200 W Handheld Laser Bazooka is the Most Powerful Ever

One Youtuber has created a giant 200W laser bazooka that can melt through anything..
Trevor English

Every time someone mentions lasers, I think of scientists performing experiments inside a university.  This is a popular way of thinking as most people don't understand the tech behind it. 

Regardless of what a user may think, the lasers are much more than a fun device that produces green or red light. These products have various technical applications, can be very useful but also very deadly. This especially goes for the strong ones. 

In the world of lasers, those handheld laser pointers for presentations are about 5 milliWatts. While a common laser pointer may have really low power, you can build your own superpowered handheld lasers ranging over 50 Watts. Once you get over .5 W, just looking at the beam or reflection of the laser can blind you and cause irreversible damage to a human body. They are certainly not for play and maximum safety is required while using it, but boy do they make a lot of fun. One Youtuber has created a giant 200W laser bazooka that can melt through anything. Check out the insanely dangerous machine below.

The FDA only allows the sale of up to .5 W lasers in America, but with a little electronics know-how, you can build more powerful ones, not that we are recommending it. You have to be really careful with high-powered lasers as they can blind you if you are not wearing eye protection, not to mention it is a federal crime if you happen to shine one at an airplane.

This laser cannon uses parts from old DLP projectors all assembled with a lens aperture to focus the beam. Blue beams can melt through plastic, instantly catch wood on fire, and of course, pop balloons. There is no real application for this device, and taking it out in public would likely get you arrested, at least if you're in the United States. 

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This video manual will provide additional data; check out the guide for full features and technology behind it.

Before you decide to play with super devices such as this, make sure you are doing so legally and safely. Create quality conditions, close out space, and impose high security - this is the only way to protect health and life of those next to you. After all, you kind of become a useless engineer if you become blind and land yourself in jail, no one wants that. So, better be careful! 

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