9 techie Valentine's Day gifts that'll make her crazy about you

Here's a chance to bring a bright smile to the face of your significant other.
Atharva Gosavi
A crystal lamp / a Oura ring
Best Valentine's Day gifts for her

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Valentine's Day is a special day of the year and is a chance to show your significant other how much you care. A gift can serve as a wonderful way to showcase your love. Now, when it comes to gifts for her on Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolates are some of the most common choices to go for.

However, if you wish to get a more thoughtful gift that's both special and useful, tech gifts are a great choice to consider. That being said, here are some of the best tech presents you can opt for.

1. Oura Ring Gen3

Oura Ring Gen3

The Oura Ring Gen3 is available in five different finishes and two styles and allows your special one to keep her health in check. It's both water-resistant and durable, built to last for a long time. If you're looking for a gift that's both stylish and functional, the Oura Ring Gen3 easily checks all those boxes.

When it comes to making promises, there's never a better choice than a ring to mark your commitment. This Valentine's Day, make sure you profess your love and promise to nurture a lasting bond with your partner by gifting her the Oura Ring G3. Apart from its sleek and shiny look, this tech ring will help your partner keep her sleep and overall health in check. It's also durable and water-resistant, so it'll last for years.

2. Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge

Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge

The Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge is a fantastic gift choice if your girl's a beauty and skincare enthusiast. This compact and portable mini fridge can be a cool storage space r her beauty products, not to mention it can also store cool beverages and other food items during picnics. In all, a great versatile and functional gift choice.

Undoubtedly, most women love beauty products; however, they require a cool storage space. Well, the Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge is a great gift that does just that. It has a sleek design, versatile functionality, and a lightweight structure.

The glossy finish gives the Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge a premium look and ensures it goes with any decor style. The portable design also makes it a very useful product not just for storing beauty products but also for keeping beverages cool; that's precisely where its versatility comes into play. Plus, this fridge can go from warming to cooling the inside items with just one switch.

3. PILLAGER Crystal Lamp

PILLAGER Crystal Lamp

The PILLAGER Crystal Lamp exudes a charming effect that's sure to impress your partner. It's simple and easy to use and is a tailor-made conversation starter. So, expect a swarm of people to querying your partner about this crystal lamp.

Crystal lamps have come into trend, and you can easily see why. These lamps are aesthetic and give out a rosy visual effect that's just pleasant to look at. It's a tailor-made gift product with a charming light and shadow effect. The operation is pretty simple – touch the top of the lamp to turn it on or off and adjust the colors. The lamp is also strong and durable and will definitely serve as a special gift for your loved one, reminding her of you.

4. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner would be a thoughtful gift for your partner since it'll help preserve jewelry. With five cleaning modes, it can also clean other items like sunglasses, watches, and utensils. If you're looking for a functional gift for your partner, this is the perfect choice to consider.

Jewelry is a common gift for Valentine's Day, but how about gifting it with a jewelry cleaner so all those bracelets, lockets, and chains last longer? Not just jewelry items – the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner can also leave things like sunglasses, watches, and utensils sparkling clean.

This jewelry cleaner has a clear display and five modes of cleaning. It's easy to operate and also has an auto shut-off feature. It's a pretty thoughtful gift that is bound to leave your partner impressed.

5. NEZZOE Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

NEZZOE Touch Screen Makeup Mirror

The Nezzo Touch Screen Makeup Mirror is a rather sweet way to make sure your partner looks beautiful in her element. It provides 33 different LED light options to help her see a crisp and clear reflection of herself. Furthermore, the lightweight design makes it easily portable.

Makeup mirrors make makeup application so much easier. However, what if we told you there are mirrors that offer much more than just allowing you to see your reflection? The Nezzo Touch Screen Makeup Mirror has 33 bright LED light options, making it even easier for your partner to see themselves in just the right light.

The 1500 mAh battery helps the mirror provide around 250 minutes of working time. It's adjustable from 30 to 100 degrees quite easily. Thanks to its compact and foldable design, the Nezzo Touch Screen Makeup Mirror can be easily carried in a purse or a handbag.

6. Smart Reusable Rocketbook

Smart Reusable Rocketbook

The Smart Reusable Rocketbook takes the experience of note-taking up a notch by allowing you to embrace the vintage way of taking notes. With 36 reusable pages, you can use the Pilot Frixion pen and a damp cloth to take as many notes you want and use those pages all over again. In all, a pretty novel way of note-taking your partner's bound to love if she loves tech gadgets.

The ever-advancing technology has given birth to oodles of note-taking apps that have added a lot of convenience to the practice of taking notes. The traditional practice of a pen and notepad now seems to be almost extinct. However, you can't deny there's a different charm when it comes to jotting down points manually rather than on the phone.

The Smart Reusable Rocketbook adds a flavor of technology to this age-old practice. It has 36 pages that can be reused over and over again. Write with the Pilot Frixion pen and wipe it clean with a damp cloth to reuse it again. This reusable notebook will surely impress and add a touch of fun to the everyday task of note-taking.

7. Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker also has an impressive sound quality. It has soft earbuds that make it comfortable to wear. The speaker also has a flexible neckband that is adjustable to ensure a snug fit.

The Sony SRS-NB10 Bluetooth Speaker has an impressive 20-hour battery life that ensures your partner can take it on long trips without worrying about having to frequently charge it. You can conveniently change songs and adjust the volume without much hassle. The neckband’s IPX4 splash-proof rating makes it perfect for outdoor use, as it is resistant to sweat, water splashes, and rain.

8. LuvLink Friendship Lamps

LuvLink Friendship Lamps

These long distance friendship lamps are the perfect way to stay connected to your significant other no matter the distance. It's a revolutionary way to stay in touch with the people you love, even when you're miles apart. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose the perfect one for you.

If you and your significant other are miles apart, the Friendship Lamps can be a great way to stay connected to each other. The moment you turn on your lamp, all the other lamps in the group turn on, telling their owners someone is thinking about them. It's a sweet gesture and a beautiful souvenir of love that'll always keep your special one reminded of you.

9. Lululemon Mirror Studio

Lululemon Mirror Studio

The Lululemon Mirror Studio is a next-gen mirror studio that acts as your training partner while you're working out. It boasts a crystal-clear LED display and a surround sound speaker system for delivering an immersive sound experience.

If your special one is trying to get fit and healthy, here's a great functional gift to consider. The Lululemon Mirror Studio is an at-home workout station that will act as your personal trainer. Whether they love boxing or yoga, this workout mirror will help them complete their daily exercises and ensure they're at their health's peak. If your special one is trying to get fit and healthy, here's a great functional gift to consider.