Build Your Own Masterpiece: 5 Reasons To Get into Model Making with Time For Machine

With a little help from our friends over at Time for Machine, we explored the reasons why you should take up model making.
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Created: 4/15/2019

There is something absolutely magical about model making. The thrill of building something that has its place in history, in the future, or in the realms of fantasy hold true and can be a truly rewarding experience. From trains to plains to cars, model building is something generational and if you have never picked up the skill, perhaps now is the time.

Build Your Own Masterpiece: 5 Reasons To Get into Model Making with Time For Machine
Source: Time for Machine

Model building has seen a drastic resurgence offering sleeker models that would make your father proud, and have a millennial salivating for an Instagram photo. If you are a beginner or experienced model maker, companies like Time for Machine are an excellent starting point.


Lead by the enigmatic Denis Okhrimenko, the team at Time for Machine gives users the ability to create sleek and gorgeous metal models that embody the phrase “ a blast from the past”, while retaining a modern design that... well... looks gorgeous.

Build Your Own Masterpiece: 5 Reasons To Get into Model Making with Time For Machine
Source: Time for Machine

Fully functional pieces like the ones presented on Time for Machine Kickstarter page offer model builders a new dimension in model creation. From the dazzlingly futuristic steamliner train model to the Functional Tank users are able to gain a little insight into history, mechanical movement, and the power of design.

Yet that begs the question, why even create a model in the first place? Though picking up a hobby is always a good idea, there are some great unseen benefits of getting into the world of model building. Here are a few.

Build and Learn Some New Skills and Watch Your Brain Grow

According to the CCSU, learning and developing new skills very literally helps your brain grow and keeps you sharp as you age. Say you have a passion for steamliners from the universe of steampunk and dieselpunk.

With one of the Dazzling Steamliners from Time for Machine, users learn about the different simple but fun stages involved with creating a model. With Time for Machine models having their own stories, builders not only gain insight into the pieces they are creating but develop model construction skills that will fine-tune their attention to detail.

Build Your Own Masterpiece: 5 Reasons To Get into Model Making with Time For Machine
Source: Time for Machine

Even more so, the mechanical movements of the Streamliner train showcase the power of mechanics and the beauty of engineering, helping you eventually graduate to a pro model builder, developing skills that will prove to be beneficial in STEM.

Model Building Is a Great Stress Reliever

Tackling one of Time for Machine’s models is not as stressful or overwhelming as you think. Each model presented at Time for Machine comes with a host of detailed instructions in several different languages and very informative videos that will guide through your model making.

Hobbies like model making are known to induce a productive but calming trance, projects that can be completed on your own terms with friends or simply by yourself on a Saturday night. Model building is known to just clear your mind of the week’s problems, while you focus your energy on your creation.

Models at Time for Machine can simply be assembled by using only tiny pliers. So, no complex tools required.  

The Reward of Building Your Own Little Trophy

This one is a little more obvious but there is a special reward after stepping back and looking at your creation. This idea is even more prevalent in some of theTime for Machine models as they are not your typical models. Dazzling and futuristic, the metal parts are stunning when they come together, piecing together vintage cars, tanks, planes, and trains.  

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Aside from the sleek design, Time for Machine come to life when completed. Rather than spend hours in the virtual world instead, create a model. It is sure to be more rewarding, especially if you are working with one of the most beautiful model sets in the world.

Tap into your Creative Side

Model building allows you to sit and picture the final product then create it. If you are lacking a little creativity in your life model building is a great place to start. Creating a piece like Time for Machine’s Mysterious Timer 2 allows you to manifest an idea from paper to functional product while utilizing your own creative skills.

Model Making Connects Model Makers

Though some enjoy making models in the solace of their homes, there is definitely a communal appeal to creating models. Whether you want to invite friends over to help you take on the project or simply want to get a few friends involved, this hobby brings people together and is even a fun way to meet people in your area.  

Build Your Own Masterpiece: 5 Reasons To Get into Model Making with Time For Machine
Source: Time for Machine

If you are interested in taking up the mantle and begin your journey into the world of model-building be sure to stop by Time for Machine’s Kickstarter page to get some of the great models mentioned above.

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