9 Engineering and Science Life Hacks to Save Your Day

From tips for fixing wrinkly shirts to foggy mirrors, here is a list of helpful hacks for tackling everyday problems.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Let's face it life can be tough sometimes. Everyday events can become problematic such as removing wrinkles from clothes or cleaning your favorite shoes without damage.


Luckily there are engineering and science-based life hacks here to help. Here are nine of our favorites.

1. Fix wrinkly clothes with a dryer

You are late for work or that big interview and then notice a wrinkle on your lucky shirt. No need to panic. Grab three ice cubes and your shirt and put them in the dryer on the hottest setting. The cubes will become steam, and your shirt will come out ready to wear.

2. Keep money in your phone case

Phone cases are a nifty way to protect your phone from falls but did you know that they could also be used to store some emergency money. Don't believe us? Look at the example below.

3. Use a drill to do the dishes

Just stick a sponge at the end of a drill and wash away. Ok, this one is more of a joke than a real tip but we could not resist including it. After all, if that is not engineering at it's finest, we do not know what is. 

4. Use nail polish on a tight ring

Is one of your favorite rings too tight to take off and on easily? Not to worry, nail polish can save the day. Use a clear version to paint the inside of your ring and watch it come off and on like a breeze.

5. Use micellar water to clean shoes

Although micellar water works great for removing makeup it might even do a better job at removing stains from shoes without damage. This makes sense if you think about the fact that this cleansing water needs to be tough enough to remove waterproof makeup but gentle enough to go on your face.

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6. Turn your soft drink box into a dispenser

Canned drinks come in heavy boxes that are sometimes tough to open especially from within the fridge. But what if you cut an opening on the side of the box just big enough for one can? Then the cans would keep moving down one by one, making it easy for you to take them.

7. Create a pump for your soft drinks

Once again this life hack is more humorous than real life tip. However, the engineering involved in creating this soda pouring machine could not be ignored.

8. Turn a plastic bottle into a sponge holder

Leaving your sponge near the sink can be tricky as it can put water everywhere. Now, this clever life hack sees a cut up bottle turned into a sponge holder that lets the sponge's water fall back into the sink where it belongs.

sponge holder life hack
Source: Itilvte / reddit  

9. Use shaving cream to clean a foggy mirror

Just finished showering and need to do your makeup but the mirror is foggy? You can wait a long time till it's clear again or you can use some shaving cream to speed up the process.

If you wipe your mirror down with a rag with shaving cream your mirror will not only clear up it will stay clear for a few weeks no matter how hot a shower you take. 

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