Decktec Will Help You Build The Perfect Deck

Decktec is here to help you build the perfect deck, in half the time.
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Created: 2/4/2019

For the uninitiated, a deck is a flat surface capable of supporting the large weight, similar to a floor, but typically constructed for the outdoors, often elevated from the ground, and usually connected to a building. Decks are an excellent means for entertaining guests, daily recreational activities, or simply the perfect place for a BBQ.  


In short, the proper indoor or outdoor deck is a staple of the modern home. Nevertheless, until now, the steps needed to create someone’s dream deck, also known as the process of decking, can be expensive, time-consuming, cumbersome, tiring and overwhelming.

Decktec breaks the mold, creating a deck laying system that tackles these issues and much more. Don’t worry, Decktec is not your conventional deck laying system.


Manufactured with UV treated 100% recycled polypropylene, Decktec is both a deck spacing system and joist protector all balled into one. Manufactured with a combination of removable and fixed spacers, Decktec is suitable for all-natural timbers.

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Decktec™️ is perfect around pools and spas. Completely protect your joist. @obrienbuilding @jakebi88 @bradandlara_theblock

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Decktec alleviates the requirements for chisels, wedges, and clamps and is the first decking system in the world with the goal of creating a versatile decking system adaptable in any space.

The comprehensive system allows the user to lay both the starting and finishing positions of a deck knowing with 100% confidence that the pieces will be straight every time.

This makes Decktec perfect when working around objects (spas, trees etc.) on the deck, guaranteeing perfect alignment when finished.

Once the boards are fixed, the user simply removes the tall spacers with a pair of pliers, this ensures your decking boards will never cup or bind.

Laying a precisely straight deck with the perfect gaps and, with absolute certainty is now faster, and with the benefit of joist protection, the finished result will be stronger for longer.

Decktec is a privately-owned startup operating from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. As mentioned by General Manager Steve Byrnes to Interesting Engineering “Decktec’s mission is to manufacture and distribute the highest quality products, that empower users to deliver certainty and longevity on every single deck!” 

With Decktec addressing a seemingly small problem, and currently exploring avenues for manufacturing and distribution in the highly lucrative USA and European markets, the company looks poised to tap into big demand.

To explore and learn more about the Decktec benefits be sure to check out the company’s website here.

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