7+ Biggest RC Airplane Projects From All Around the World

Meet some of the world's biggest-ever RC airplanes.
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Aerospace engineering has developed some truly massive airplanes over the years including monsters like the Antonov AN-225, and many more. But, similarly impressive aircraft are also being designed and flown on a smaller, remote-controlled, scale too. 

What is the world's largest RC airplane?

In the absence of an official Guinness World Record on the subject, the world's largest RC airplane appears to be this incredible replica Concorde. Built to a 1:6 scale, the model was designed and built by Steven and Matthew Bishop. 

It has a wingspan of 13ft (4m), a length of 33ft (10m), and is 6.1ft (1.85m) tall. The RC plane has a takeoff weight of 328lb (149kg) and is powered by four JetCat P300 Pro engines. 

As impressive as this is, it is by no means the only enormous RC plane out there.

Take, for example, this amazing RC model of a WW2 B-50 "Superfortress" which made the headlines in the U.K. Costing in excess of £8,000 (circa $11,000) to build, the electric RC bomber is so large (100lb/45kg) it is only able to stay airborne for around eight minutes. 

With a wingspan of around 20ft (6m), the RC plane is so large that it is actually classified as a light aircraft, according to the U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority. 

What are some of the world's biggest RC planes?

Other than the aforementioned examples, there are a number of other very large, and impressive, RC planes out there. Here are some of the most notable examples. 

1. This Airbus A-380 RC plane is huge

Designed and built by Peter Michel, this model Airbus A-380 is a very impressive RC plane. Built to a 1:15 scale, the RC plane measure 16ft (4.8m) long and has a wingspan of 17ft (5.3m). 

According to its creator, it took more than 5,000 hours to build the plane, over eight months, using styrofoam and balsa wood. 

It is powered by a set of JET CAT P 120 Je 12kp Standschub engines and comes with an impressive 2.6-gallon fuel tank that burns through 0.3 gallons a minute, giving the plane enough fuel to stay aloft for just over eight minutes. 

2. This 1:16 scale model Antonov AN-225 is awesome

Another huge RC plane is this 1:16 scale model of the mighty Antonov AN-225. Weighing in at 206lb (93.5kg), the entire model has a wingspan of 19t(5.8m) and a length of 17ft (5.3m). 

Powered by a mixture of Behotec JB-180 and 90er EDF 6s engines, their combined power is enough to put out around 104lb (47kg) of thrust.

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3. This RC Fokker DR1 is absolutely enormous

Another absolutely enormous RC plane is this 65 percent scale Fokker DR1 triplane. Designed and built by Steve Carr, this RC plane is very impressive indeed.

The plane has a wingspan of 16ft (4.8m) and is powered by a scale model 550cc engine designed by Carr himself. This RC plane is so large that it needs four Multiplex receivers and uses 13 Hitec 44kg servos to fly.  

4. This 1:2 scale H1 Racer is another big RC plane

world's biggest RC planes H1
Source: Aero Telemetry

Designed and built by Aero Telemetry, this half-scale H1 Racer RC plane is another of the world's biggest RC planes. Including custom hydraulics, the plane is mainly built from composite materials. 

This huge RC plane is powered by a 360cc, two-stroke, two-cylinder, 30hp engine. The engineers behind the design were required to design a special exhaust system and modified the carburetor to squeeze more power from it.

5. This 1:3 scale RC Stearman N2S-4 is quite beautiful

largest RC planes Stearman
Boeing Stearman N67193. Source: Juergen Lehle/Wikimedia Commons

Another of the world's biggest RC planes is this 1:3 scale Stearman N2S-4. Designed and built by the YouTuber elimay421, it is truly something to behold. 

Powered by a Seidel UMS ST 7-250B, this RC plane sounds as good as it looks. A very impressive RC aircraft to be sure. 

The real Stearman N2S-4 (a Navy variant of the Boeing Model 75) is a biplane that was originally used as a trainer aircraft, and over 10,500 were produced during the 1930s and 1940s. 

6. This giant RC Boeing 747-400 is very impressive

rc planes 747
Source: Aero Icarus/Wikimedia Commons

Another of the world's largest RC airplanes is this 1:13 scale model Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400. Measuring in at 17.8-feet (5.43m) long, with a wingspan of 16.24-feet (4.95m), this RC airplane really is something to behold.

Powered by four IQ Hammer 140 turbine engines, the 150lb (68kg) RC aircraft is easily able to take to the skies thanks to the 30.9lb (14kg) thrust its engines provide. 

According to its creator, Adi Pitz, the RC plane took 2,000 hours to build. It even comes complete with working landing gear that can retract during flight. 

If this sounds like it is too big to actually take off, watch it being flown by RC pilot Rainer Kamitz during its maiden flight in Oppingen, Germany.

7. This RC plane is almost as big as its real-life equivalent

This 7:8 scale model of a Pitts Python biplane is almost, but not quite, the same size as its real-life version. Designed and built by Gregg Hayfield, this RC plane took 5 years to complete from start to finish. 

It was scratch-built and incorporates a 650cc, flat twin engine with a 64-inch(163cm) 3-blade propeller usually designed for use on a micro-light. In total, this RC plane weighs around 305lb (138kg).  

And that, RC fans, is all for today. We do strive for accuracy, so if you know of any larger RC planes out there please feel free to let us know. Who knows, we may even add it to this list?

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