7+ Tips on How to Stop Your Phone Charger Cables from Breaking

If you suffer from "phone charger breaking syndrome," then you might want to use some of these tips.
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"They don't make things like they used to," so the old saying goes. Never before has this been truer than for phone charger cables

Whether they are inherently designed to be "just good enough" or simply take a beating, here are some simple solutions to extend the life of your charger cables.


How do I keep my charger cord from breaking?

There is nothing more frustrating than your charger cord breaking - especially if it is relatively new. But they can also be potentially dangerous as frayed cables expose the wiring inside which could, potentially, increase the risk of an electric shock.

So, with that being said, here are a few things you can do to help preserve the integrity of your charger cord. 

1. Take proper care of them - Always hold the plug element of the cable when removing it, don't bend it too near the ends (or at all if you can help it), and consider keeping it in some kind of wallet or other protective cases when not in use.

2. Consider cable protectorsCable protectors work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug.

3. Consider getting yourself magnetic adapters - Completely avoid the problem by using magnetic adaptors instead of more traditional cables.

4. Use a spring - This is an older trick but is very effective. Sheath your cable in an old spring to help protect them. 

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5. Use electrical tape - Another cheap and simple method is to wrap electrical tape around the ends of the cord that meet the plug. 

6. Heat shrink them - Heat shrink tubing is another simple way to strengthen your charger cables.

7. Use paracord bracelets - For your notoriously fragile iPhone charger cable, why not consider repurposing a paracord bracelet to provide some added strength?

How do you keep your iPhone charger from breaking?

Many of the tips detailed above work very well for iPhone chargers in particular, but there are some other things you can do for those suspiciously designed iPhone charger cables.

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The main thing to consider is that these cables really do receive a lot of wear over their lifetimes. For this reason, your first line of defense is to take good care of them from the beginning.  

Good use of old springs, paracord bracelets and electric tape aside, you might want to consider getting yourself a reinforced iPhone charger cord.

These handy little accessories are much more resistant to fraying than standard cables and tend to be worth the investment.

Alternatively, you could dispense with the charger cable altogether and get your hands on some wireless charging solutions


Why do phone chargers break so easily?

The more skeptical amongst you may suspect that they break so easily by design, but there are actually some other, less nefarious, reasons why.

  • Unlike other devices, you tend to move and use your phone more often than other electrical devices. This puts stress and strain on cables, increasing their chances of getting damaged.
  • Phone charger cables are relatively small and thin. Because of this, they are inherently fragile.
  • You tend to carry phone charger cables around a lot more than other cables. This also increases the wear and tear on them.
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