9 of the Best Time Management Methods for Those Who Get Lost While Working

Here are 9 time management methods for people who cannot schedule their time properly.
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If you're an adult, you most probably have a busy life and try to make time for everything and to get everything done on time. When you're working, this can be a little tough. You have millions of tasks to do within 8 hours! But how are you going to manage to do it all?


We know that you ask this question to yourself every day because we all do it too! It's not easy to manage your time wisely and properly and get the highest efficiency. However; there are some time management methods that can help you handle your tasks easily. To help you, here we list 9 time management techniques that you can try!

1. Plan your day before

If you plan your day before at night or before you start to work and make a list, surprisingly you'll have time for everything on the list! This is one of the most proven time management techniques in the world.

If you write down everything you need to do beforehand, maybe in the order from the most important to the least, you'll work faster and more efficiently than before. 

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2. Learn to say "no"

Of course, in your workplace, you want to be mentioned as a hardworking and practical, but you can't say "yes" to everything that may lead you to exceed your limits and end up in work anxiety.

There's nothing wrong with saying "no" to extra work to do your own job more clearly and properly. Maybe you can find someone who can do the work better than you and try to delegate. It's healthier for everyone!

3. Prioritize your goals

Without setting goals, you might get lost while working. So, you need to prioritize your tasks and start with the most important one all the time. When you do the most important and urgent tasks early, you'll have more relieving time for the rest of the day and you'll work more efficiently. 

4. Take breaks

Never forget to take breaks while you're working! If you work for long hours, you might get bored with what you're doing and it may slow you down or kill your productivity. But if you take regular breaks, like a quick nap, 5 minutes of chit-chat with your coworker, a short walk, a coffee break or a phone call to your significant other will help you to go back to work in a better and more motivated condition.

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5. Set goals

There's nothing more thrilling than a person who knows what s/he wants to do! If you set goals to yourself, it doesn't matter, daily, weekly, monthly or annually, you'll be able to know what you want and you'll take action to make it true. 

If you have goals, you'll work to make your dreams come true. You'll be more motivated, creative and productive. You can never believe the change in your workforce when you set goals for yourself. Just try it and you'll see what we are talking about!

6. Eliminate distractions 

In the modern age, everyone has a distraction. Maybe in the old days, the distraction could be someone at the office you have a crush on, but now it's more your smartphones. Everyone has a kind of distraction on their phone, for some it's Candy Crush, for some it's Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and for some it's Tinder. 

Or maybe you have a texting addiction. But checking your phone constantly while working isn't productive and it probably wouldn't end successfully. So try to learn to say "no" to your phone while working and remember that when you take a break, you can check it again. 

9 of the Best Time Management Methods for Those Who Get Lost While Working
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7. Reward yourself

When you have a reward at the end of a job, it'll become easier for you to work on that. If you know that at the end of the job you'll be rewarded, you can work more motivated and productive. The reward can be anything; maybe a little expensive jersey that you saw at a shop, maybe your favorite meal at a restaurant, or maybe a cinema ticket to a new movie. It's up to you!

But we're sure that when there's a reward at the end of a task, doesn't matter if it's small or huge, you'll work better than ever to earn it!

8. Set time constraints

When you set time constraints while working, you'll realize that you linger around less and work more. Because it's human nature! Even if it's you who sets a time limit for your work, your brain will automatically start to think about the time constraint and it'll be more focused on the job. 

So you'll be more concentrated on your work and will be more closed to the external factors. Try to set time constraints when you're working next time, you'll see that it actually works very smoothly!

9. Do a single task

Even though in the modern world multitasking is shown as a perfect skill in an employee, it's actually not healthy and it can damage your brain! When you're dealing with more than one task at the same time, it reduces your productivity and the work that you produce is not really successful. 

When you're working on a single project, your brain will understand the importance of the task and will be more focused on it and will see the task thoroughly. If you try to divide your brain between different tasks, your brain will start to miss the importance of each task and it's possible to mix different tasks together. 

So, if you want to create a more healthy and successful work, you should focus on one project and one project only. 

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