13 Building Remodel Projects That Prove Any Space Can Be Transformed

Learn how to make the best use of space you already have with our list of top of the line remodeling projects.
Kashyap Vyas

Building a beautiful, trendy, and spacious home is a dream that almost all of us have. Most often though, the availability of limited space and budget constraints do not allow enough flexibility to have everything we love in our homes.

We can cope with this problem with imaginative ideas and a little hard work. With some simple DIY remodeling ideas, you can literally transform any space into a brilliantly designed environment

You do not have to always spend a ton of money on remodeling projects. We have curated a list of DIY remodeling projects which will inspire you to take control and transform your residential space well within your budget.

Here are some of the most creative building remodeling projects that prove any space can be transformed!

1. A Gift from the Chef!

Gifts are always special; and when it comes from the celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, it becomes precious. The first project in our list features the remodeling of Christina Wilson’s house, the Season 10 winner of “Hell’s Kitchen”.

The video illustrates how Mathew Ferrarini from Ferrarini Kitchens changes the whole dynamics of the house. The remodeling project aims at giving an executive chef look to the house.

He also made clear that going for a masculine look will not suit the homeowner’s personality. Hence light colors were used throughout the house.

They took out the out-of-date staircase and knocked down unnecessary obstructions. The results were quite breathtaking, opening up ample amount of space and making the ambiance light and airy.

In addition, an ordinary looking brick wall was stripped down of its plastering to bring an industrious feel. Hanging the herb garden also complimented the house very well.

The exposed beams add another layer of charm to this house. The whole white and airy feel of the remodeled house just speaks of the charisma that Christina has!

2. Kitchen Remodel 101

The kitchen is a part of the house that is affected by wear more than any other part of the house. The prime reason being that it is a place that sees more action, and the occasional splashes of water and oil don’t help at all.

In this remodeling video, a husband and wife duo completely changes their kitchen at a cost of just 500$.  The remodeling project for duo begins with removing the obstructive cupboards and the countertops. 

Using a $160 countertop paint, they manage to transform an ordinary countertop into a faux granite with a glossy finish. With the right choice of color to paint the cabinetry, the entire kitchen space just became more bright and airy.

The transition to LED overhead lamps further brightened the room even more.

3. Kitchen Remodel Ideas from the Pro

Most of the time, we focus on the aesthetics created in the videos and not the underlying vision. That’s a big problem because when you try to recreate the frames, things may not work very well for you.

So, next time, try to take in ideas and tips from the designers rather than sketching the result they got. Here in this video, interior designer Rebecca Robeson walks you through the intricacies of remodeling a kitchen and by the end of this video, you will have a new light on kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Rebecca explains how you can make remodeling much easier by designing different sections separately. She believes that backsplashes set the color tone of your kitchen, so they are a great choice to start with.

Countertops and cabinets must be crafted coherently for better looks and convenience. Different aspects of kitchen remodeling like flooring, cabinet, accessories, etc. must share design and material elements to bring forth the essence of your design principles.

The video will take you through all the projects she has done over the years to cover pretty much everything. If you are planning to do a kitchen remodel, don’t miss to watch this video!

4. Dining Room Remodeling

The dining room holds a special place in the house, as it is a space where the family comes together. It’s nothing less than a true bonding scenario filled with chuckles, laughter and heart-to-heart talk.

If you are planning to remodel your dining room, take cues from LaVigne Living.  You can see the video where an ordinary looking room with dull colors gets transformed into a vibrant and picturesque space at a very affordable price.

The best part is that the narrator tells you the purpose, cost, and origin of the pieces used. 

The styling follows a silver and gold theme. The table décor projects bring in the gold shades while the candle holders are a really good attempt at bringing the silver tone to the whole setup.

The rug, wall designs and curtain shades all follow a light tone. This amplifies the light that enters the room and makes the whole room seem serene and peaceful. 

The minimal design coupled with a beautiful chandelier projects the dining table as the essential part of the space, which it clearly is.

If you wish to remodel on the same line, this video is a great start.

5. The Del Mar House

Another video from Rebecca Robeson as she masterfully remodels the Del Mar House. In this video, a 15-year-old Del Mar House which looks good against decades-old standards but shabby from a modern viewpoint is revamped by Rebecca.

Rebecca has carefully presented all the different areas and the changes she made to them. Even if you are not going for a large scale renovation, you can still learn a lot from this video.

This project didn’t just require internal remodeling, some of the walls and base floors needed some structural changes too.

