7 ultimate digital lock boxes to make sure your valuables are safe

Trust us. Not even saying 'Alohamora' can unlock them!
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Digital lock boxes are a new and innovative way to secure anything in your home, office, or any other property. It is an electronic device that stores your important documents, keys, money, and other valuables in a safe environment.

There are many benefits of digital lock boxes that make them extremely popular. For one thing, they are much easier to use than traditional locks or safes because you don’t necessarily need to carry keys to access them. On that note, let’s take a glance at some of the sturdiest lock boxes to keep your valuable items safe from the prying eyes of potential miscreants.

Stalwart Digital Lockbox

A compact, portable, and strong lock box that can be used to store multiple prized possessions like jewelry, business documents, cash, and much more. It also boasts a robust alarm system to let you know about any attempted theft.

Choosing a safe box may not necessarily be an easy task, considering you'll be putting your most prized possessions inside it. However, if you're in the market for one, the Stalwart Digital Lockbox is a good choice to consider.

This lock box has a robust security system with an alarm that goes off twice. The first time this happens is when you enter the incorrect password thrice in a row, triggering a 20-second alarm. If you don't get it right for the subsequent three attempts, it'll sound for five minutes, letting you know about the attempted theft.

To make sure your locked possessions don't remain locked forever — just in case you forget the password — you can turn to the two override keys to bail you out of the uncomfortable situation. Made of stainless steel, this lockbox can be easily mounted on the wall or stationed on the floor —the choice is yours.

2. Paragon Lock & Safe Depository Box

Paragon Lock & Safe Depository Box

A pretty sturdy box considering it's durable and robust steel construction. It eliminates the hassle of having to handle keys. The override keys make it easier to retrieve valuables in case you forget your password.

Be it home, office, shop, or restaurant, the Paragon depository box provides you a rock-solid steel construction to make sure your belongings can never be stolen unless one has the password. It requires digital entry to open, so you can worry less about having to carry around bulky keys.

However, it also has two override keys if you so happen to forget the password. What's more, you can change the passwords whenever you wish. Security is a solid guarantee with this lock box guarding your valuables.

3. RPNB Deluxe Safe Lock Box

RPNB Delux Safe Lock Box

A value-for-money depository box that is available in six different sizes and price points. The wide range of options is always welcome as it gives you the benefit of choosing one that fits within your budget. There's no need for a compromise when you have that many options on the table.

The RPNB Delux safe box comes with a double-cylinder match that ensures top-notch safety for your most precious items. It's a cinch to use as all you gotta do is use your digital code or a set of keys to open the door. The secondary option of using keys is a godsend in case you happen to forget your password.

This safe box can either be stationed on the ground or mounted on the floor. It flashes three different colors of lights to indicate whether you have performed the correct operation for opening the lock.

4. BARSKA Digital Safe Box

BARSKA Digital Safe Box

A premium-priced digital lock box that can withstand the toughest of attacks with its durable construction. Users can set 2 PINS with this safe, so there's little chance of your belongings getting locked inside in case you forget one of those passwords.

First things first. The BARSKA Digital Safe Box isn't for you if you're not looking to shell out a fortune on buying a safe box. However, there's little doubt that this sturdy safe offers commendable security for your most crucial items and documents.

A standout feature here is that you can set two PIN numbers and use them as a password simultaneously. The box also locks temporarily in suspicion if there are too many attempts to open it. There are pre-drilled holes to ensure you can mount it easily on the wall.

5.SentrySafe Digital Lock Box

SentrySafe Digital Lock Box

Blessed with both a digital as well as key lock, this lock box can be the ultimate guard to keep an eye on your assets. The option of having a key lock is beneficial in case users lose or forget their passwords. A durable construction ensures it'll stay put for the long term.

The SentrySafe Lock Box is made of alloy steel and guarantees a long life of dependable security for your prized possessions. It has a waterproof construction and can withstand water up to eight inches deep for 24 hours. This gunmetal grey lock box also has an anti-theft alarm that goes off in case there are multiple wrong attempts to open the lock.

Apart from the privilege of being able to set your own digital combination lock, you can also use a key to open this lock safe. In total, there are five styles available — each in a different size. Again, that many options make it a breeze for users to choose the perfect product that suits their needs.

6. Honeywell Steel Security Safe Box

Honeywell Steel Security Safe Box

A portable and lightweight lock-safe box built specifically for those who travel frequently and wish to keep their important documents or items safe from prying eyes. Also, it's an absolute bargain given the commendable security it offers for that uber affordable price.

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact digital safe box that can be carried anywhere, here's the perfect choice to go for. It may not have many customization options in terms of size, but that shouldn't be a decisive factor considering it's built specifically for travel purposes.

The fire-resistant Honeywell safe box has been recommended for its commendable sturdiness. In fact, it's a steal, given the value it offers in exchange for a top-notch security experience. Also, there are two override keys to make sure you can access documents in case you forget your password.

7. AmazonBasics Digital Lock Safe Box

AmazonBasics Digital Lock Safe Box

This safe box offers a wide array of styles and sizes to choose from. That sort of choice is an absolute luxury given the bargain price at which this safe box is available. It has pretty much everything you'd want in a quality safe box.

The AmazonBasics Digital Lock Safe Box boasts a rock-solid steel construction, protecting your important documents and items. It has a set of pre-drilled holes that can be used for mounting it on the wall if you'd like.

The interior shelf has a waterproof design. The fingerprint reader makes it a breeze to open and lock the safe. Not to mention, it has two override keys, so you still have a chance to retrieve your belongings in case you forget the password.

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