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Unique bookshelves

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For hardcore bookworms, bookshelves are the soul of their home. That cozy corner helps detach from the world and travel into imagination. When it comes to choosing the right bookshelf, not just anything will suffice. For those who love doing things differently, a unique bookcase is a necessity to quench the thirst for showing off their creative side.

Surely, bookshelves don't just hold books, but ones with intricate designs will create a one-of-a-kind esthetic in your home – pleasing you and awing your guests. That being said, let's take a peek at some of the unique bookcases you can find for your home.

1. Kevjo Hanging Aluminum Bookshelf

Kevjo Hanging Aluminum Bookshelf

Strong, sturdy, and durable, the Kevjo Hanging Aluminum Bookshelf will perfectly accent your creative personality. It has a massive capacity to hold a large number of books. Additionally, it also acts as a great piece in terms of home decor. However, you do need to shell out a hefty amount for all the good things that come with this bookcase.

If you've got a gigantic collection of books, the Kevjo Hanging Aluminum Shelf is worth consideration. It'll cover an entire room wall and is big enough to hold approximately 240 books. Apart from its mammoth capacity, the spiral design also works well in sprucing up a room – instantly catching the eye the moment you enter.

The aluminum surface design will make sure the bookshelf lasts for years to come. Also, you'll need about two hours to assemble this piece, but if you can gather help, the assembly takes less time.

2. Superhero Metal Hanging Bookshelf

Superhero Metal Hanging Bookshelf

if you're a huge Marvel or DC aficionado and superhero movies have played an important role in your life, here's the perfect bookcase to accent your love for the fantasy world. This bookshelf can hold a limited number of books, but there's no doubt you're getting praised for your exclusive taste the moment your friends and peers see it.

Not every household can boast a large collection of books, given how the digitized world has given rise to devices like Amazon Kindle that allow us to read books online. For someone whose more of a screen reader, the Superhero Metal Hanging Bookshelf may be sufficient to hold the handful of books they possess.

This bookshelf, as you can see, has a quirky design. It's also a great choice if you're looking for a bookshelf for kids. It's an excellent choice for small spaces and can hold around 3.5 kg of weight. Make sure you don't overload it with too many books and risk it falling off the wall.

3. Ptolomeo Bookcase

Ptolomeo Bookcase

This bookcase visually disappears when the space is occupied by the books. The moment you look at it, you'll feel there's a well-balanced tower of books standing in front of your eyes. Pretty unique and impressive terms of design, given that it has also won the Compas d’Or award in 2004.

Let the Ptolomeo Bookcase grace your wall, and you'll marvel at its classic design and how it adds to your room decor. The simple vertical design of this bookcase gives it a premium look. Talking about the functionality, it can hold around 95 books and also allows users the flexibility to assemble it according to their requirements. You can assemble the columns vertically as per the available space and the requirement and create different designs with it.

Furthermore, the lacquered steel construction of the bookcase will visually disappear the moment you fill it with books, so it'll appear as if the books are levitating in mid-air. The closest you can get to experiencing the world of Harry Potter.

4. Kartell Popwarm Shelf

Popwarm Bookshelf

The Popwarm Bookshelf has a simple spiral design, and that's precisely what makes it a unique bookcase amongst the lot. You can assemble it in a design of your choice, and you also get color options to buy one that fits your home decor style.

Books spiraled on the Kartell Popwarm Shelf are the perfect marriage of technology and literature. The sleek, spiral design of the bookshelf looks beautiful when installed and also acts as an impressive piece of decor. Available in black and gold colors, it's flexible and functional, and you can assemble it in a design you love.

5. Mikado Small Bookcase

Mikado Small Bookcase

The Mikado Small Bookcase has a minimalist design and adds an extra touch of class to your room decor. It can hold soft books and magazines, thanks to its durable French wood construction. Also, assembly is a cinch when it comes to this bookcase.

If you're looking for a functional bookcase that can fit well in a small space, the Mikado Bookcase will do the trick. Composed of seven rods, this bookshelf has a modern and minimalistic structure. It guarantees durability, thanks to the solid oak and French wood used in its construction. This model is also available in steel, but you'll need to contact the manufacturer if you want one customized specifically for you.

6. Hemisphere Bookcase

Hemisphere Bookcase

If your world revolves around books, there's no better way to express it with this Hemisphere Bookcase. It's stylish, sturdy, and built to last for long. What's more, it also boasts a bunch of columns, so if you have a sizeable collection of books, this shelf can easily suffice.

If books mean the world to you, there's no better way to showcase that love with a Hemisphere Bookshelf. Once it's assembled properly, it appears as if oozing out of the wall. It boasts many columns where you can store your books or other decorative pieces to spruce up the overall look of your room. Also, it's a great choice if you're considering a bookshelf for small spaces.

7. Geometric Bookcase

Geometric Bookcase

The Geometric bookcase sports a premium design and is also a great piece to spruce up your room decor. It can hold a sizeable chunk of books. The oak wood construction of the bookshelf ensures it's built to last for a long time.

Be it for home or office, the Geometric Bookcase has a rich and premium feel to it, thanks to its mid-century modern design. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your room or office, this bookshelf will easily suffice your storage as well as design needs. It's going to be a conversation starter – time to show off your exquisite taste in design.

8. Vertical Curvy Bookshelf

Vertical Curvy Bookshelf

The Vertical Curvy Bookshelf can hold up to 40 books; the number may vary depending on the size and weight of the books. Furthermore, the curvy design adds a touch of elegance to any room. Also, this bookshelf is a tailor-made fit for small spaces.

The whole idea of having unique things in your home is to display your unparalleled taste and out-of-the-box thinking. And that's precisely why you don't go for the traditional bookshelves because we've seen them for so many years and in so many homes. The Vertical Curvy Bookshelf is a fine upgrade over the current standards.

Made of aluminum, it's specially built for smaller spaces, and due to its rather elegant design, it'll hold a limited number of 20 to 40 books. It'll add a touch of class to your room due to its sleek design. Want something fun and funky? This Vertical Curvy Bookshelf should be your first choice for small spaces.

9. Wooden Tree Bookcase

Wooden Tree Bookcase

Your wall's not just oozing color but branching out like a tree. How does that sound? The Wooden Tree Bookcase is a top-notch choice if you're looking for something out-of-the-box to store your large collection of books. Also, the solid wood and oil combination will ensure it's there to stay for the long term and also serve as a piece that improves your room aesthetic.

The Wooden Tree Bookcase boasts a distinctive design and is made of solid wood that promises long-term use. You get around nineteen color options to choose from, so you can choose one that perfectly suits your room decor. This tree bookcase is intricately designed and will also serve as an important piece of home decor.

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