clear sound clarity with noise-cancellation technology that cuts out unwanted sounds. This speakerphone is perfect for teams who need to communicate across distances and in noisy environments.

It also has a 360 degree array of voice pickup so it can hone in on the speaker's voice from all directions. 

The Yealink Teams speakerphone also has full-duplex audio technology which allows for simultaneous talking and listening, in contrast to half-duplex technology that only allows users to speak one person at a time.

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