19 Ingenious Ways People Create To Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

You might want to adopt some of these awesome DIY solutions to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Christopher McFadden
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These certainly are unprecedented times. From toilet rolls suddenly becoming a rare sight in supermarkets to many of us working from home, things will likely never be the same again once the crisis passes.

But, there are some people who have come up with some interesting DIY solutions to help prevent the spread of the virus in the meantime. Here are some of the best we have managed to find on the net. 


What DIY products and strategies can help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

So, without further ado, here are some DIY products and strategies that can, in theory at least, help you stave off coronavirus. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This DIY door opener will certainly help you keep your hands clean

First up is this wonderful example of DIY PPE. By combining a hook with a burner, you open doors at your leisure without the fear of potentially coming into contact with the virus.

Once you're done opening the door, simply sterilize the hook with righteous flame.

2. This DIY PPE device will warn you about touching your face

anti-covid-19 ppe wrist alarm
Source: Mike TheMaker/Instructables

This awesome DIY PPE device will really come in handy if you struggle to avoid touching your face. It is wrist-mounted, and will audibly give your a telling off if it detects that your arm is moving in a hand-touching trajectory.

The device contains a tilt switch that activates a buzzer should this unfortunate event occur.

3. Can't find a burner? Then why not make a foot door handle?

If you can't find a burner like in example 1 above or are a little anxious to carry flammable liquids around with you, why not consider making a "foot handle?" This simple little DIY COVID-19 protection device will ensure you never touch a door handle ever again.

Simple install at the base of the door, and open doors with ease using your feet. Great stuff.

4. Don't want to touch lift buttons? Why not create a "holographic button system?"

Chinese company has developed "holographic button systems" for elevators so people can activate the elevators without having to touch surfaces that may be contaminated by #COVID19 from r/interestingasf**k

Given the very real threat of contracting the virus from touching lift buttons, this is one nifty solution that will certainly keep people safe. By developing a "holographic button system", this Chinese company are doing their part to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Of course, as a DIY project, this might be a bit more challenging for most.

5. This art gallery rearranged its exhibition so people can view from the outside

anti-covid-19 strategies art gallery
Source: EffortlessEasy/Reddit

An art gallery in Finland came up with an interesting strategy to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To prevent large numbers of people gathering inside they closed their doors, but arranged their exhibits so people could still view them from the outside -- day or night!

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6. Here's a good idea to keep your kids busy and teach them some important skills

diy anti virus solutions kids
Source: SonGoku1108/Reddit

For any parents stuck with their kids in quarantine, here is a nice idea to keep them busy, and educate them at the same time. By setting specific reward values for certain tasks, like reading or mopping the floor, they can be "paid" with Monopoly money.

This can then be redeemed for snacks or watching TV.

7. This doctor found a great solution to a lack of ventilators

One Canadian anesthetist found a simple solution to a hospital's dire need for more ventilators. He managed to jerry-rig a solution by enabling every single ventilator to be used by multiple patients! 

8. Here is a very low-tech solution to the lift button disease transmission problem

Using toothpicks to avoid touching the elevator buttons from r/mildlyinteresting

If rigging up a holographic solution is a bit beyond your skills, here is a less taxing alternative. By providing a supply of toothpicks, lift users can grab one to press the lift buttons in safety. 

Once they are done, they simply dispose of the potentially-contaminated toothpick in a handy receptacle. 

9. Are your customers not adhering to social distancing? Remove your furniture

diy anti virus solutions starbucks
Source: buttertogether/Reddit

This Starbucks decided to deliver the nuclear option to tackle the spread of coronavirus with a simple solution. To prevent people from loitering and gathering inside, they simply removed all their tables and chairs. 

10. Some hero randomly placed hand sanitizers around public places

Someone placing random hand sanitizer station around in public places. from r/funny

In a world where toilet paper and hand sanitizers are worth their weight in gold, one citizen decided to do something about it. Using nothing other than sticky tape, and hand sanitizer bottles, their labors really have helped their local community.

11. This is one lucky OAP

anti virus solutions carehome
Source: WillOfTheLand/Reddit

One very well-brought-up son decided to ensure his father doesn't get lonely during this current pandemic. He visits his father at his care home every day and talks to him via mobile phone while sitting outside his window. 

There is still hope for humanity. 

12. Always caught-short for hand sanitizer? Here's a handy solution

anti virus DIY ppe
Source: L17TL3GUY/Reddit

If you keep finding yourself without hand sanitizer to, well, hand, this might be a DIY solution you need in your life. Simple tie a small bottle of the stuff to your car keys. 

That way you'll always have some around.

13. Are you a baker? Why not double wrap your bread?

The way my local grocery store started double wrapping bread to reduce the spread of corona virus. from r/mildlyinteresting

This bakery came up with an interesting way to prevent the spread of the virus with its products. They decided to double wrap their bread to stop it from getting contaminated.

14. This supermarket found a way to keep people apart when queueing

virus bashing plans queue
Source: OMGLMAOWTF_com/Reddit/Imgur

This supermarket found a great way to make sure its customers keep the minimum distance apart when shopping. Just put some easy-to-understand stickers on the floor! Genius.

15. Send the drones!

Taking social distancing to new levels from r/dubai

While many are being encouraged to stay at home unless they need to shop for the essentials, this might be the perfect solution. Instead of venturing out, just send your drone to do the shopping for you! 


16. Working at home? Check out this DIY standing desk

If you are working from home right now, it is vital that you maintain good posture while working. One of the best ways to do this is with a standing desk.

But, since you might not be able to get your hands on one easily during these times, why not make your own using an ironing board? Problem solved.

17. This supermarket has found a great solution to bulk buyers

Speaking of the short supply of things like hand sanitizers, this supermarket has come up with a genius DIY solution. To prevent people from bulk buying essentials like this, they decided to run a buy more than one and pay through the eyeballs for its policy.

Simple, effective, and very clever.

18. Turn a common lighter into a self-sterilizing pushing thing

Further to our first entry, the same principle can be used to make your own button, or anything, pusher. Post-push, simply light it up to sterilize the end!

19. Don't want to touch stuff on the bus? Use your own handbag

virus beating ideas handbag
Source: İçkiliydi bilmem ne/Facebook

This ingenious lady has devised an ingenious method of creating her own handhold on a bus. Rather than risking using ones touched by many people, she simply ensures her handbag gest caught int he bus' doors! 

Bonus #1: This face mask accessory is perfect for anyone who wears glasses

A DIY spectacle kit (correction glasses) for a PPE full face mask using a suction cup from r/lifehacks

This amazing full face mask accessory is the ideal workaround for anyone who needs spectacles to see. Making use of a suction cup and metal hooks, this solves the problem of wearing glasses while also wearing a full face mask.

Bonus #2: This 3D printed folding door opener is cool too

Folding door opener from r/3Dprinting

This amazing gadget lets people open doors without the need to actually touch the door handle with their hands. Not only is this fantastically hygienic, but it can also be 3D printed with ease.