Designer Creates Mimicking Masks That Smile and Display Emojis

No, this one doesn't promise a better filtration efficiency but something much more fun.

Creating new masks through new ideas is nothing new, thanks to the pandemic that took over the world. Almost every day, a new design comes along with a different creator. A new function is added or developed to make people breathe more efficiently or get the mask filter better. 

However, it's all about mobilizing a mask this time -- a mimicking and smiling mask created by a video game programmer and designer.

It is named Jabbermask as the designer Tyler Glaiel called it. 


"I made this mask a couple of months ago after seeing a bunch of people making cool and unique facemasks." the designer explained on Kickstarter. "I wanted to one-up them and make the coolest mask possible, utilizing skills that are unique to me, and so I came up with this interactive voice-controlled facemask that you can make smile on demand," he continued. 

Designer Creates Mimicking Masks That Smile and Display Emojis
Source: Tyler Glaiel

The JabberMask basically tries to mimic what the user says through an interactive voice control feature. However, most of the time the LEDs create rounds and rectangles to reflect the user's speech. Still, you may make it smile and show off a couple of basic emojis and simple phrases intentionally, which is the fun part.

The designer integrated the system into an app both available on iOS and Android for the mask's pro version. And the app features even setting a playlist and lets you adjust the LEDs' color and brightness. 

It is powered by a rechargeable battery at the back of the head and you can even use the sleep mode to save battery life. Let's not forget to mention that the mask can be washed and it is reusable


Tyler Glaiel most likely gets this passion from programming and designing his own games as he indicates some of them on his website. Closure, Bombernauts, The End is Nigh, and a bunch of old flash games are just the tip of the iceberg.


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