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Make sure you don't overspend while buying the perfect kit!
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As we are steadily approaching the end of 2022, the internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds, giving rise to numerous new career choices. YouTube has already become a force to reckon with in the content space, thanks to its ability to reach millions of viewers around the globe. Travel vlogging has recently become an interesting hobby for many, albeit it's a bit confusing for travel enthusiasts to know how to get started.

The right vlogging equipment is crucial in producing top-notch vlogs and videos. Sure, good video shooting skills are a must, but irrespective of how good a camera person you are, you won't produce the desired results without the 'perfect' equipment. Now, how do you decide on the best equipment for beginners when it comes to travel vlogging?

Well, being a beginner, expenditure always plays a major role in setting up proper systems, no matter where you are. Subsequently, it's about finding products that deliver quality output without being a burden on the wallet.

That being said, let's take a glimpse at how to assemble the perfect travel vlogging equipment if you're a budding new vlogger.

1. Buying the right camera

DJI Pocket 2

The DJI Pocket 2 delivers a battery life of 140 minutes on a single charge and weighs only a meager 116g, which makes it a great choice for beginner vloggers. Also, it comes with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for better stability.

Travel vlogging means you'll be changing location more frequently than ever. There will be a handful of journeys to undertake, which calls for a lighter backpack that allows you to travel easily. And hence, your camera should be lightweight and compact. It shouldn't take up too much space or have a steep price. The challenge is to manage the size, weight, and price while avoiding compromising on quality.

We'd recommend going for the DJI Pocket 2 if you're looking for an entry-level camera. This device packs immense power and features a lightweight and compact frame. You can easily carry it anywhere, and you'll never worry about producing high-quality output. One of its most striking features is the AI editor, which can combine your clips with transitions, apply music, and create videos that can be shared on social media or elsewhere. Just imagine how much that would reduce your post-production workload!

PQRPQ Lavalier Microphone

The PQRPQ Lavalier microphone has a simple plug-and-play design that makes it a cinch to use. If you're recording handheld videos, this mic is one of the best choices to opt for, thanks to its lightweight and compact design coupled with ease of use.

A microphone is the next most important piece of equipment for your setup. Remember, you need to have a directional microphone that picks up sound only from the direction it's pointed at. This will help reduce the unnecessary noise in your surroundings.

Also, since most of your vlogs will be shot outside, the mic should be sensitive enough to capture your voice amidst all the noise outside. We recommend the PQRPQ Lavalier microphone. It comes at a frugal cost and is simple to connect and start recording. Plus, it comes with a noise-canceling feature that cuts out unnecessary noise.

3. Lighting

UBeesize Ring Light

This light has five different color temperatures which make it ideal for shooting videos or vlogs. You can also convert the tripod stand into a selfie stick and use it accordingly at your convenience.

Bad background lighting may turn off your users, regardless of how good your content is. Hence, it's paramount to have good light exposure, especially when you're shooting indoors or outside at night. Ring lights are often used by video creators since they're lightweight, portable, and flexible. We would suggest the Ubeesize Ring 12" Light.

This light also comes with a tripod stand, so you can easily shoot videos in a stationary position outside. The best part about having this light is you'd get a tripod-cum-selfie stick with it. No need to invest again in a tripod separately if you opt to buy this ring light.

4. Remote Shutter

Xenvo Shutterbag

Available in three colors and can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth. It requires 2 lithium-ion batteries and can work in a range of 30 meters. In all, it's a useful gadget that offers more convenience while shooting vlogs single-handedly.

As a beginner, you're going to make mistakes, and innumerable redos of shots will follow. That's for certain since you're in your nascent stage as a fledging vlogger. Added to that, this retake process will be ten times more strenuous if you're out to become a solo vlogger. In such cases, you may need to adjust your camera multiple times after every retake. To cut out this potential hassle – which will surely make you insane – a remote shutter is an important device to have.

As its name suggests, a remote shutter allows you to control your camera from a distance. You can start, pause, or stop your camera if it's attached to a remote shutter. It can be paired with a tripod as well. We'd recommend going for the Xenvo Shutterbug, a cheap yet effective remote shutter that's a great choice if you're using an iPhone or Android device for shooting vlogs.

5. Durable Backpack

G-Raphy Backpack

The G-raphy backpack can hold your entire vlogging kit and has enough room for holding multiple types of accessories and gadgets. It's customizable and durable, so you can adjust it at your convenience. Also, it's available in an array of different colors.

When you're setting out to shoot travel videos, know that you'll need a durable and flexible backpack for storing all the necessary equipment. The backpack should be large enough to hold multiple gadgets. You should also make sure to go for a waterproof backpack so your devices stay safe in case you're traveling or shooting in the rain. If you're looking for a durable and long-lasting backpack, the G-raphy backpack is a good choice to go with. It boasts a large capacity and can hold multiple devices.

6. Power Bank

Anker PowerCore Power Bank

The Anker PoweCore charger has a massive capacity that can keep your phone charged if you're using it for shooting vlogs. Also, it's available in two colors and compatible across a range of iPhone versions. '

If you're shooting with a phone for long hours, it's necessary to have an extra power source to avoid the battery dying out as you work. A power bank ensures you don’t need to stop working just because you’re short of power.

There are innumerable options when it comes to buying a power bank. We recommend the Anker PowerCore power bank, which has an ultra-high capacity of 20100 mAh – you can rest assured you're never running out of power with this powerful device by your side.

7. SD Card

Gigastone 32 SD Card

The Gigastone SD card has an 80 MB/s data transfer speed. It has the perfect speed grade for video recording. Also, it's waterproof, shock proof, magnetic proof, x-ray proof, and temperature proof.

Extended storage may be necessary if you're shooting content in bulk. It's a good practice to have a source of external memory for storing your files. Ideally, you can go for an SD card with 8 or 16 GB memory. We'd recommend buying a 32 GB SD card so you've got enough space for extra storage.

8. Camera Drone


The Fawdera drone camera offers 15 minutes of battery life and is an extremely light camera drone which makes it easier to carry and fly. It provides 4K picture quality and has a couple of interesting features that'll make your drone time all the more enjoyable. A striking feature here is the VR experience that allows you to get immersive and feel as if you're flying in the sky with a bird's eye view!

You could also consider a drone as a bonus in your vlogging kit. It's unnecessary to have it right from the start unless you're taking shots that actually require a bird's eye view. Drone cameras are controlled by remote and should be lightweight and small so as to avoid increasing the weight of your luggage.

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro has built a solid reputation when it comes to drone cameras for vlogging and other video-making purposes. It can shoot videos in 4K resolution and capture amazing shots. However, due to the hefty price tag, we'd suggest going for the Fawdera drone, a cheaper yet effective alternative for beginners.

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