7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road

They're probably the most important upgrade your car needs.
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Google Maps, Waze, and a number of other excellent navigation apps can help you get where you need to go. You can listen to music on Spotify or Apple Music. A tablet allowing the kids to play their favorite games and view movies can mean the difference between a pleasant journey and a stressful one. However, the issue with all of this is keeping things charged. Even the largest phone batteries can empty hours before you get to your destination on a long trip.

Car chargers are useful in such situations. There's a car charger for every need, budget, and vacation out there, available in a variety of with extra capabilities that let you do everything from jump-starting your vehicle to charging your laptop. However, one size does not fit all, so consider the demands of both your devices and your passengers before determining how to spend your money. These are 7 of the best car chargers you can buy right now, whether you're going across the nation or just across town. 

1. AINOPE Smallest 4.8A All Metal USB Car Charger 

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: AINOPE/Amazon

AINOPE's little thumb-sized body fits most automotive cigarette lighters and barely protrudes above the outlet's border, giving it a clean, uncluttered appearance. The AINOPE car charger has a maximum output of 2.4A/12W per port, which is 2X faster than 1A/5W charging.

This dual USB cigarette lighter converter has a total power of 4.8A, allowing you to charge two devices at full speed with 2.4A for each USB connection. The scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and elegant complete zinc alloy body. Your car charger adapter will always seem new thanks to the high-quality material. This metal USB car charger won't overheat in hot weather, making it safer than plastic chargers.

2. Anker Car Charger 

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: Anker/Amazon

It's an honor to travel with dual USB-A charging connections that feature Anker's world-famous PowerIQ technology. It allows you to concurrently charge your phone and a passenger's at full speed. Two USB-A ports output a combined 24W, which is enough to charge two phones at full speed at the same time.

It is designed to fit neatly in your car's DC outlet, without interfering with other ports, radio knobs, or your coffee. It has a sleek and gleaming aluminum alloy appearance that is scratch-resistant, and its PowerDrive 2 Alloy minimizes slowness with inside gold-plated circuitry that is specially designed to avoid overheating.

3. AILKIN Car Charger

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: Ailkin/Amazon

Ailkin car charger cleverly recognizes your device for safe charging of dual devices at full speed at the same time, and it fits nicely in the cigarette lighter USB charger spot socket in your vehicle. It is RoHS, CE, and FCC certified, demonstrating Ailkins' abilities to safeguard devices from overheating, overcurrents, overcharging, and short circuits. Most significantly, charging will cease when the battery is full. It's also composed of fireproof material, and the LED Indicator Blue Light confirms the connection, ensuring that your digital devices are always charged.

4. TECKNET USB Car Charger

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: TECKNET/Amazon

The TECKNET USB Car Charger features four QC3.0 fast-charge ports with a total output of 54W, with QC3.0 18W and USB 12W output at each port. The QC3.0 port allows for a 2X quicker charging speed, saving an average of two hours.

This USB car charger has a tiny thumb-sized housing that blends in seamlessly with most automobile cigarette lighters and sits comfortably in the outlet. Short-circuit, overheating, overcurrent, and overcharging are all prevented by an innovative intelligent circuity safety system. The improved metal car charger will dissipate heat more quickly, preventing it from overheating in extreme temperatures.

5. Amazon Basics Dual-Port USB Car Charger 

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: Amazon

Amazon's 2-port 24-watt USB car charger connects to a car's DC adapter and can charge up to two devices at once, making it ideal for phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Its device detection enables charging at the fastest feasible speed, up to 2.4 amps each port for a total of 4.8 amps. It has a built-in safety system that protects against overload, short-circuits, and overvoltage. It is compatible with a wide range of Apple and Android smartphones, including the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, LG, Nexus, HTC, and many others.

6. TOLLEFE 5 Multi Ports Car Charger

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: TOLLEFE/Amazon

This car charger can charge up to 5 devices at once at a maximum speed of 6.2A. It is compatible with all USB-powered devices. Most notably, there are five USB ports, three in the front and two in the back. The 5-foot charging wire allows backseat and front-seat passengers to charge their electronic gadgets at the same time.

All charging ports have a sophisticated chip built-in that automatically recognizes any devices you plug in and distributes the most efficient charge for you. It works with all of your favorite gadgets, including smartphones, Galaxy Tabs, Android tablets, power banks, game controllers, sports watches, cameras, and other USB-powered devices.

7. UGREEN USB C Car Charger 

7 USB car chargers to keep your phone charged on the road
Source: UGREEN/Amazon

The UGREEN USB C car charger allows you to charge your devices quickly. You can achieve the desired quick-charging effect for your PD-enabled devices with a power of up to 20W at the PD connector. In 35 minutes, it can fully charge your smartphone device by 60%. The UGREEN car charger adapter can charge two smartphones at the same time thanks to its 20W Power Delivery USB C charger and 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge. When two devices are charged, built-in smart chips automatically assign power to each port, preventing your devices from being destroyed by the large power input. The all-aluminum alloy housing provides greater scratch resistance, heat dissipation, a pleasing look, and long service life.

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