Rebecca used gold and silver themes for some rooms and a mild off-white tone on others. The new electric fireplace and the wall paintings make everything pop.

The idea of combining the outside and inside space using slide doors extends the overall space of the house. 

The before and after changes are simply put – Stunning.

6.  Remodeling Compact Spaces

Since the latest trend in housing is going for a minimalistic look, it is not hard to see why many homeowners are starting to make use of unused space and adding a lot of muted colors.

The easiest way to have tons of indoor space is to utilize the spaces that you don’t use, for secondary purposes. Office space in your living area is an example of such remodeling.


If you live in a small space and are thinking on how to utilize the best of it, watch this video where Hans Meyer from Zoku, uses a moving staircase and a sleeping loft to completely transform the living.

The right use of colors and light open up space so that it feels bigger.  This project is all about utilizing spaces and converting them into storage and utility spaces.

Hans Meyer also talks about what you can do to your house to make it truly personal.

7. Space Saver Remodeling Ideas

While we are the subject of utilizing small spaces, why not see the remodeling projects of homes done with modern space-saving touches. These modifications are extremely helpful if you live in a small condo.

You can see how the folding beds fall flush with the wall to create an open space. The rotating shelf and bed storage is also a nice touch that will give you a lot of storage in less space.

Space-saving furniture can further help you in maximizing the use of available space. Watch the video to see if you can pick up ideas for your home remodeling projects!

8. Bring Life into Living Rooms

The living room is the centerpiece of your home. Making it perfect must be on top of the list for every homeowner.

In this video, a husband and wife duo give a brilliant makeover to a house that they had bought. The dull interiors at the time they bought the house, along with the dark colors, never really justified the spirit of the house.

The color scheme chosen by the duo suited it perfectly. They turned the fireplace frame and the mirror frames into white, which just melds with the rest of the design characteristics of the home.

Towards the end of the video, we can see how the rugs in each room actually lift the overall presence of the furniture and décor. 

9. Simple and Classy Remodeling

Next, on our list of the building remodel ideas is a project from Jaimee Livingston who takes the helm of the lead designer. Her vision is to completely remodel a farmhouse into a marvel for eyes to behold.

Here we are looking at a full-on-full remodeling project as the wall plaster, tiles and even the electrical outlets are being replaced. The beige on white color is a proven favorite, and the team successfully manages to combine both colors to create a really good feel.

The glass slide doors give a unique feel to the home. The furniture used is simplistic, and this actually resonates with the outlook of the homeowners.

This remodeling project shows the intricacies of how a remodeling project is done and warns where things can go wrong.

10. Mila Remodeling Present to Her Parents

Everybody is familiar with Mila Kunis and her amazing acting skills. But her vision to remodel the house of her parents is equally stunning.

The remodeling project involves around changing the whole interior look of the house. Mila made it clear that the current setup lacked cohesion.

The new setup involved opening up space and removing all the clutter, the use of lights and the open space just suits the space perfectly. The bronze look uplifted the whole place to something of a wonder.

With the new furniture, the white and gold tone throughout the space augments the overall look of the interiors and expands the space.

Sticking to a particular color scheme is one of the best ways to bring a sense of continuity to space, and this project is a perfect example of that.                

11. Bedroom Remodel

A bedroom is a place of utmost comfort. This is why your bedroom should be uncluttered and should give you a sense of peace and tranquility.

In this video, the designer works in a very limited space to completely revamp the entire area. The use of reading lights and the right choice of furniture makes the bedroom look gorgeous.

The use of a mirror further provides a visual of a room with plenty of open space. The same room gets transformed into a spacious and comfortable bedroom.

12. More with Less: Another Bedroom Remodel

Here is another bedroom remodeling project that will help you get ideas for your own. In this project, the homeowners used personal objects to express themselves. The entire overhaul is customized and easy to pull off.

Personal paintings and artworks are a great way to personalize your bedroom, and the project cleverly makes use of these decorative items. The minimalistic décor used by the homeowners add to the overall ambiance of the room.

The white on white touches are astounding, and it brings in a lot of light with it. If you are on your own with a tight budget, you get to try this approach.

The results are always better than your expectation.

13. Determined Dad: Closet Remodel

Nothing can beat a determined dad who wants to bring in his children more closet space; this is what a dad did with his closet remodeling project. Since his two children were sharing the same closet space, it was high time for an upgrade. 

The designer dad simply doubled the storage space by introducing another closet rod and a shelf in the lower part of the closet, which was previously unused.  This hack can also be applied to other parts of the home to utilize spare areas.

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