A Quirky Welder Built a Security Patrol Robot with Fists Using Scrap Metal

The dual-motor robot features tank tracks and water cannons.
Irmak Bayrakdar
Geng Shuai taking the robot for a test ride.手工耿Handy Geng/YouTube

Making headlines with his quirky inventions, 31-year-old Geng Shuai is a former welder from Hebei, China. Nicknamed "useless Edison" by the internet, Geng got famous for his useless but ingenious inventions including a meat cleaver smartphone case, a barbecue foosball table, a self-defense sword tie, and an earthquake-proof noodle bowl. At the time of writing this article, he has 163.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Building a security robot with scraps

His latest invention is nothing less than it's expected from the unique inventor. Using recyclable materials in addition to scrap metals, he has built a security patrol mech robot. As with all of his projects, he has recorded the whole process in detail in his YouTube video and demonstrates the end product in a test run.

You can check it out below:

The idea for the robot struck Geng after he had a talk with his old uncle who said he could look after the workshop when Geng is not around but he was worried about security. That's when Geng decided to build an operational security robot with mechanic fists and even water cannons. 

While putting together his build, Geng decided to use a tracked wheel set on the robot for moving around. As a former welder, he then carefully shaped the scrap metals he had at hand and welded them together to make up the body and the arms of the robot. The robot can start up with the touch of a button and can be easily driven with levers. To power the robot, Geng used dual motors for power.

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In the end, he shows off the end result and takes it for a ride. The robot is built for security patrols and it's equipped with two pneumatic fists and water cannons in case of emergency. For his uncle's entertainment, Geng also included a built-in glasses case, walking cane holder, and even rear-facing speakers for music on the robot.