The DIY Home Issue: IE's guide to hosting the ultimate 4th July 2022 event

Here's how to supercharge your home setup and host the ultimate house party.
Mike Brown

This year marks 246 years since the United States declared its independence. As homes across the country celebrate the 4th of July in style, Interesting Engineering is pleased to present the ultimate guide to supercharging your home setup for when the guests arrive.

The Independence Day cookout is a time-honored tradition, and inviting guests over to your home is the ideal way to host a group barbecue, enjoy some freshly-cooked food, and generally kick back and enjoy the mid-summer weather. A 2011 survey from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association found that 71 percent of Americans celebrate the holiday with a cookout, making it the most popular outdoor cooking holiday on the calendar.

While hosting a 4th of July event is a widespread tradition, that doesn't mean you can't wow your guests with some impressive innovations. Tap into your inner engineer, dig out your tools, and have a try at some of our most popular hacks, upgrades, and tricks to make one's own small slice of the outdoors better.

Looking for the ultimate outdoor BBQ setup? Or some of the best ways to work on your DIY hobbies at home? Perhaps you want to keep things simple, and get your overly-cluttered garage in order before the in-laws arrive? It's all here, in Interesting Engineering's special DIY HOME ISSUE.