5 Completely Unnecessary Things You Really Shouldn't Buy

If we are honest, we all love buying unnecessary things from time to time. But perhaps it's time to stop?
Christopher McFadden

Many of us spend way too much money on unnecessary things. These can range from a useless gadget to a high-end kitchen gadget we only ever use once. 

While it might "feel good" to make that impulse purchase in the short term, you might find you end up paying for it in the long run. 

Here we'll offer some advice on how to take back control of your emotions and get your finances back on track. We'll then test your new resolve with 5 useless, yet fun. examples of useless objects your former self would have bought without thinking about it twice. 


What are the unnecessary things in life?

If you have more money than sense, you may find yourself buying a lot of junk at times. While it may feel 'good' at the time of purchase, in the end, you'll probably never use that thing again.

But don't worry, you are not alone. According to sites like cheatsheet.com, many Americans can't seem to resist the urge to buy unnecessary products. Most millennials tend to be spending more of their disposable income on leisure activities, impulse purchases, and clothing. 

unnecessary things useless box
The Useless Box is the epitome of unnecessary things to buy - but it is awesome. Source: Solarbotics/Flickr

Many factors are blamed, with marketing and branding usually being a big factor. But most people report, in polls, that they tend to buy stuff to "feel good." 

These are some of the most common purchases: 

  1. Convenient snacks and drinks
  2. Beauty products
  3. New clothes
  4. Overpriced hotels
  5. Movies, books, and other media (Obviously books can also be considered a good investment)
  6. Apps (and in-app purchases)
  7. Tech
  8. Cable TV
  9. Gym memberships (never or rarely used)
  10. Car loans

Obviously, there are few "useful" things here, after all, you usually do need a car in the modern age - but most are not really essential.

How do I stop buying unnecessary things?

If you want to budget effectively you should 'audit' your spending and trim the fat to stop wasting your valuable cash. After all, you need to spend your most valuable asset, your time, to earn those dollars in the first place. 

There are many guides out there to help you stop buying 'junk,' but at the end of the day you must have the will, and discipline to carry them out. But that being said there are few tips and tricks you could try (credit to stefanieconnell.com):

  1. Keep Away From Temptation - This one is obvious. If you simply can't resist, stay away from those shops!

  2. Avoid Retail Seduction - "It's not how much you earn, its how much you keep" as the saying goes. Keep your wallet in your pocket!

  3. Take Inventory - Take stock of what useless stuff you already have. Don't ignore it. Maybe consider giving stuff to charity. 

  4. Practice Gratitude - This one is easier said than done, but thinking about what really makes you happy in life will bolster your ability to resist impulse buying. 

  5. Get Grounded in the Numbers - Budget, budget, budget! Work out your income and expenditure. How much are you spending on rubbish each month? The cold, unlying numbers might scare you into action.

What should you not waste money on?

As we have already seen, many of us waste money needlessly on things we don't really need. But that being said, you don't need to live a Spartan life. 

Treating yourself once in a while is a good way to keep motivated and reward yourself for your hard work. "All work and no play..." as the saying goes. 

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However, there are some other things you really should think twice about buying. In fact, many wealth and finance coaches will tell you to not waste money on anything that:

1. Rusts

2. Rots

3. Depreciates

There are many other websites out there that will offer you examples of things you don't need to buy.

For example, treehugger.com lists the following:

1. Specialty items like waffle irons or ice cream makers - Are you really going to use these often?

2. A Fine China set - While they might look pretty, are you ever going to use it? 

3. Throw pillows - Do you really need that much cushioning? 

4. Many types of glasses - Again, do you really need to deck out your kitchen like a restaurant or bar? How often do you actually drink champagne or brandy?

Think about it. 

Some fun examples of unnecessary things you could, but probably shouldn't buy

With all that being said, let's take a look at some funny useless things you could buy, but probably shouldn't.

It's your money, so spend it, or not, as you please.

1. Check out these "SweatGutters"

Do you sweat a lot? Does it drench your face and blind you? 

Then you might want to consider buying yourself head-mounted "SweatGutters." With this fetching and flattering device, you will be able to collect and remove sweat from your forehead before it reaches your face!

2. "Save face" with this handy mouth curtain

Called the "Cuisine Curtain," this completely useless gadget will let you eat like an animal without the fear of being watched. Preserve your modesty while indulging your feeding frenzy all at the same time.

How could you resist? 

3. Drink and workout at the same time with this gadget

Presenting "The Sip N Curl" - a can holder with a difference. Save on your gym membership, and indulge your habits, with this great workout/drinking device.

4. Protect your personal space with this device

Are you fed up with people crowding your space? Then strap on the "PersonalSpacinator" and go about your business without fear of others invading your space. 

5. Bring yourself down to Earth with the "RealityCheck5000"

A healthy ego is an asset, but when it gets a bit too big your life can start to suffer. That's where you need the "RealityCheck5000" to keep you based in reality. 

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