Interesting Engineering's top 10 DIY stories of 2022

Here's the rundown of IE's most popular DIY stories from 2022 that stood out.
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Top 10 DIY stories of 2022.
Top 10 DIY stories of 2022.

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With 2023 looming over the horizon, this time of year is traditionally one of reflection on the past year and hopes for the future. And so, we thought it was only fitting that we do the same.

From DIY projects you can do yourself at home to tidying your garage and watching others build more complex pieces of machinery, it should be no surprise that those who subscribe to an engineering and science blog would have such technical tastes.

Without further ado, here are Interesting Engineering's (IE) top ten DIY stories from 2022.

10. YouTuber builds 'transparent' jet engine to show how it works

Interesting Engineering's top 10 DIY stories of 2022
The transparent jet engine.

"Warped Perception," a YouTuber, adores jet engines. He constantly adapts them for use in a wacky range of projects that only he is brave or innocent enough to attempt.

So. in this viral video, he thought it was time to demonstrate to his audience how the devices operate because he loves them.

He chose to create a see-through engine to do that. The result is, quite frankly, stunning.

9. YouTuber builds a bike with two half wheels, and it functions just as well as the original

From the popularity of this particular project, it seems our audience is big fans of creativity and innovation regarding bicycles. And this particular project was no exception.

In this video, YouTuber "The Q" demonstrated how to create an odd bike that functions, despite its quirks. He accomplishes this by halving an ordinary wheel and devising a means of operating it like a regular bicycle wheel.

The result was both visually exciting and surprisingly satisfying to watch.

8. Build Your Own Twin-Turbine Mini Hydroelectric Dam in Your Garden

Throughout the year, we covered several DIY projects about building miniature dam-based projects. And this one, for one reason or another, was among the most popular.

This particular project was provided by the YouTuber "Mr. Construction," who, using little more than essential tools and materials and some considerable skill, knocks up an impressive scale model of a hydroelectric dam with cyclonic generators.

The final product is impressive, and more importantly, the model works! If you haven't seen this one, we recommend you check it out ASAP.

7. YouTuber places guns in concrete to see if they will still fire

Interesting Engineering's top 10 DIY stories of 2022
Can guns fire inside concrete?

In this DIY project, one daring chap decides to test if bullets can travel through concrete if fired from a gun encased within it.

Edwin Sarkissian, the YouTuber in question, decided to research this issue. He claimed in his video that while his grandfather was remodeling, four of his firearms fell precisely in the center of four buckets of concrete.

Each of the four handguns used in this terrifying experiment had three shots and was mounted on a wooden beam. We won't spoil the outcome if you haven't watched it, and if not, we recommend you check it out at your leisure.

It is certainly entertaining, if nothing else.

6. A New Homemade Z2 Chip Came From the Mind of a 22-Year-Old Undergrad

Sam Zeloof, a 22-year-old undergraduate student, has created chips in his parent's garage. He began the process in 2016 while a junior in high school and claims that YouTube videos of entrepreneur and inventor Jeri Ellsworth impacted him.

Zeloof decided to create his chips and integrate them with machines from the 1970s after experimenting with transistors for ten years.

To this end, he created the "Z2 device," which has 1,200 transistors, in his family's New Jersey garage using repurposed and improvised machinery, roughly 30 miles (48 km) from the Bell Labs facility where the first transistor was created in 1947.

On his blog and YouTube channel, he posted updates about the construction of Z2, which is well worth following if you haven't already.

5. A self-taught inventor builds and rides a jet-engine go-kart

This next DIY project is for anyone with a soft spot for eccentric bearded gentlemen who love tinkering with jet engines. In this particular case, this popular YouTube video features the self-built go-kart that inventor Bob "Rocketman" Maddox, known for creating all kinds of crazy inventions, is showcasing.

Three valveless jet pulsejet engines were used to power it.

His creation operates on propane and diesel fuel and has a top speed of 90 mph; because of how loud it is, as you might expect, operating a vehicle would require purchasing reliable hearing protection. Maddox's creation, "The Beast," spews flames behind him as he drives the go-kart, and you can hear him roaring with glee.

If you haven't seen it, it is well worth spending a few minutes of your time t bask in the glory of "The Beast."

4. A Quirky Welder Built a Security Patrol Robot with Fists Using Scrap Metal

Interesting Engineering's top 10 DIY stories of 2022
Geng Shuai taking the robot for a test ride.

Geng Shuai, a former welder from Hebei, China, is 31 years old and has gained notoriety for his eccentric inventions. The internet gave Geng the moniker "useless Edison" for his clever but pointless creations, which included an earthquake-proof noodle bowl, a BBQ foosball table, a meat cleaver smartphone case, and self-defense sword ties.

He has hundreds of thousands of subscribers to date, for a good reason. And this particular project is no exception.

In this viral video, Shaui constructs a security patrol mech robot out of recycled components and waste metals. As with his projects, he meticulously documented the entire procedure in a YouTube video and tested the final result.

3. 7 easy and cheap solutions for getting your garage in order

People's garages are often a dumping ground for many objects that never see the light of day for years, sometimes decades. But this is a shame. They can be valuable spaces to make great things!

With a little effort and planning, you can take back that room and fall in love with it just as much as the rest of your home. Although it won't be too strenuous, the process will require some preparation and an investment of your time and hard-earned money to complete properly.

For those brave enough to take up the challenge, this particular guide appeared very popular. Why not check it out if you missed it?

2. YouTuber makes a bladeless jet engine out of a Dyson fan

In another of 2022 most popular DIY videos, YouTube user Integza uses a Dyson fan to create a bladeless jet engine. Do what now? Yes, he did.

Exploiting the "Coanda Effect," Sir James Dyson, developed in 2009, allows a Dyson fan to produce up to 15 times more air than a standard fan. Fascinating, but Integza took the obvious next step to see if it could be converted into a working jet engine. A question is so apparent that we were surprised it took this long to investigate.

Check out how he got on if you missed it.

1. Here's how to build a waterwheel-based power generator

Interesting Engineering's top 10 DIY stories of 2022
The finished water wheel.

As we mentioned earlier, for some particular reason, hydropower-based DIY projects were exciting to our audience this year. And, once again, our friends at the YouTube channel "Mr. Construction" produced another exciting project.

In this case, using, as usual, basic materials, tools, and well-honed engineering skills, he managed to produce a simple yet effective power-generating water wheel.

The final product certainly looks the part and, as you'd expect, works just as intended. We recommend watching it, but you'd probably turn it off and rush out to a store to stock up on materials to build your own.

And that's your lot for today.

As you can see, there appear to be some running trends from the above ten most popular DIY projects: home electrical generation using water, jet engines, and garage organization, chief among them. We wonder how 2023 will shape up!

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